JustFlyhard to deal with; change of flights misleading.

D Aug 16, 2018

I never make complaints about companies, however after my first time dealing with JustFly I have to say how very dissatisfied I am with the customer service and how extremely difficult it was to change my flight!
I tried on August 8, 9, and 10th, 2018 multiple times to change my flight online. I found flights I wanted (I tried multiple ones) to change my current flight to and the website kept giving me an error message when I tried to put the transaction through. I doubled checked that the credit card was valid, etc. So I finally called the JustFly customer service to try and change it over the phone on August 10, 2018. Firstly, I could barely understand the customer service representative. Secondly, the call took forever and she kept putting me on hold for simple things that she had to do. She tried doing the change over the website, which I had already told her did not work for me (I am not computer illiterate). She told me that in order to change my flight, the charge was going to be over $400 now! I understand the $275 fee- I was fine with that. However, I was literally on the website a few minutes prior and the flight I needed did NOT have that much of a fare difference as seen on the website. I tried to make sure she checked that there were not other cheaper flights, etc. Either she did not understand me or she was trying to con my money. It was EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with this lady and she didn't necessarily give me the flight time that I wanted for my return day. I was so frustrated with that experience, I couldn't even deal with trying to get her to do that for me. I could never understand her name when I asked.

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