K Mart Sebring FLemployment


A full page add for employment was placed in the highlands news-sun on sunday 11/26/2017 & on sunday 11/12/2017 for seasonal employment. "now hiring, full & part time seasonal help, apply in store or online." I went into the sebring fl. Store on 11/13/2017 to apply and was told to go on line. Not having the help wanted add with me I walked away. Two weeks later I tried again with the news paper add in hand. Again I was told to go on line. After producing the add I was directed to the managers office and showed her the add in the paper. She claimed not to have any knowledge of this and was uncertain how to handle this problem. She too told me to go on line. I gave her my name and # and politely left the store. I tried again to go on line but get redirected to sears job search. Ok!! 2 fullpage adds in the paper & the manager is unaware of this?? Probaly because i'm 63 years old lookink for a job is my guess!!!

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