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Jay CapozelloLiar

This person is a liar. I met him through a friend. Everyone thought he was a great guy even me. I couldn't resist him. I fell in love. We were together for several years. Then he cheated on me and it broke my heart.

We remained friends and I was even thinking of getting back together with him. Then the girl he cheated on me with died in a fire. He called me up to ask for sympathy. I had a hard time with this. How do you console someone who is telling you they want you back but is now crying over the girl he cheated on me with?
A girl called me at work who claimed she was his girlfriend of 3 years. My world fell apart. She told me things that were hard to believe but she had the proof to back them up. I just couldn't believe this was happening.
To top off my week, I read in the paper that he was engaged to the girl who died. I am sick to my stomach that I was with someone for so long and it was all a lie. How can someone lie to your face for years, sleep with other girls and come home to you as if you are the only girl in the world?


  • Yo
    Yourmomsbox Apr 08, 2009

    you are being ridiculous STAR!! what kind of a stupid ### name is that to begin with? Were your mommy and daddy on drugs when you were born??? At least it wasn't something even worse like moonbeam or unicorn what a bunch of ### ... Grow up and get over your self if you were that good of a person he would still be with you, and don't be putting blame on him for what when down, if you were half a real woman that would have never happened to you... Good day to you

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  • Da
    David Apr 10, 2009

    Wow Starr, seriously? .. this is one of the most childish things I've ever seen anyone do. I've known Jay since way before he even got involved with you and he's always been a really great guy and a good friend. You guys had a lot of problems, were on and off excessively, and basically never seemed right for each other (in my opinion). You've always had this cold personality to every one of his friends and tried endlessly to disassociate him with the people who cared about him to make yourself feel more secure, and now this...

    For you to go online with your little temper tantrum and try to throw yourself a pity party by publicly bashing someone who is having to deal with his gf dying suddenly - simply because he called you, one of his FRIENDS (or so called, apparently), for support when going through a tragedy just shows what a low life self-centered little creature you truly are.

    I told Jay the first time I met you that I didn't like you - that you were a cold, self-centered, heartless person that he shouldn't waste his time on... he defended you, made excuses for your coldness, tried to look past everything that everyone else sees right off the bat. You're bitter because he gave you more of a chance than you deserved, and you know it, and now you see an opportunity to hurt him when he's down and dove at it.

    I would suggest you let this ### go, stop talking to each other, and move on with your life... but I'm willing to bet good money you don't have much of a life to move on to.. so keep raging kiddo, you're only messing up your own karma.

    Grow up.

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  • Fi
    fighterpilot Jun 08, 2009


    I also know this person and unless you've dated him you may want to reserve your opinions. Maybe you think he's a great guy but at the time of his so called girlfriend's death, he had two other relationships and possibly more. I knew him years ago before you were even in the picture. And don't you live with your mom? I know the entire Capozello family and I have for years. I am a friend to one of his sisters. I also know Starr. Problems in relationships are usually two sided. I know Starr to be a decent person. I can't say that of Jay. She is going for her degree. She has a car and a job. That is more than Jay has going for himself. If he is still the same Jay he is drinking and smoking weed all of the time which is why Starr couldn't handle him. She was taking him to and from work because he had several fines and a suspended license. Yeah, he's prime stock. She told him to get his act together or she would leave. If you call that being cold then you really have the wrong definition of what it means to be cold.

    The stories I've heard from his family members sounds like he schemes and scams his way into lots of situations usually with women. I had heard that he owed a large amount of debt to one of his 'ex' girlfriends and his father, neither paid back. Also, I know he went out on a date right after his girlfriend died. How do I know? I saw them and that was before I knew that his girlfriend had died. I read in the paper that he was engaged to this girl. Why was he on a date? They looked pretty cozy to me. Maybe some guys just grieve differently. Maybe you are buying all of the lies. It just tells me you are not that smart either.

    I'm sure he has moaned to you about his grief and it seems as though you defend him. He is getting what he deserves. You want to talk about Karma? I think Jay's Karma is exactly where it should be.

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  • Ch
    Charmed Jun 08, 2009

    Let met start by saying Jay has been a friend of mine for a number of years.

    STARR ERNEST & LISSA LEWIS known him for a very long time as well.

    If he was such a bad person as they claim he is - then how come they continued to remain friends with him for all these years?

