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JOBLYNX IS AN EXTREMELY UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY!Company web site promotes job placement assistance. For a subscription of $99.00 your resume will be placed in front of over 1000 job recruiters all over the country. The web site boasts a huge success rate and even offers a money back guarantee. Upon paying the subscription rate and submitting your resume, the customer is sent an email with a list of job posting web sites, such as, that the company recommends you visit.

The guarantee states that the company will present you with job opportunities in your area with in the 90 days. DO NOT BE FOOLED!! This statement does not guarantee you will be contacted by ANY agents nor offered ANY positions. By offering you a list of job posting websites, the company has fulfilled their obligation to "present you with job opportunities in your area."
This company is preying upon individuals searching the internet to better their careers. Joblynx will take your money and offer you nothing of value in return. GOOGLE and other online search engines will offer you the same information free of charge. BUYER BEWARE!! JOBLYNX is an extremely unscrupulous company.


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    Kenneth Toney Aug 12, 2017
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    stop texing me jobs ...thank you

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  • Jo
    John D. Hoover Nov 20, 2010

    It would appear that the person complaining that the guy looks like a weasel needs a graduate- level course in Anger Management. LOL

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    Employment Scam Alert Oct 26, 2010 seems to have changed his business name to muchbetterjobs AKA "the Job Guy" on Twitter (@betterjobsearch). He called me after I posted my resume online - promising all kinds of high paying job listings that he had "special access" to. After I said I'd check out his muchbetterjobs dot kom site, he emailed me TWO MORE TIMES trying to get my money! The guy's name who called me and emailed me is supposedly John Hoover. Is that like a Hoover vacuum cleaner that wants to suck out your money? has an F rating at the Better Business Bureau as you can look up for yourself. I guess that's why they had to change the business name from to muchbetterjobs kom. That and the scam alerts for I feel that Scam artists who want rip off people looking for work deserve some of the lowest, hottest places in Hell. I highly doubt ANY of the non-negative rating reviews on this scam alert page, as you can see at least one comes from joblynx itself. Both and muchbetterjobs have F ratings at the Better Business Bureau / BBB. See for yourself before spending your money on this employment scheme. It should not cost anyone money to get job listings that are already on the internet. SCAM!! the guy even looks like a weasel, see pic from Twitter!

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    Kevin Mar 19, 2008
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    Joblynx actually does guarantee a job within 90 days or your money back. After I registered, I never received any communication from Joblynx. I contacted John Hoover at JobLynx about 60 days after I registered and he suggested that I pay another $59 to send my resume to a company which would analyze and redo my resume. I did not do this. Once the 90 days was up, I repeatedly contacted Mr. Hoover by phone and email. He never contacted me. I filed a complaint with PayPal, the attorney general's office and spoke to friends in my local congressmen's office. DO NOT USE JobLynx. They are a RIPOFF. They will STEAL your money and John Hoover should be prosecuted.

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  • Jo
    John D. Hoover Feb 21, 2008

    Everything stated may be true if one is
    unwilling to apply themselves to getting a job.

    Just like going to College, if you don't attend
    class or read the assignments, one is destined
    for failure. Our web site contains 43 megabytes of
    career, job and employment information collected
    over 11 years of research.

    We provide access to 95% of all published jobs and
    12,000 recruiters cover the Hidden Job Market for you.

    We have only had to refund 27 people in 11 years.
    Just like NASA, occasionally a rocket blows up.

    Take your chances. I would take the odds offered.

