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Jacqueline Tina Rinaldi d/b/a Cruise Freeksinternet fraud


is a message board run by a Woman named Jacqueline Tina Rinaldi.
It was a scam used to get peoples personal info, after telling them they won a cabin on a cruise, in fake contests.Some people even had booked non-refundable airfare & hotels after "winning" said contests.She even uses terminal illness to get people to feel sorry for her when they find out everything is fake.Avoid this woman, and the message board "cruise Freek Forums" like the plague!!!


  • Du
    duppedbytina Jun 03, 2009

    I agree we were the "WINNERS" of one of her cruises what a [protected]@#*h I hope they file chargers on her for all she has done. I'm just thankful I didnt invest any money on the whole thing!!!

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  • Us
    user1 Jun 10, 2009

    Tina Rinaldi has deceived many people with all he promises...she gives a good story...DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING!!! She owes many people cruises that have not and will never materialize...something needs to be done...

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  • St
    steveM21054 Jun 28, 2009

    For more details, see
    Please note that The Vacation Stop had nothing to do with the Tina Rinaldi scam and is merely providing a place for her story to be shared.

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  • An
    another victim of tina Aug 19, 2009

    She scammed so many of us. She ruined people's lives. Now she is writing for an internet paper. God help them and any other innocent victims out there. Claimed to have brain cancer but it must be a miracle because she's still here - and it would be a miracle if you ever see your money again once you give it to her.

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  • Ti
    TinaH8ter Oct 07, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Complaints are valid, and Tina Rinaldi has NOT paid off any contest prizes owed.
    She continues to try to build up her travel writing and business via the internet. Her cruise forum is still operating, but mostly defunct.

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  • Ro
    RonaMoore Mar 10, 2011
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    There is a number of articles released in March, 2011 providing that this was a case of ID theft. It was even registered with the FTC and Internet Crime Complaints Center which ties in with the FBI. Here's just one article:

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