Joshua Doore - Russellsproduct like cupboards and mattress and base broken


Ok to start my name is Alma persons last year I bought a bed with mattress and a base with cupboards cash at jus doer oversize the day they broth the cupboards the doors were broken which we showed them. The bed asswell the matress is broken u cant even sleep on the bed the wires is out ive got a back problem about that bed. I went numerous tymes to the store and spoke to enrico the store mananger everytyme is a diffrent lie ontop of a lie. I went again yesterday 2017/11/23 for the last tyme and he told me that head office r looking for my phone which I went to the shop almost every second day. I need my money back or my stuff replace not later then teusday bacause I gave them too musch tyme. Otherwise newspapers.

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