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  • Jo
    John D. Hoover Feb 21, 2008


    This is the JobLynx Complete Employment System

    * Simple Registration Process - It all starts when you register with JobLynx and submit your résumé through our simple electronic registration job placement system. Your connection to USA jobs or targeted regional positions - for example, California jobs - has just commenced.
    * Computer Automated - Immediately following your registration, your résumé is converted by us into an encrypted computer file, whereupon it enters our huge Recruiters database.
    * Our Recruiters are waiting - Once your résumé reaches our database, (around 7-10 seconds after you register), our network of over 12,000 recruiters are automatically notified of a new posting. The demand for these 'new' résumés is huge, as recruiters scramble to find the right candidates for openings for their clients' high paying jobs.
    * You Match Our Needs - With hundreds of thousands of USA job openings in the database, your details are matched against a list of suitable positions, based around the criteria submitted on your resume. At this point, one or more of our professional recruiters will contact you directly to discuss particulars with you, and will work with you directly from that point onwards.
    * Many Options - Once you enter into dialogue with a recruiter, it doesn't just end there. Your details will remain on file, and you may be approached concerning other possible job openings that suit your profile. For example, a recruiter may contact you with California jobs if you have specified West Coast regional high paying jobs as part of your criteria. You may have many available positions to choose from.
    * Confidential - Complete confidentiality is guaranteed, as only headhunters have access to your résumé. The JobLynx résumé database is set up so only registered headhunters with an assigned password can access it. Database access restrictions are strict because anonymity can sometimes be vital to a person's present job security, especially in regards to career-track, high paying jobs in professional tiers.
    * Our Dedication to YOU - At JobLynx, we are dedicated to maximizing your employment potential for high paying jobs, providing you with the tools and direct connections to career enhancement, and securing a future for you and your family.
    * But I don't want to leave my job - At JobLynx, we don't say that you have to leave your present job in order to further your career. We will provide you with a simple plan to help you increase your present take home pay by over 35%.
    * Obtain YOUR key NOW - Register now and your JobLynx membership will open many career doors for you to USA jobs. In less than 10 minutes our system will be delivering your résumé to over 12,000 recruiters nationwide...

    Job Lynx: Unique Guarantee

    Our Guarantee and commitment to you...

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: With JobLynx, you are Guaranteed To Get A JOB or your Money Back!
    Use our service for 90 days. If you are not presented with available employment opportunities during that time period, we'll gladly refund 100% of your total registration fee.Signed, John Hoover, CEO, JobLynx
    John D Hoover, CEO, JobLynx

    Try to find a guarantee like that with any similar service. How can we afford to do this? Our job placement service works better. We have a simple approach to finding you employment, simple yet effective. We are the only employment service that has access to this huge network of recruiters, as well as hundreds of thousands of job postings, and we pride ourselves in placing one of our registered members in a new job every 3 minutes on average. That's right - We place a person in a new job every 3 minutes.
    At JobLynx, we are dedicated to maximizing your employment potential, providing you with the tools and direct connections to career enhancement, and securing a future for you and your family through better job placement.

    We are committed to make a difference for you... Yes... You are Guaranteed To Get A JOB!

    We have gained a marketable reputation for generating new employment opportunities; providing higher income levels, better health/retirement plans, better working conditions, employer-paid continuing education programs, etc., for a countless number of individuals just like yourself, on a national scale. Check out the unsolicited testimonials and awards. We're confident our job postings and job placement services will work for you too!
    We at JobLynx are confident that our service will help you get a job offer before the 90-day subscription ends, and we have the track record to prove it.
    Your solid resume and our solid connections combine to make a powerful job fulfillment force. This greatly increases the chances of your resume becoming accessible to a headhunter who IS looking to place someone in your career field, your professional level, your preferred industry, your preferred geographic location(s), and your preferred salary range with the most current job postings available.
    We know what's important to our registered members; and we work very hard at providing a high-quality job placement service that produces results over a short period of time. Come join in on the success... you'll be glad you did! Register on our REGISTRATION page.

    * JobLynx offers you career advice and job search resources including:
    o Resume writing
    o Cover letters
    o Interviewing techniques
    o Networking
    o Salary Negotiations
    o Job Hunting Strategies
    o Finding a New Career
    o Using the Internet for Job Searching
    o .....and more...

    * Exclusive links to thousands of useful job-related resources on executive jobs, career transitions and trends.
    * A huge database of US companies looking to hire qualified candidates like you.

