John’s Roofing SpecialistRoofing overcharge subterfuge


I phoned John Falandysz of John’s roofing for a quote on putting a new shingle roof on my garage (his company had done minor roof repair before). I told him the garage was 24′X24′, with a standard pitch roof. He quoted $1, 500 to $1, 100, dependent if old shingles need to be removed. Upon a site evaluation by him the next day, he indicated that he could do for ‘cash’ payment of $1, 300. using premium grade roofing. During installation, his crew informed me they were several packages short, since the area of the roof was over 24′X24′!! What! A normal pitch roof, by basic physics, has more square footage than the base footprint. They obtained more shingle packages, and completed the job (very satisfactorily).

However, when John, the owner came to collect payment, he said that due to the extra shingles, I owed him another $150. I informed him that since he was an experienced contractor, and that he had personally inspected and given me an exact quote, that it was his mistake, and I was only obligated to the $1, 300. of the quote, which he got paid (with a few expletives from him, and not supplying a few extra shingle in case of damage). I think this behavior is something that he might normally be doing to browbeat someone more amiable to this form of blackmail. I do not consider this behavior proper!!!

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