Ivory WhiteScam and criminal activity!


My son somehow ordered Ivory White by way of being offered free samples. He called tp cancel and they told him he would have to speak to a manger and there was not one available at the time. His bank card was charged $78 in addition to other charges for shipping.


  • Wi
    William Flippen Feb 01, 2008

    My checking account number was sent to this organization improperly by one of my family members. They used the name [email protected] On December 21st after receiving a Shipping and Processing fee of $4.97 taken from my account, I agreed to take the loss and approve the payment and cancel the subscription.

    Reviewing my account today, I note a a $78 withdrawal from my checking account. In calling Ivory White I was advised they had sent me a supply of the product in addition to the trial sample. He states when I called them to cancel, they told me I had to send the non trial pack back. I vehemently deny I was told this. I ask him if I were notified in writing, he alleges I was given a certain date to return the item and since I had not returned them they billed my account.

    Without getting defiant, I explained to him, no one had told me I had gotten an extra or whatever order that cost $78. Did I pay for the shipping of it with my free trial. I would be glad to return the merchandise, but the representative was adamant that they had a right to bill me and not permit me to return the merchandise. The family member responsible took responsibility, was punished, but truthful. I advised the representative I would notify BBB and the call ended.

    Someone is not telling the truth, but in essence, I still have the product, Ivory White will not take it back and I feel I canceled in time. There was nothing in the original invoice that was on the e-mail, about anything other than on the trial kit. The invoice or order number 99109 clearly states the quantity was one.

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  • Ju
    Julie Woods Feb 07, 2008

    Ivory White is a scam. I work for a research company who researches fraudulent and misleading companies. Please call your dentist and ask her to post a warning in their waiting area about this company.

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  • Em
    Emily Larsen May 20, 2008

    I was ordering the trial kit for and unfortunately they charged me for $78.41+ $4.87. Because they conveniently sent me a months worth with the TRIAL KIT I ordered. I called them an spoke to a representative and he did not give me a chance to explain that they did not give this information at all on their site. I read their privacy policy and terms and agreements and nowhere on the site did it give the information on how this "free trial" actually works. That is until you receive your confirmation e-mail. At the top it says to save this information because it has important information about your order. And at the very bottom it tells you how it actually works. Funny how they make you order it first and then tell you how it actually works!! They charged my credit card and made me go over my credit limit, I had to change my credit card number so they wouldn't charge me again!!

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  • I ordered trial online. Was charged the $2.87 shipping/handling fees. I cancelled on May 15, within the 10 day trial period by email. I received an email confirmation with the RMA number, and address to where it should be returned and was informed that if the product was returned opened or damaged I would be charged $19.60. I went the very next day to ship the product back and I BOUGHT INSURANCE FOR THE SHIPPING.

    I was notified on May 22 that my credit card had been subsequently been charged $19.60 by Ivory White, indicating that the product was received damaged or opened. I called today (May 29) to follow-up on the charge, and was told that the item had been received "crushed". I told the representative that I had bought insurance for the item and that I needed proof that the item had been delivered damaged. She said that she would consult her supervisor (a.k.a. Supervisor-Who-Doesn't-Take-Calls) and the supervisor said that they had already shipped the item out to be repackaged and that they could provide no proof. The representative offered to send me an email "attesting" that the product was received damaged, and I said that I would need at least a letter signed from the supervisor attesting that he witnessed that the product was received damaged.

    Representative consulted her supervisor again, and said, "You can request that in writing if you want a letter" and I said to her I wanted to speak to her supervisor. I wanted her supervisor to explain why he was making up a policy that was not included in their 'No Hassle Return Policy' but the representative said, "My supervisor doesn't take calls. The representative that takes calls comes in tomorrow." I asked her to ask her supervisor why he was making up policies that didn't exist and she said she didn't know and she wouldn't ask.

    I requested an email testifying to the damaged product, and I requested a phone call be made to me from their supervisor-who-does-take-calls ASAP in order to explain why supervisor-who-doesn't-take-calls is making up policy.

    The "No Hassle Return Policy" is a scam--the Returns Department supervisors INVENT policy as they see is convenient and mostly TO PUT OFF CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE MADE LEGITIMATE RETURNS AND WANT GOOD ANSWERS TO WHY THEY'RE BEING CHARGED ANYWAY.


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  • Sm
    SMCsucks Jul 16, 2008

    Our terms are located online before you place an order. On the same page where you enter credit card information you have to physically check a box that reads "I have read and agree to the details of this offer by reviewing How The Offer Works." The words "How The Offer Works" are actually a link, which pulls up our full terms. As a courtesy, we also Email them to customers, to insure that they know what they are signing up for. Not only do we provide the information to you before the order is placed, we require agreement to them. I hope this clears up some confusion for you.

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  • Fr
    From Los Angeles Jul 18, 2008

    I was just off the phone with Ivory White - very exact scenario that I was in "wow" when I read your story. They also charge me $19.60 for repackaging of a "crushed" return from my free trial. Same story with a "supervisor" who the they cannot provide me a phone number, extension, or email where I can reach him/her. That supervisor is not in the office right now so I cannot be transfered to talk to him/her, only way is to take my phone number down so he/she can call me back when he/she is in the office (when? really! starting to sound like an imaginative supervisor). I also asked them for proof of the crushed package, they refused saying they wouldn't have the proof.

    For those of you who have gotten or seen the Ivory package, it's very light and comes in a carton box. If you put it in a standard yello envelop, and toss it around, there's just no way it can be "crushed" to a point that they need $19.60 to repackage it ? This is a scam. Their hassel-free return policy purposedly designed to force a damaged return fee on customer's credit card no matter what.

