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L Dec 06, 2018
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My sister and my girlfriend had issues with each other, but they both worked at Jimmy johns in Terre haute. The one on Wabash. To avoid this problem, my girlfriend worked night shift because she doesn't want conflict. My sister would come in almost every time she knew my girlfriend was working and basically stalked her. There's been charges filed against her because of this. Saturday night on December 1st of 2018, my sister, Paige dunning, went to Jimmy johns because she ordered a pickup and stalked my girlfriend like she always does, but this night she keyed my and my girlfriends car. While it was on Jimmy johns property. She admitted to doing so, claiming she can do whatever the [censored] she wants. I went into Jimmy johns the following day to speak to the owner, Ryan or Samuel, Whichever name he prefers, in hopes to find a solution to everything that was going on. Instead of resolving the conflict, he put my girlfriend and sister to work on days together and then when my girlfriend told him that Paige was still continuing to harass and threaten her, he fired her. This is unreasonably fair and I'm going to take legal action against him if there isn't something done about her.

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