    An interview with John Hoover

    CEO of Joblynx, interviewed by David Petherick, February 2007

    Q: What problem do you solve in your work, John?
    A: I originally, in my pre-JobLynx life, solved technical problems as a Chemical Engineer for companies like Johnson Wax, Cover Girl Cosmetics, Kimberly-Clark and Fort Howard Paper. In my several job changes, Headhunters helped me considerably to find an ideal fit for my talents. Realizing what a stressful, arduous task it was changing jobs - I was motivated to develop an automated internet-based business to help speed the job search process.

    Q: Have you won any awards - and what worthy causes do you support?
    A: Awarded the coveted Research Fellow designation for my outstanding research contribution to the Johnson Wax Corporation. Only 32 such awards were ever bestowed to their professionals previously. I monitarily support the church and several local community-based charities, including the school systems.

    Q: What motivates you and makes you passionate about your business?
    A: My passion for JobLynx is the personal satisfaction that I am responsible for allowing job seekers to find the best employment fit available while cutting weeks to months off their job search. They often reap the financial rewards of a 13-39% increase in salary by making a job change. These often have life-improvement effects upon the individual's family happiness and professional career success. I turn around careers for the better. More money, shorter commute, better benefits, nicer boss and educational company-paid opportunities are the typical results.

    Q: What is your proudest achievement - personally, and in your business?
    A: My proudest business achievement is when I located a salesman a job at a $300,000.00 annual raise after he had personally spent 3 months on his own searching to no avail. He was very appreciative as you might imagine! In my personal life my proudest achievement is participating in the personal growth and guidance of my family members. My lovely wife of 34 wonderful years, Georgia, has guided and trained me to survive the most desperate times, while teaching both myself and our children personal grace towards others. Our two loving children, Mark and Andrea, have accomplished much in their young adult lives and both chose fantastic spouses to accompany them throughout their life's journey ahead.

    Q: When were you first in the newspapers?
    A: My first media exposure came when JobLynx was covered in a one-third page article in the local newspaper. The were extolling the JobLynx use of Internet technology in the early days of the world wide web as it was referred to in those days - in 1996. Here was a local expert applying very new concepts to the age-old process of changing jobs. And a previous technical Chemical Engineer was now a Human Resources guru. Amazing. He was even able to take payment for his services electronically over the website. Will wonders ever cease?

    Q: Can you give me an example of someone really getting a great result from using Joblynx?
    A: Several months ago, a 27 year- old salesman decided to avail himself of our services by joining on a Monday. A week later, he proudly phoned me and announced he had 3 company interviews only a week after joining JobLynx! Then, he informed me 5 weeks later that he had accepted the job of his dreams only 2 miles from his home, at a $30,000.00 annual raise. He proudly announced that he was the youngest salesman in the history of the company - and he got to choose from 12 new company cars. His benefits started the first day - plus, he received 3 weeks vacation immediately!

    Q: Who is a typical customer for you?
    A: Our typical customers to which we focus our career services include one of two general categories. The first being the upwardly mobile professional looking to move ahead with their career aspirations. The second less fortunate include those who have been fired, pink slipped, downsized, dismissed, or my personal favorite - derecruited. We service individuals regardless of color, creed, title or religion who are in need of a new job opportunity.

    Q: Your guarantee is very special, isn't it?
    A: Yes. You are Guaranteed To Get A JOB or your Money Back! Try to find a guarantee like that with any similar service - you won't! We have a simple approach to finding you employment, simple yet effective. We are the only employment service that has access to such a huge network of recruiters, as well as hundreds of thousands of job postings, and we pride ourselves in placing one of our registered members in a new job every 3 minutes on average. Let me tell you this: in 10 years of offering this MONEY-BACK guarantee we have had to only refund 27 clients!

