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I went into Thompson to book my holiday to Florida via Jet save. In January they told me that the hotel I booked at Travelodge has been closed due to Health&Safety issues and that the Hotel they offered was the Continental Plaza I looked this hotel up and it was rated as a 1 star and didn't have the shuttles running to the Disney resort and Orland resort free. Travelodge did. I also saw reviews stating that it was a filthy and the bathrooms were dirty. I didn't except this hotel and asked for proof that it was offering the shuttle service Thompson took ages to get the information and I was constantly on the phone to them about this. They told jetsave on the 16 January that I accepted the accommodation when I hadn't. Then I went into the Thompson shop on the 30 January to see if they had the information to prove that the hotel was the same they hadn't. I was told they would get the information and phone me. On the 2 February I spoke to a girl called Amy and she said she had the brochure and that I could come in. I told her I am thinking about canceling and she said that I can and that I am entitled to a full refund. I couldn't get in to the shop that week due to the snow then I was ill. I then went into the shop Tuesday 21 February and told them I wanted to cancel they called jetsave and they told them I couldn't because I had accepted the hotel on the 16 January I hadn't and there is no proof that I have. The girl then showed me the notes Amy had wrote on the system on the 02 February saying I could cancel free of charge and have a refund the girl Emma argued this with jetsave but they were adamant. Emma said that she would speak to Amy and get her to call me Wednesday, she didn't phone me I then had to call her Thursday, she wasn't there she phoned me back and said that she could only refund me £400 because it has been a month since I last spoke to her that is a lie I spoke to her on the 02 February 2009 she said the last time I spoke to her was 27 January, a lie it clearly states on there system that I spoke to her on the 02 February 2009 as she wrote on there I had and that I could cancel the girl Emma showed me this on the system, Amy got very rude and said she hasn't spoke to me since the 27 January and that there was nothing she could do and that I would have to speak to customer service she had an attitude and didn't care I was going to make a complaint I then said to her one more question why did you lie and said I had spoke to you on the 27 January she them said it doesn't matter there is nothing I can do. I have all records of speaking to her never on the 27 January and yes I dod speak to her on the 02 February. She gave me the wrong phone number I was passed around and was given 6 different numbers by people at Thompson some of the people at Thompson cut me off and one male put the phone down on me. I then phoned the shop back and said for the manager to call me back or I would be going into the shop and making a show of them. The manager called me back and said that Amy had spoke to me on the 02 February but now there saying it is jetsave who are stating because it has been a month since( I don't no) that they wont give me my money back even though they I know I never accepted the hotel and I was not happy. The shop are lying and treating me like a piece of dirt . in the terms and condition it clearly states that if they have to change the accommodation and I don't accept it then I am entitled to my money back there is no mention that you have to give them the answer straight away and any way I was queering the hotel it was alright for me to wait ages for them to get back to me in regards to the hotel and the star it was and whether it did do shuttles. I was calling them all the time and because it was snowing and then I was ill I couldn't get into the shop to look at the brochure and I was certainly not told on the 02 February by Thompson's that I had to go in as soon as possible otherwise you wouldn't get your money back I was told I could get my money back and any way that is what it says in the terms and conditions I am entitled to my money back and they are breaking there terms and conditions and this is fraud they are stealing this is not acceptable Thompson or jetsave are lying to me so they don't have to give me my money back. this needs sorting out as soon as possible. I want other customers to know exactly what sort of company they are. This is not my fault the hotel I booked was shut due to health&safety and I didn't accept the other hotel as it is of a lower criteria it is a rubbish hotel and they know it. Even the girl in Thompson said to jetsave that the replacement hotel (continental plaza) was just no good at all and not acceptable.


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    jansas Sep 11, 2011

    My advise is dont book with any company that uses Jetsave, my friend has been charged and extra £5oo for Jetsave themselves getting a surname wrong this is after First choice gave them all the correct names. Jetsave will not admit resposibility and the case is now going to abta. This holiday is with virgin so why do they need this company to deal with tickets, not good press for virgin holidays, wonder if Richard Branson knows he has employed Pirates.

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