Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]I feel so disrespected and disappointed by your worker and your restaurant


I'm a regular costume of ur restaurant and I never had a bad experience like the one today I stop by the restaurant whit my family and I see that one of the door was lock there was a worker sitting in side a car I ask if ya were open and he anwher me what dies it look like what a mean face and a bad attitude Knowing that I assume that he came out of his car is smell like strong marijuana And a lot of smoke was coming out of the car I had my kids and my mother with me When they seen this dark bold guy getting high in the parking lot this restaurant that is so unprofessional I think his name tag said Jesus When I told him I was going to tell the manager he said he didn't care because he's the manager and he runs this place I will never come back to this place so disrespectful that you have people doing drugs and working in this place and said there the manager and that they didn't care when I want to speak to a manager there was a supervisor I think his name was Darell and he had no clue what to say or what to do wow what a bad experience I don't know why they don't drug test people before they get hired so sad 10/25/17

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