    Q: Tell me more about your family, John.
    A: My family is one of my favorite topics! My wife, Georgia, has been an inspiration and guiding force in all of our lives. She is an extremely talented and caring person who will give 110% to both her employer and family. She was selected to guide our church management, founded several craft clubs and managed several very successful Career Fairs.
    My son, Mark, was the youngest freshman in his dorm at college. He won seven medals at the National Decca competition while still in High School. After his first week at college, mom and dad visited him to see if he was "lost" among 53,000 other students attending his University. As we went to lunch off-campus, we entered the local gathering food emporium and were surprised when each and every of the patrons knew our son! He is finishing Medical School currently after being in management consulting for five years.
    Our daughter Andrea, is making her mark in the Transportation/Logistics industry. In her high school years she was a walk-on as a starter varsity tennis player. She participated in Poms and they won state first place recognition twice while she was a member of the squad. Her gregarious nature earned her the title of the person with all the latest news and gossip in school.

    Q: And finally - in parting?
    A: I would like to personally thank The Ohio State University for my formal education, all my bosses both good and bad, and my medical staff who have managed to prolong my life here on the third rock from the sun.

    Some testimonials from JobLynx customers...

    "The Internet sure is the way to find a job these days. With the companies paying the Headhunters, I had no further costs after registration. Way to go JobLynx."
    - Bob C.

    "Didn't have to move... found a new company in my home town I wasn't even aware of. Thanks to your network!"
    - Terry

    "Finally found a fun job where I am paid what I am worth; with a good retirement fund... Fantastic!!"
    - Walt M.

    Sign up at JobLynx today for US Jobs!

    * JobLynx
    * Unique Guarantee
    * Interview with John
    * A Career of Choice
    * Contact Me
    * [top]

    Building A Career Of Choice

    By John Hoover

    Let's face it, most career choices are not choices at all, but people held hostage by paychecks. Most of us fall into a job; followed by a paycheck, and then become immobilized into taking any pro-active moves toward something we really love doing.
    How much sense does this make? We don't marry on these terms. We don't select friends on these terms. But we do spend eight, ten, twelve hours a day in work we have no passion for and a future we aren't particularly interested in cultivating. Perhaps now is the time to change all that.
    It doesn't matter whether you are looking for employment or self-employment - the guidelines for locating your career purpose are the same. It takes a bit of courage and self-evaluation, all of which can be difficult but will also free you to find your true career of choice.
    Passion and Practicality
    To be an adult you must be practical. That is what we are taught. To be practical we must do what makes sense to those around us, rather than what feels right within us. Trouble is, that might make some of those around us happy, but it makes us miserable.
    And that is not practical. Passion is that burst of internal thrill that propels you effortlessly toward the work of realization. Passion is coupled with belief, hope, and faith; and can do more than move mountains; it can give your life purpose.
    So set aside the practicality of those around you and begin looking at what really makes your own clock tick. Make a list of those things that you do in your off hours that make you smile. Look into your heart at the yearnings that have gone unmet. For all those activities is a means for creating a career.
    Consider this, if all of us in the wrong jobs played musical chairs, we might all find ourselves in the right jobs.
    The accountant who hates numbers but loves helping people with their problems switches careers with the therapist who falls asleep during his sessions but loves to balance his checkbook. What if we were all doing what we were passionate about? Would our courageous move toward passion make a better world? That seems pretty practical.
    Talent And Experience
    Our talents are most often coupled with our passion simply because we rarely improve on areas that we have no interest. Experience does not have to be quantified in the number of paid hours. That is the hostage paycheck mentality. Life is more balanced than your checkbook, so depend on it to understand your real experience in the areas you want to pursue as a career.
    In other words, align your talents with your life experience. Do you volunteer at a homeless shelter? Do you belong to the society of Antique Collecting? Have you achieved weight loss and now want to teach others? These are life experiences that may not be quantified by pay, but are worth their weight in gold.
    People Power
    The primary power for moving toward your career of choice lies in locating others who will support you in making this goal a reality. Networking is absolutely vital to progress. Join professional organizations within your interest. Locate headhunters and recruiters that can put you in the right place at the right time. Surround yourself with powerful individuals that will pave the way and before you know it, you will be working in your career of choice.

    How to contact me...

    John Hoover, Chief Executive Officer, JobLynx

    Call: +[protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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