Darrell Purdue has opened and operates a new site " fraud alert" that spews "Hate" - "Life Threats" and invalid unjust accusations toward Mr. Ottis..

Consider the number of incidents that have surfaced from people being attack on the Internet by unstable and potentially dangerous people like Darrell Purdue.

Mr. Ottis has been attack on the Internet for the past eight years by a woman that has been in and out of a mental institution, a prior employee, and a handful of their friends and unintelligible people that believe whatever they are told and find excitement in joining a lynch mob. Its happened throughout time.

The photograph that Darrell Purdue has posted on Mr. Ottis is the property of the Associated Press. The AP did a story on him prompted by his lawyer and a former Senator to help Mr. Ottis promote Globee.

Mr. Ottis has been accused of not paying tax’s which resulted in a ten (10) year tax audit, which resulted in his owing IRS a total of less than $500.00 for minor mistakes over the past ten (10) years.

He has been accused of selling stock on the Internet which was investigated by the U.S. attorney and dropped because the accusations were concluded false with zero merit. He was advised by his lawyer that the investigators discovered and individual that had purported to being a stock holder and making false reports.

He was accused of security fraud in Utah and faced extortion by a Utah State Agency to which he agreed to pay a promissory note which he had not paid, because the note holder withdrew $67, 000.00 from the business account without authorization. He dropped criminal proceedings against the note holder for embezzlement and she came after him for the note two (2) years later for the note through her connections in the Mormon Church. The prosecutors used content from Internet "Hate Postings" in their allegations against Mr. Ottis. However, nothing in their allegations could be validated as true, thus, the allegations were withdrawn and the case was settled. Mr. Ottis paid the note, and his lawyers (Nebraska and Utah) advised him he had been extortion by the State of Utah.

Thus, he served as a witness for a House of Representatives formal investigation of the corrupt Utah agency before and after his settlement. The agency (Director) that came after him was accused of “False Prosecution and Abuse of Authority" by the State. The agent resigned to avoid termination and prosecution by Utah. It’s all public record "Wayne Klein "Top Cop" Steps Down during a House of Representatives investigation led by (R) Jim Bird.

The problems above are all directly related to the hateful and false accusations being posted by the Darrell Purdue’s of the world.
Mr. Ottis filed a law suit in Nebraska Federal Courts to bring the Darrell Purdue’s of the world before a federal judge. However, he had to drop the suit due to the past lack of laws regulating posted content on the Internet. The Megan Meier case regarding a teenage girl that killed herself due to the hateful posting by a woman like Darrell Purdue was recited as the legal precedent case.

The woman that caused the death of a child could not be prosecuted due to the lack of laws to governing Internet content posting, even at the cost an innocent child’s life.

Mr. Ottis is surrounded by friends and investors and helpers in Globee that go back thirteen (13) years. His lawyer has files on every person that has ever loaned or invested in Globee. This file was provided to the U.S. attorney when he was accused of selling stocks on the Internet. It is not a secret file and its doubtful that “Con Artists” keeps accurate files on their investors.

In closing; it is Mr. Ottis and his family and investors that have suffered due to the unscrupulous acts of the Darrell Purdue’s. Their Cyber Stalk postings and bragging false malicious accusations spewing hate and lies have caused serious harm to Mr. Ottis and his products over the years.

Mr. Ottis has continued to fight these posters year after year never stopping to get Globee Products to the market. The past two years have taken a toll on his health and even after major surgeries and health issues, he has kept working on borrowed time and very little money.

He has a wonderful line of twenty (24) four children’s characters developed, books published, cartons produced, a television pilot produced, Costumes, and numerous opportunities for Globee.

Prior to the present Obama administration Globee was offered a $64 million dollar project with NASA. However, when Obama took office the NASA funding for educational products was stopped along with many other NASA projects. The opportunity was ended, but at the least, Globee was given a grand opportunity due to being considered by NASA as a wonderful product of value, that has great merit to educate and entertain children around the world.

In closing, Darrell Purdue has even posted that he had spoken to Mr. Ottis's lawyer and that the lawyer was an associate “Con” of Mr. Ottis. What a crock! Darrell Purdue is bashing a man that is a pillar of the Nebraska Community with a family that goes back many years in Nebraska’s history, a wonderful family man, active in his church, in his community and admired by his colleagues in his practice of law.

Authored by: Victims Defense 10-4-13
Copies to Globee Associates, Globee Legal Counsel, and Prosecutors.

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