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Asda Direct / Appalling Service

Oct 30, 2014

I ordered a new bed for my Daughter, four weeks ago. The invoice stated that it would be delivered by 29/10/14, so I booked a day of annual leave to ensure I was available to accept delivery. On the morning of 29/10, I called the ASDA Direct helpline to confirm delivery and was assured...


Oct 28, 2014

I called Asda direct about a 3, 2, seated sofa and footstall as I wanted to purchase them on the website . the website had stated that delivery was free but when I got to the cash out there was a delivery charge. So I phoned customer services, they went on to tell me that this was on only...

[Resolved] Asda Direct / Misled on website, kept my money so far

Oct 04, 2013

The website clearly shows that a recycle service is available for washing machines. However when you proceed to the checkout and beyond you do not get the option to select the removal of your old washing machine. When I telephoned ASDA Direct I was told that I could negotiate the removal...

Asda Direct / missing parts to order

Jul 29, 2013

ordered a trampoline from asda direct online, trampoline came and 4 tapping screws to net were missing, phoned asda and was advised to contine to put up and someone will contact me and possible post screws out, have received a voice mail to state they have not got missing parts and out of...

Asda Direct / No refund

Apr 13, 2013

iTunes- Entering Information Shipping Overseas George Delivery in the UK Too Large for Delivery Confirming Delivery Dates Hi Christina, Thanks for getting in touch, your message has been sent to our customer service team who'll get back to you as soon as they can. Please do...

Asda Direct / late delivery

Apr 02, 2013

i bought a kids table and bench from asda direct on 28th march to b delivered on 30th march for my first grandsons easter.i paid extra for the delivery on sat .it never came after 2frustrating fne calls later i was fuming, i received the package on tue, to late my grandson went on holiday...

Asda Direct / Poor customer service from 63p per hour staff in South Africa


Asda DirectMy partner is heavily pregnant and I'm doing all the running around getting things ready for our new baby. My partner ordered from Asda Direct Maternity Jeans, the website allows you to pick sizes from dress sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. My partner selected her size and paid for...

Asda Direct / incomplete order & unable to contact customer services


I placed my order on 30th Nov, was told delivery would be the 4th Dec, delivery arrived 7th Dec. Not only was it delivered late but also incomplete. A 3 piece set for my son arrived with only the trousers no t-shirt or shirt. When I tried to contact customer services there was a Que and...

Asda Direct / Charge for Time Slot Delivery


Ordered a simple item like an Ironing Board from Asda Direct paid for a specific Time Slot, waited in for the item and no show, I telephoned the helpline which is in South Africa, they have no idea what has happened I have been charged for this item and the delivery, I asked for a refund...

Asda Direct / Con men cheats and Liars


After having posted on the Swindlers complaint i now need to up date you all re my bloody sofa- Finally after contacting my local and national press and my local trading standards and MP Asda choose to call me back ( after a mere 24 phone calls in total) Nice lady said she was a"supervisor" and...

Asda Direct / Illegal Trading


Bought fridge as ASDA Direct claimed it to be available for delivery in two days. Order confirmed and date selected confirmed. Was instructed I would not be contacted again, but item would be delivered between 7am - 7pm. Needless to say it wasn't. Contacted ASDA at 7.15 pm to be told...

Asda Direct / none delivery


Reference number [protected]. Dear Sir or Madame, I ordered a tumble dryer off your website delivery date 08.04.2010 on a 7am to 7pm delivery time. I had to have a day off work to see this in and as I am on a temporary contract I do not get paid for time off. I called the day before to...

Asda Direct / Undelivered product


I ordered a sofa/bed on 31 Oct 09. and it has not yet been delivered by 4th Dec 09, I was told the sofa would be delivered within 28 days, however this is definately not happening, I have taken two days off work and both appointments were missed without notice. I have found this most...

Asda Direct / A complete disfunctional company!


We ordered a 3 seater and corner unit in black leather on 24/10/09. The website stated delivery is usually within 28 days. This all arrived on 27/111/09 later than stated and half of the delivery is ours and the other half is not. We have the 3 seater sofa. We have half a corner unit and an...

Asda Direct / Never use dpd uk to deliver


Never use a home delivery from asda cos they use DPD to deliver it. I am a single parent of 4 and i put an order down for my daughters b/d present and 3 days later i tracked it down and the delivery person went to the wrong door. I paid this order with my card and im lucky that the person...

Asda Direct / incomplete product & no refund given


On the 24th April 2009 my partner ordered £280 worth of furniture from asda direct. This furniture consisted of 2 bedside drawers and a set of large bedroom drawers. These were meant to be delivered and built within 2 weeks. 2 weeks later the drawers arrived and the guys started to...

Asda Direct / Swindlers!


I ordered a leather 3 seat sofa from Asda Direct on the 25th April 2009. Asda immediately receiving payment for the product and the delivery charge via my credit card. Delivery is stated as 28 days on the website. Following 2 expensive phone calls to the customer service department I am...