Kelly LeCain Splendor Realtyreal estate - unethical behavior

U Nov 13, 2018

I hired Splendor Realty to sell my Winter house in Cooper City, Florida. I am Canadian and prefer the warm winters that you Yanks have in your southern states. My neighbors here first told me of the use and abuse of my property so I decided to come down here to see what was going on.

This TRAMP was using my property for her own personal "FLINGS" with men. I was told to leave my place furnished so it would be easier to sell. Little did I know that her and her kid would be using my place to entertain "friends" ! She was selling herself not my property. I was furious but grateful to my neighbors for informing me of the nonstop activity at my house.

I have not decided yet to file with the state of Florida concerning her Real Estate License but would like people to be aware of her when listing your house. Perhaps she thought because I was a "Snowbird" that I would be unaware of what was happenning at my house. Hopefully people will see this and think before hiring this witch. And not have to go thru the problems I did to end the contract. And she was not very lady like when I was terminating the contract.


I don't see her on company website so maybe they fired her.

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