Jim Lakesecurity guards who threaten people.

M Nov 09, 2018

Jim Lake is a company that leases property here in Dallas as I found out. One day while waiting for the bus in front of a Family Dollar, I see some guy not picking up after his dog when it crapped on a patch of grass on the sidewalk. I confronted him about it before he went back inside the same building where said store is located. After a few minutes some guy in a suit comes out the Family Dollar and breaks up our argument letting said guy with the dog back inside the building, approaching me with a glare and saying if I didn't leave the premises he would "kick my ass, " something he accentuated by poking me with his index finger at my chest. I fend him off with my taser asking him to back off being that he already stated to do physical harm and touched me on top of that. He goes back inside the Family Dollar still lobbing insults at me as I simply boarded the bus that stopped a few minutes later this. I called that JIM LAKE company several times about the incident, but no one there ever replied my phone calls. I believe this company trains said guards to intimidate people even for the littlest of details and I don't think it should be around our community being this the case.

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