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Jeff Mills from the Midwest Super Conference and now Resorts 360 will Rip You Off! Don't fall for this scam artists tricks!

I'm positive 10's of thousands of people, like myself, have been a victims of this online scam artists Jeff Mills.

Jeff will lure you in and tell you that he's a former youth minister and a christian Internet marketer. That right there should have been a clear message to stay clear of this scam artists.

Jeff will tell you about all of his new programs including his Midwest Super Conference, Resorts 360, and other Internet marketing programs that are going to make you so much money.

The reality is that jeff mills will be the only one to make money...don't trust him. It will never happen. from or

I have bought into so many of his programs, ALL of my friends too, and not one of us had made a penny from anything he sells or promotes.

One thing I can tell you however, is that he will take your money and then never talked to you again.

Now he's traveling the globe speaking at seminars like the Traffic Generation Summit in London and Portugal other speakers like Armand Morin, Matt Bacak, and Brian Koz. You can guarantee I'm probably the one paying for his trip..and a lot of other people who have also been scammed by him too.

What Jeff Mills will do is introduce some kind of guest speaker with great Internet marketing idea that ALSO Don't work...make you think its the greatest thing in the world...then leave you high and dry...hundreds if not thousands of dollars later.

Jeff also ripped me out of thousands of dollars with a Call Center Scam...where he will try to tell you his call centers will close sales for you! Forget it...the only thing that will happen is you'll lose ALL of your money...and be left in the dark!


Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference The Christian Internet Marketing Men- Resorts 360 - GoldMills Marketing

Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference Resorts 360 - Goldmills Marketing


  •   Jul 11, 2009

    I am the real Jeff Mills.

    Funny how people use "keyword optimization" to get search engine listings off my name, and my companies and products I support, then turn it against me because they are hurtful and malicious... but sad people resort to this type of hurtful tactics to bad mouth someone who is not what is represented here.

    If you are here to REALLY research me and my products, you'll not have a hard time doing it by searching for my name on the net or my products, and guess what... you'll not find 1 single complaint about me.

    You'll find 100's of testimonials and positive things about me EVERYWHERE!

    This individual lost money cause they did not succeed in a home based business so instead of blaming themselves for their failure and taking responsibility, they blame me. Hopefully, you'll see through this lame complaint and know this has NOTHING to do with me and how I market.

    My phone # is [protected] and you can call me for any questions about ANYTHING I do, sell or promote. I am an open book, always have been which is why I have a 100% squeaky clean reputation. My phone # is EVERYWHERE on the net, cause I am the real deal.

    So, now you know, a malicious individual is using SEO to their favor to damage my good name and reputation, and now that I have cleared the air and proven this individual is a fraud, you can see through what this fake poster is trying to do to my name.

    Sucks huh? Sites like this only exist to get people to click on the sponsored links and they don't care about fixing bad malicious complaints or allowing those who have complaints on them to address them other than what I am doing now, which is by leaving a comment.

    In His Grip, ><>
    Jeff Mills

    ps - NEVER believe complaints where people do not use their real names and contact information. I guarantee this complainer NEVER EVER tried to take my advice or call me for any help if they actually joined any of my programs or business.

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  • T
      Sep 06, 2009

    Dear Anonymous Complainer,

    I hope you learned from your mistakes; never believe anyone who uses Christianity as a marketing tool. When dealing with such individuals, rest assured there is about a 110% chance you are being ripped off. Sadly these rejects are forced to use the vulnerability of honest church-going Christians to scam society. This is usually because they could not make a living partaking in any honest business endeavors. These people symbolize everything that is wrong with this country. False promises of riches are all they have to offer society. They often jump around from one mlm-pyramid scheme to another. I would not be surprised if this man you speak of isn't even working with this company anymore...instead has probably moved onto a new recruitment based business i.e. pyramid scheme.

    Thanks for the report...keep up the good work.

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  •   Sep 06, 2009

    I agree with about 10% of what you said The Investigator15.

    You never know what is in the heart of another human being (good or evil). But the only way to get a best chance is to talk, meet, do background checks, etc...

    Go do your REAL research about me online, you'll see I am the real deal out there.

    Again, before you judge me based on someone who has never met or done business with me, just gimme a call.

    Anyone can come in here bash someone anonymously with no repercussions or penalty for posting false or misleading details about someone.

    So, like I said in the post above, call me if you have any concerns before doing business with me. Or, you can be scared off by these anonymous posters who don't know me and have never done any sort of business with me online.

    And oh... if you are going to be doing business online maybe we should just never disclose anything about ourselves and be totally tight lipped about our hobbies, faith, family, backgrounds, etc.. so that we hide behind websites and tell lies... maybe THAT'S the secret to being successful online?

    Oh and forget being entrepreneurial and self employed - the best way to succeed is to get a job and work hard for someone else all our lives and then let them tell us when we can retire, when to take a vacation, what car to drive, how much we can make or get paid... maybe that's the way it should be for everyone huh?


    I believe in full disclosure anonymous posters, so I tell it like it is in my businesses. I love Jesus and I tell people, too bad for you if you don't like it.

    Call me if you have any questions.

    Jeff Mills

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      Jun 05, 2015

    My name is Brian Kiplinger and I am one of Jeff's students. Because of Jeff's coaching, I have sold thousands of dollars worth of products using facebook paid newsfeed ads and have been generating leads on FB for .40 to .85 per optin, which is almost unheard of now a days. For any one thinking about hiring Jeff as a coach and/or purchase any of his programs, Jeff is absolutely the real deal. He has a mind for business and a heart for people and I am just 1 of many who will gladly tell you the same thing. He is not only one of my favorite marketers and coaches because of his ability to teach real world strategies that creates real world results, but he is one of my favorite people because he deeply cares about the success of everyone with a desire to achieve more in their life.

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