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Available credit of $127.90 expiring in March 2008 was not showing on my frequent flyer Trueblue website. Instead it was showing as $0.00 available credit. Today, after other credit was added to it, it reappeared as already expired. I complaint about it but they told me it has always been available to me. However, how can I remember it when it is not showing where it is supposed to show. They should not be hiding any available credit till it expires. And also they should not be giving me the round about for 45 minutes till I get tired and quit.

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  • Kr
      13th of Aug, 2008

    Not only the credit that JetBlue withold from customers, they also give empty promises regarding booking. I had changed my flight back to NY from CA and the charges was confirmed then came the excuse from JetBlue "all seats were sold out, if you wanted to change the date then you must pay more than it was told" This was lowest scam from JetBlue! Tell anyone do not travel with JetBlue is the best thing you could help a friend from being cheated.

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  • Ab
      31st of Aug, 2011

    JetBlue forgot to mention one more thing in its marketing spiel that it gives you: difficulties, or better said, impossibilities, of ever seeing a cent back once you hand them your money!!

    Jet Blue STOLE $400+ from me! First by NOT refunding /returning my money when I initially purchased tickets even though I was PENALIZED /CHARGED more money when I cancelled my travel. AND then by obligating me to use the Jet Blue Travel Banks to get it back. In essence, once my money was in JetBlue's hands, they were NOT giving it up.

    Much to my regret, and most recently, JetBlue expired credits that, in my estimation, were NOT a year old. However, Jet blue used and hid behind their policies of when the FIRST credit was issued in order to take my money which from what it seems, was the intention from the start. Furthermore, the JetBlue Travel Bank does NOT alert the account holder that the credits are about to expire - why would they? JetBlue NEVER intended to return the money/credit.

    Sadly I HAD been a very LOYAL customer. Flying JetBlue all the time...don't think so anymore.

    The Customer Rep I spoke to (Jen) just basically told me: "Its JetBlue policy...I have never seen them return the credits".

    JetBlue had opened 3 Travel Bank accounts when giving "credits" back even though only ONE credit card was ever used. This of course making it even more difficult to get money back from JetBlue since only one Travel Bank per ticket can be used when purchasing. You can't combine Travel Bank funds to purchase a ticket...nah, you can't get your money back!

    Of course, as I write to "Share my Concern" I am hoping the someone at Jet Blue will redeem the Company Name and REFUND my due credits - as I was going to use them for travel! I have some hope still...its the last thing we lose.

    I hope (again) the JetBlue is serious in their commitment to their customers, "YOU, i.e the customer, Above All".(*hopefully* the "All" inlcudes money)

    Stay Tuned...I will let you know if I ever hear back

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