Juan C. Maysonetfilling+consultation-stay away from this horrible practice!

P Nov 24, 2017

I Went for Juan C. Maysonet (Amity Family Dental) for a general consultation plus a filling(one surface, very very small one). The dr wanted the 45 of the consultation in advance.
I paid, and went inside.
The dr did not perform any consultation-only said "let us do the filling and talk about your concerns regrading the rest of the teeth afterwards".
He did the filling. Very painful-much more than it should be, and usually is (and I have been threw many fillings..).
Suddenly, he stopped. I thought he is just making a break. Rather-he said "we finished". I told him, politely-I dont think we finished, I still feel a hole there.
He said-there is no hole there.
I said (politely!)-there is, I feel it.
We argued for few more minutes until he bothered to check me again and have some tiny hole here, do you really want to fill it (??!).
I said, politely-yes, this is why I came here..
He went back to sit-as if he was doing me a favor, did something for one minute, and stood up again.
At this point I really did not know what to do. I still had a hole!
I told him, politely-listen I am sorry but I still feel a hole there.
At that point he simply started screaming at me: "you are a VERY PROBLEMATIC PERSON. LEAVE this clinic and dont ever come back!!!"
And he went outside the office.
I was so shocked. I just went outside the office and started crying.
I didnt know what to do, until A DAY AFTER HE MADE THE "FILLING"-IT FELL! Yes-one day after the "partial" filling he made-it fell!
I had to go to a different dr and pay him a lot of money to fix it.
I asked for my 45 dollars back few times-after all, I never received the consultation for which I paid for, not to mention the failing, unbelivabely unprofessional work and the horrible treatment-but he refused to refund me the money(once again-45 dollars!).

Please-stay out of this practice!!

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