Jack Seedslemon slice calibrachoa petunia flower seeds

M Aug 07, 2018

I purchased two packets of petunia flower seeds advertising a yellow and white flower on March 26th. They are now finally blooming in shades of pink, which I sent photos of. Upon requesting to be reimbursed they offered
"We know mistakes can happen and would like to offer you 10% off of your next order for this inconvenience:"
Also copy and pasted:
"If you feel that the product is defective, please send us a photo or video of the defect and we would gladly send you a replacement once verified. Please note that our 30-day policy take effect on the date the order has been received.
Of course it takes more than 30 days to find the color of the flower. ALSO of course I will NEVER order from them again with ANY amount of discount.

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