JC Penney Companysephora cream samples


There is a video in facebook that announces the closing of your store and that sephora was giving "free beauty samples' based on 4 simple skin questions by" only paying $5 for shipping". As I have been a client of jc penney forever, I just went on and ordered my free samples for a limited time before the store closeout. The sent two tiny samples by mail to my address. After a month, the bank charged me with $ 92.97 so I went to my bank, cancelled the payment and changed my card. To my surprise, one more charge for $ 92.97 came. My bank made the claim and were informed that I had agreed to the terms and conditions of sephora and therefore they had to allow these payments. When I called a company named"brilliant beauty"I was told that I did not cancelled my ' subscription" and therefore agreed to pay for these samples. They did nor send any more product. I spoke to the supervisor and he explained that it was not their responsibility for I had nor cancelled the subscription I had not made!!! This charge for $ 185.94 has been paid to this company using your name. I am trying to get back this amount for I consider it represents a scam. They gave me euphoria's (I do not know what is their relation with sephora) to make this claim: [protected]@try/euphoria/ As you can see, I have been caught in a facebook scam under your name and will highly appreciate if you could assist me in this matter. Maria hernandez [protected] (Ph. [protected])

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