John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK Airportdirecting customs line for border patrol

B Aug 13, 2018

We were coming back from our vacation on Delta flight 944 on Monday at around 6pm. When we were waking to go through customs we were told to go to any machine with a green light to check our passports and take pictures to then be allowed in the country. Once we did that there were so many people in that space with no lines and people just standing around not knowing what to do. It seemed there were lines behind us. In front of us. To the side, to the left, to the right, but no one knew where the line began. As we tried entering one line one passenger said "what are you doing? The line starts on the other end". As we turned around people were trying to go in the same line but we're also denied. Everyone was just standing in one spot turning around because of all the chaos happening. I FINALLY spotted ONE lady working that area. I approached her and said where do we go? She said there is a guy directing everyone. So I asked to find him and as she's looking around she finds him by the window on his phone not even caring about anything. She called him over and asked to find where the line began and he was lost as well. He was pointing to different places but couldn't find the line as people were all over the place. I told him if he was watching this instead of his phone this chaos wouldn't happen. He looked at me and walked right back to the window to go back on his phone. People looked at him saying is he serious. I walked over and started to get my phone ready to take a picture of him. He put his phone away but I think I was able to get his name. It was Quincy. I have a picture of him so the ones in charge of the biggest airport in NEW YORK know that they have people working at the airport who don't give a crap about the passengers but worry about their Facebook account more. It's ridiculous. It's sad, but the way he handled the situation I'm pretty sure this wasn't his first nor will it be his last time not caring like that. Maybe Quincy can work in a less crowded airport where people like me don't have to bother him and he can focus on his phone, but this is NEW YORK!!!

John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK Airport

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