Joplin Mo Popeyescajun rice

D Aug 17, 2018

I purchased a lrg order of Cajun rice fore lunch took to my shop and bit into a spring stuck in my gums called the store they offered a replacement of my rice I explained I'm not interested in a replacement I'm interested in you finding out where this came from. If this spring is loose in food what about what holdes this in place I have a picture of the spring. No one has ask for a Picture to find out where it came from I work in the food ind putting in lines of equip metal detectors are required or magnetic fields to find metal in products no one that I talked with seemed concerned I'm concerned about a child swallowing a piece of this equipment that has fallen into the products it needs to be investegated to find the equipment that has failed and pull the products involved in this to prevent a child or adult from getting something stuck in there throat I hope the ergency of this is delt with in a timely manner to protect the coustemer and all involved and to insure that this problem is resolved

Joplin Mo Popeyes

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