    Lissa Lewis - is divorced, has 3 kids - presently she is living with her ex-husband under the same roof - apparently she is not capable of supporting herself and 3 kids - in my oponion any mother who leaves her kids to spend weekends with her male friends - what is up with that?

    Starr Ernest works around the clock - supporting a house and her parents - heard from friends that her father was very verbally abusive to her - I guess that is why she is such a cold, heartless person towards men.

    KRAMA - you ladies do not know a damn thing about it - you both have sealed your faith - by sending all these messages out to the universe has caused a chain reaction - what makes you think it is not going to slap you both back in the face - remember what you put out there - you both will get back 3x folds.

    Better start praying ladies (lol)

    The Oracle

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  • Da
    David Jun 08, 2009

    Well hi there anonymous person who suspiciously seems to have the exact same thought pattern as starr,

    How are you? Still harping on this old topic huh? Curious, if "unless you've dated him you may want to reserve your opinions" was your opening statement before you began to unleash your opinions; that would make you either his ex or a hypocrite, no? Perhaps you should really think out your story before throwing it out there in a fit of rage.

    Oh and look at that! You were even kind enough to try to take potshots at me too - quite a little ball of rage you are huh :) My remarks about you/her being cold were from personal experiences the three or four times I had the displeasure of meeting you/her.

    As for my definition of cold, it's the same as most dictionaries you will read - I'll list the specific references to better your understanding:

    cold definition

    cold (kōld)


    1. feeling chilled
    2. without warmth of feeling; unfeeling; indifferent a cold personality
    3. not cordial or kind; unfriendly - a cold reception
    4. sexually frigid
    5. depressing or saddening; gloomy
    6. not involving one's feelings; detached; objective cold logic

    I hope you can better understand where I am coming from now. Finally, this is all very moot and childish. So you got your feelings hurt in a relationship - boo hoo. Get over it, that's life. Being mad at Jay for moving on with his just means you're having trouble doing the same - again, boo hoo. If you actually bothered to read anything I said before responding to me, you'd probably realize I wasn't defending his past actions (not that I see anything to have to defend) - I was entirely attacking your present ones.

    Let it go kiddo, the only thing you're accomplishing is showing everyone how childishly scornful a little girl can be when she doesn't get her way. Think about it this way, even if every single thing you've said and ranted about was 100% undeniably true, your way of dealing with it signifies that at the VERY least you're just as bad, childish, and selfish as the picture you're so vigorously attempting to paint of him is. Where's the logic in that?

    Seriously, move on with your life. If you feel he's as big of an ### as you rant he is, stop wasting months of your life on him after the fact... that's just deranged. I'm actually only responding to this as it emailed me that there was a response... and it was so nicely addressed to me :)

    This topic is dead, and honestly, it should of never been childishly written to begin with. People get hurt in relationships every single day, why is this such a lonely topic if this is how people should deal with that? All the other complaints I see are about businesses, financial scams, animal abuse, etc.. the only personal vendetta appears to be you...

    of course, maybe it's just that they're not dumb enough to commit libel. Oh, and since you seem to struggle with definitions, I'll help you out with that one:


    An untruthful statement about a person, published in writing or through broadcast media, that injures the person's reputation or standing in the community. Because libel is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement. Libel is a form of defamation, as is slander (an untruthful statement that is spoken, but not published in writing or broadcast through the media).

    Warm Regards,


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  • Fi
    fighterpilot Jun 08, 2009


    Since you seem to 'know' Jay so well, maybe you guys have a 'special' relationship. Alls I'm saying is that I know Starr and I know the family. I've heard stories from family members about his past. It's not great.

    Why isn't Jay out defending himself? Thats a question, guess he has you to do it for him. For you to respond in defence to Jay is just weird. Because you didn't like Starr? That's childish to me. Now you say oh I told you so! What a friend you are. I know Jay as much as I'd want to know a criminal in jail.

    If Jay has issues with the things being said about him, have Jay set the record straight. His sisters have alot of things to say about him. They are not good things either. Libel? Ha. That's a joke. According to my source and what I know personaly I would bet that the things said about Jay are absolutely true. Jay knows the truth which is why he will never bring a libel or defamation suit against myself or anyone else.

    Maybe you can tell him this tonight when he sucks your dick!

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  • timduncan86 Jul 15, 2009

    This is Jay.

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  • Je
    Jennc84 Jan 22, 2013

    Wow Starr it's time to get a life! Why not occupy your time by joining weight watchers you need it heffa!

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