Resolved Jason HauffDating, Scam, Con Artist

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This so called man hits numerous dating sites - PLENTYOFFISH, CUPID, MATCHMAKER, prey on his victims. Women have contacted the websites to file complaints against this man, however, he will change his name and create a new profile so he can find another victim.

He has now gone as far as using his Grandmother's maiden name, Poliksovsky so that he can find new prey. He leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes and continues to be a menace to soceity. He also claims that he owns a garage door company - Affordable Door of Clinton, or Prairiland Contstruction, his business changes names continually. Do not do business with this man, do not pre-pay for any services because he will take the money and you will never see him again.


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    Sidwooden Mar 24, 2016

    I am a close friend to Jason. I know first hand that ALL of these posts were generated by 2 women that he dated at the same time. Basically a tandem act of complete slander engineered by two women who thought sex was a commitment. Both are complete psychos. Still playing games months and years after these relationships terminated!!! Classic case of crazy syndrome. Teresa, Betty, get on with your lives!!!

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    oneofhismany Dec 13, 2018

    I am here to say that the posts indicated on this site are indeed valid as I am another one of his many victims. Sidwooden . . . you may be a close friend of his but you truly don't know him at all. He is everything stated in these posts and MORE!!! Before you start throwing shade to his victims, you better make sure that what your saying is true because you sir, are the one committing slander against all of his victims!

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    Innocent Victim #??? Feb 10, 2019

    @oneofhismany Jason Hauff's arrest record in both Wisconsin and Illinois... is all one needs to see to validate the accusations by his victims. Not one person could be wrongly accused by so many.

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