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Be carefull to work together with this company.
It's a Chinese Home textile consulting and sourcing agency representing European Textile Design Studios in China.
I had some bad experience with them.
They say that they sold your design, and give it away with the client, later you get it back, and they say the deal is off.
They also tell you they sold your design under the agreed price, in order to give you less profit, but actually they sell it at a higher price.
I just want to warn potential clients and clients of this company that they have to watch out.



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    wonderfullland Jul 06, 2009

    I disagree! I am also one of the European studios (exhibit at Heimtex, Mood every year) working with Je coproate. They are no doubt the biggest design agency in China offers higher level of services. And I had been travelling together with them to sell designs they are really hard working and protecting your designs all the time. Payment is done quickly to you most of the time you receive with cash!

    I think this guy who complains is blind! Or, a jealous competitor who are not successfully making money from the market. Indeed, less patient with Chinese market. This guy is out of fashion, and definetly out of market! And this guy is not DARE to show his name! He is absoutly a looser!!!

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