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I still do not understand, how can the builder still hold his head high and walk into the keerthi Apartments and attend meetings held (the meetings held for him to complete the project) with such pride. This guy needs to hide his face for the terrible and most horrible commitments given by him and not kept to his work. Whoever is reading this and if you think of buying a flat from this builder, let me tell you YOU MUST BE THE BIGGEST FOOL TO EVER TAKE A DECISION FOR THIS. If the apartments are in a good to look at state today its only becoz of the Association which has taken steps to make it look good. The most Shameless person I have ever seen in my entire life is MR.Manu, the owner and builder. I think even if a group of people slap him, he will still smile, even if they abuse him he will still stand there and grin. We had recievied our flat with cracks in the bedroom walls, balcony and utility not painted. It looked like a typical HOUSING BOARD flat given by the govt. Lift was fixed after a year and half we moved in. The coridor is in a terrible shape, and the interesting part is that they take all your money, they make you pay the entire amount and then give you rubbish of a flat to stay in. The trouble the bulider had put us through, i dont think you will want to go thru it.


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    ramnanda Sep 20, 2013

    I got the amenities at the time of booking only through words. In December 2011 I bought a 2 BHK flat from keerthi estates builders in Hosa Road Bangalore. The total cost of the flat was 26 lacks which was inflexible after booking. There was a list of amenities at the booking time in the project pamphlet which was whole map of the building. At the time of building construction I visited many times to that place but there was not like that whatever they were show in the pamphlet. I asked to their CRM manager for that he told me it is going on same as the pamphlet. It will be in look after finishing of the construction. Now I am living in this flat with not even half of the amenities keerthi estates builders not completed.

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    pragyavarma Jul 14, 2014

    I have a property in keerthi estates and i have never ever gone through any such kind of an issues that every one is taking here about. They have kept up to my expectations. Yes there was a delay in the work but who would not have that. Every real estate project will have some or the other issues which will be sorted at the right time. All you need to have is some patience. Keerthi estates have always been the first to listen to their customers and have a positive approach towards meeting customer's specific needs.

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    sarahjoy Sep 22, 2014

    I have booked at 3220/- per sq ft.. B Block-501, First of all i like the Location and i found price very reasonable… apart from this schools, colleges and hospitals are very near to this place..and i also heard the proposed peripheral ring road got approval for hosur road…and most important thing, the Construction quality is very good as compare to Confident group and ozone evergreen…so with all these points i like the project…

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