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STAY AWAY!!! These people should be closed down!!! I was charged in May for this website when I have never even heard of their company. They somehow obtained my debit card information and began charging me $99 a month. Soon after discovering this debit I called and talked to a rep named Alfred that could not give me any answers on where they got my information. However, I relaxed and simply cancelled the "subscription." I was told my account would be credited the $99 within 7-10 business days. A week later, without ever crediting my account, they charged me another $99. I still have my cancellation confirmation that Alfred gave me and I called them again today. I was told by Nicole that the money had been credited to my account and I was just mistaken. After 15 more minutes of arguing she told me she needed the bank to send confirmation that I had been charged instead of credited. I went to the bank and they complied by faxing a copy of the debit transaction to Jordan Publishing. When I got home I called to make sure they had received the fax. They then told me that the debit report wasn't sufficient information and they needed a statement showing the May an June debit now. I went nuts and lost my cool a little. However, I finally went back to the bank and the bank rep supplied some different information to them. I then called Nicole again and was told by another rep that she was on the phone with my bank and she would call me back. First of all, why was she on the phone with my bank after they faxed her all the infomation??? Secondly, she never called back. I finally called her and she said that she had to send the information over to Jordan Publishing's accounting people to further research and then cut me a check if applicable. Nicole said they would send me an e-mail with the tracking number of the check they were sending. I stll have not received an e-mail. I even called my bank rep and asked her if Nicole had called and she said she did speak with her. She said Nicole tried to convince her that there was a credit on my account and not a second charge. My bank rep became irritated with her also. I am about to take this into legal action if my problem is not solved. This company is stealing people's information and charging accounts with unauthorized charges even after their unauthorized services are cancelled. How do companies openly get away with this type of thing??? We can track people on handheld devices and send people to the moon but we can't seem to keep companies from stealing people's ID's and information even after numerous reports. What is going on in our economy??? SHUT DOWN THIS COMPANY!!!


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      Mar 28, 2013

    Trying to research something received from them unexpectedly. Have no opinion for now. Will update soon.

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      Mar 28, 2013

    Just doing research on a letter I received from their office

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