Jacqueline V Zyldata contract

V Nov 21, 2017

I took out a data contract special on 30 September 2017 for the WiFi console with 60GB per month : 30 GB Anytime and 30 GB nightowl data. The 60 GB data loaded fine for October. But on 01 November only 30 GB data was loaded. After several calls to customer relations, I was told the error has been corrected. But it has not. When logging in on the web it shows 30 GB contract and that I only have 10 GB left. When it should show as a 60 GB contract and I should have more left than what is listed. When I log in with the app, it can't even pick up any data balance, as in its not WO king at.

Its the 21st and I have been struggling to get this sorted out since the 1st. This is ridiculous now. Just fix the account as well as the app.

I am at a frustrating point where I'm fed up now. If I don't receive feedback, and if this isn't sorted out by weeks end I will take further action aswell as publish detailed unflattering complaints about vodacom, on all social media platforms and tag everyone i know, and ask thm to tag who they know for this to go viral so that everyone can be warned against vodacom. I am sorry for being this extreme but I am fed up with battling with your errors and not being helped. I am paying the installments for this contract and being screwed with data, . Its a breach of contract . contract Nr. With above problem. [protected]. Contact on Jax.[protected]

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