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Last tues 23rd June I got receive his email says thanks for my email with payments but he says promise me, immediately me send it me receive my funds now ok. Already I send two payment of £250 & other final £120 together add of £370 for clearance report send delivery to my home doorstep did not come yet still waiting for them. he told me because they spoke to him send me have payment of £370 for clearance report for delivery that's why make me upset why he take too long delay that he says that promise just wait and some hours last tuesday 23rd June but he says that his words promise tell my three children are happy will receive my funds, because he know already promise send my funds for me with my children are going holiday flights should booking our tickets still not yet at travel agents says waiting for them should back to my funds get ready tickets fare. last wed 24th June I'm honest very upset still waiting didn't hear the their not reply get back to me because unfair why delay he told me about processing ok. He should let me know make sure their confirmation tell me about what day & time for delivery coming on way to my home stay all day for nothing waste my time. I though him was nice man help good respect be god to me with my children are so already I have been four times send get back to him did not reply to me. Anyway he already knew me with my three children are honest no food, need urgent must payment travel agents flight, our new clothes and he says promise no payment again this final last payment of £120 now add together of £370.00 already payment from them of western union payments. I did been send told him about his words says very honest be god promise me for my children are. Please can you find out ask them what's going on should send delivery my doorstep let me know confirmation. I hope still waiting to hear from complaintsboard send get back to me please ok.
Thank you very much!

Joan Williams


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      Sep 08, 2012
    Joan Williams - URGENTLY
    Interpol police fred jonah

    I got receive ten times text messages from in Benin republic Fred Jonah, but himself work wiTh police station also That myself deaf single moTher disabled & my Three children & one new grand daughter baby are very very fright been report to British police & social worker Their safely our home protect, What I have done for no reason, because he says me must owing back his money This situation wrong because i was been pay for nearly 9 year Their says refuse not gave all my money back of 6, 880 pound impossible That Benin police did says That start will pay cover for me didn't know about That he make very angry (himself police says OLISEBULUWA SHRINE REQUESTED TO KILL ME & MY CHILDREN ARE) by CBN Bank from Nigeria Their got receive money from my money Their says get ready send delivery my fund money still There but CBN bank says refuse gave back all my money That bank office been told Interpol police Fred Jonah angry wiTh me because British police & my social worker Their says me not allowed not pay Them Their fraud That's why. PLEASE PLEASE NEED YOUR HELP TO REPORT CONTACT TELL BENIN HIGH COMMISSION & BENIN REPUBLIC OF HEAD OFFICE POLICE NEED ARREST FRED JONAH SAYS WILL KILL US (OLISBULUWA SHRINE) BUT MYSELF DEAFNESS DISABLED MOTHER DONT UNDERSTAND VERY SCARED WHAT MEAN WORDS "OLISEBULUWA SHRINE" TO KILL ME & MY THREE CHILDREN ARE BY NEXT WEEK. Please report to British police phone contact my social worker manager her name is Mary Lang know about This her phone number [protected] & her email address: mary.[protected] will explain tell me about against to Benin Interpol police Fred Jonah. Please god help need safely our home protect. This date of on 8Th September 2017 I got receive 11 times text messages from Benin Interpol police Fred Jonah says "OLISEBULUWA SHRINE" TO KILL ME & MY THREE CHILDREN ARE BY NEXT WEEK, but make us very very frightening be scared. Fred Jonah big trouble himself policeman start it his first language verbal word HASSESMENT TO THREATS ME MAKE VERY HURT.

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