JAB Coach Hirecoach a no show

S Aug 01, 2018

We booked a coach from JAB for July 2nd for 25 people from Hampshire to Oxfordshire with a second pick up in Maidenhead (a return journey, late afternoon pick up, very early morning return). I paid upfront, and claimed the money from each person in the party. Cost of 650.

Day arrives, coach does not. After eventually getting through to operations we were told that they had overbooked and our journey would not be taking place with them. No alternative, no solution and no real apology. I was simply told my money would be refunded.

The Maidenhead party managed to get themselves to the destination (obviously with me giving them their share of the money back) and I managed to get my party there via taxi. At a cost of £800. I called the next day to ask to speak to customer services, they weren't in. After an amount of phone calls I've lost count of I have come to the conclusion that nobody actually works in customer services as they are never there. Email after email, phone call after phone call, my money was eventually refunded more than 3 weeks later. I asked if they would offer some form of compensation for the taxi bill (morally I cannot charge my guests anymore for their journey). I was told no. I asked to speak to someone senior, I was told no one available. I asked if someone could call me to discuss, I was told they'd ask.

No word from them at all. The journey was booked for 2nd July, refund went into my account 23rd July. After overdraft charges as my money was sat in their bank account for all that time

The company is an absolute disgrace, I have reported to trading standards but don't know which route to take next? The company is a joke and I find it so so disrespectful to not even bother to speak to me personally when I've had such issues. I did receive an apology email saying they were sorry but sometimes vehicles experience mechanical issues. So now they're lying as well. I don't think not showing up due to overbooking is a mechanical issue

I would like two things; an actual person with some seniority to call me and speak to me directly, and some form of compensation to help pay the taxi bill.

Booking ref - 2416025

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