Justine Tenorio Delos Reyestable


I bought a table in ace hardware located at the 2nd floor of Sm Batangas, I told them that i would just leave it in the baggage counter and be right back, coz i still have to buy some stuffs. When i got back at 5:30Pm I asked for help to put all the stuffs that i bought in their hardware, but unfortunately i noticed that the table i deposited in the baggage counter is not included on the items that they carried to my car so i asked the customer's service personnel of the hardware named Malou, she then told me that they already brought it. After awhile I told them to check their cctv just to make sure it was really delivered, she said upon checking it was really there. I insist that they really brought it there so then again i told them to double checked it using the cctv of the mall and it was clear then that the table was not brought to the car. What im complaining is the attitude of the one who assist me MALOU, she was kinda rude and disrespectful to me. She was just like talking in a normal way not considering that i am a customer and the most irritating about her is that as if im lying about the incident. I consumed almost 2 hours for that incident just to proved that they dont bring it to my car, by the way they still gave me the table i just want to complain that personnel without manners

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