JustAnswera monthly fee of $70.00 nz being taken from my credit card after I paid for a consultant service

I have written to a couple of just answer email addresses to request that they stop monthly payments coming out of my credit card. I paid separately for the services used but did not approve this monthly fee.

It appeared that I paid $2 for a Just answer Trial of my credit card on June 22nd . .. Such a small amount it is not noticeable as I paid $59.28 for a question to be answered (I complained about this as the question was not answered to my satisfaction..) on June 25th.

Since then I have been charged in July, Aug & Sept for $75.00NZ per month for a service I don't use.

This is what I wrote to them:

Please cancel the monthly fee of $70.00 NZ. That you are taking from my credit card.

I did not approve a monthly fee. I have paid for my services and only use your website on a few occasions.

I see others online are having the same problem. There is nowhere on your website (even though you say there is) to actually cancel this fee.

I will be seeking legal advise along with many others if you do not remove this fee immediately and refund my for the past two months .

What a shame to have this happen when over the many years I have found your company very reputable. What has happened?

Leonie Mateer
email: [protected]

Sep 30, 2019

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