Jasper Consultantscontract cancellation

I have been trying to cancel
My contract and debit orders with Jasper for several months due to poor service and non-resolution of issues which had been going on for several months. Eventually I get a snotty email threatening to cancel my subscription as the payment had not gone through. Several emails were exchanged explaining the issues which to date have not been resolved yet five months later they still
My account and have not cancelled my contract, even after I gave them
The one month notice as requested- 4months ago. Jasper is one of the worst IT companies I have ever dealt with and would not recommend them
Anyone that is serious about their business. To date they still debit my account without having resolved any issues and have not cancelled the contract as requested. I am
Utterly disgusted with their
Of concern for
Clients well being and business. They simply serve themselves as they continue to
Money out of
My account.

Oct 02, 2019

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