Joe's Auto Parksthreats that I received from pcomander!!

Jo May 20, 2019

Well first ball My name is Juan Jose orozco the reason that I am writing you people I wanna make sure something done can you investigate. Anthony Jackson I told months ago to Guillermo Mendoza My CEO Manager regards the threats that the post commander did tour's me and nothing was done I wanna make sure something done I really wanna have a meeting regards this in front of him has well ..i even told the supervisors from joes parking lot that's Regards this situation 1.And he said he was going to speak to Mr Guillermo CEO Manager. Until now I haven't hurt nothing .My I'd# 758210 I wanna make sure I get my hours pay when Mr.aktar was the payroll manager. That's 2.I wanna make sure the hours I didn't get pay to pay me back since9months ago since when I was working at pvh Santa fe 11 st. You people Could contact Mr. Jeff pretty much he could give you people more information regards the hours I didn't get pay I told him everything regards my payee. Please contact Jeff from pvh company in city of los Angeles ca .. Plus I wanna make sure if you people could contact Mr Gustavo Gomez regards the threats I had in Big 5 store. In city of Inglewood ca.I wanna make sure that something done. Settlement. I been traumatised since that day hope I hear from your corporate soon...hope u people take me serious cause they didn't at all my own managers they that I was playing liying to them all this time..ect...

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