    I didn't keep very well track of my exact dates as well as tracking number for the mail when I return their package (ofcourse, who would have expected this type of scammy business). But I am going to dispure with my credit card company anyways, and see what they can do to help me. Just a simple google search on Ivory White scam or Ivory White complains, you'll see there are more people than you and me getting ripped off by this scammy company. Watch out for them.

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  • Ba
    Barsidebud Jul 22, 2008

    I too signed up for a trial order and received not only the trial but a full supply. I called them and they said that they would credit my credit card back in the amount of $74.41 if I send the unopen box back, which it was unopened. I shipped it back and even bubbled wrapped it. I paid for special postage to assure that they got it and I could check that they received it. Then today I received a email stating the package was damaged and they would charge me $19.60 for restocking fees and for the damage. As a comsumer we are at the mercy of them saying it was damage but I don't know how it could have been damaged but WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP THIS FROM CONTINUING HAPPENING? "The Attorney General" in their state?

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  • Cl
    Cleo Brown Jul 31, 2008

    I signed up for a trial offer and also received not only the trial but a full supply. I called them and told them I had not agreed to this. They said that they would credit my credit card back in the amount of $74.41 if I send the unopened box back. I sent back the box, unopened, in a bubble-wrap envelope requesting a signed receipt. Then today I saw a debit of $19.60 from my checking account. When I called they said the box was received opened and damaged. Obviously, this is a scam and fraud. I will be complaining to the Attorney General of my state as well as the Better Business Bureau.


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  • Li
    linda siler Oct 07, 2008

    ivory white teeth whiteners took 78.41 from my account without mypermission I ordered product and was told it was free and all I had todo was pay postage and they took the money wihtout my knolwedge or permission they are thieves and what is the state going to do about their illegal pratices
    linda siler

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  • Li
    linda siler Oct 07, 2008

    I ordered a free trial of their teeth whitener products all I had to do was pay shipping costs of $2.87 and the products werefree and then I wa shocked to see that $78.41 had been taken from my account without my permission and they will not refund the money the web=site says free product but then we are charged for a free product something needs to be done about these thieves I work hard for my money and dont' want some snot nosed little punks stealing from me I want my money back now!!!

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  • St
    steve carson Nov 29, 2008

    i to was scamed for $78.41 dollors from ivory white.someone needs to go to colorado and put them crooks in jail.i might take a road trip and try to put my foot up someones .ss.

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  • He
    heyler Feb 27, 2009

    Ivory White is a total rip off. They send you a free trial for only 2.87. No big deal...however when I got my credit card statement they charged me 78.41. This charge was not authorized by me. I called the company to send it back. They said I was no longer eligible to return these products. These people should be ashamed to work for a company like this.

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  • Da
    Dan44 Feb 27, 2009

    Easy White is another scam company so beware. Actually I think it's the same scam artists who just use two
    different company names to get more victims. I was able to get a credit from my bank for the $78.41, but I'll
    believe that when I see it on my statement. I was able to cancel on the web site to stop future monthly charges
    but I don't feel safe about these crooks now having my credit card #. Guess I'll have to cancel my card...AHHHHHH!
    I suggest everyone contact the web site these crooks are advertising on and insist they remove these ads.

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  • Ci
    cindy Mar 12, 2009

    I was offered the free trial by ivorywhite, it arrived at my house but I was moving so I called them up and asked them the date that it arrived, and how much longer I had on my trial. I told them I had not used the product yet and they said they would give me an extra two weeks to try the product. A couple days after the phone call, I was charged $78 to my debit card, so I called them and asked about it. They said they had a record of my call but it didn't say that they gave me an extension - I even had the new date that they said I had to cancel by!! I talked to the manager and everyone and they said they didn't offer refunds. TOTAL SCAM!!

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  • Ed
    edwin618 Mar 16, 2009

    I had the same $80 charges as everyone else, it caused my account to overdraw, since i had no idea the charges were going to happen, and i ended up having to pay a total of $110 for this scam. I offered to give back all the products since they were unused but they said they couldn't give any refunds. These ppl should be forced out of business and made to give everyone their money back.

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  • Ms
    ms root Mar 19, 2009


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  • Pe
    Peg Mar 24, 2009


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  • Md
    m devine Apr 20, 2009

    I agree, do not order. The customer service people are rude and unhelpful

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  • Jo
    josh May 12, 2009

    i had the same problem

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  • Jo
    josh May 12, 2009

    it stinks

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  • Ss
    Ssheri May 18, 2009

    I was scammed by Ivory White also. My bank is investigating still and it have been months since being scammed. I sent the free sample plus the extra shippment I didn't they were shipping back to them and have a proof of delivery. They still will not refund my $78.41 when I was only suppose to be charged $2.78 for shipping for a risk free trial. Visit the Colorado Better Business Bureau and see their "F" rating with hundreds of unresolved complaints. http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/internet-shopping/ivory-white-in-boulder-co-90008903

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  • Am
    amark Jul 02, 2009

    i just called ivory white to explain the $78 and $84 charges to my account and they told me that i had an opportunity to return them 10 days after i received the product, but i had been under the impression that they were FREE samples as well. when i called to reverse the charges, they told me it was too late. is there NOTHING that we can do to get our money back???

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  • St
    Steve McMillen Aug 06, 2009

    Ivory White's operating method is designed to take advantage of people. They are not interested in selling their product. They are interested in trapping people into paying the initial payment before they can cancel. They state in their terms that the charge will be registered 8 days from the day that they ship the product rather than from when someone receives it, easily accessible information with delivery confirmation. Providing a useful or worthy product is not their goal. Beware.

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  • Tu
    Tubbs 64 Aug 10, 2009

    The best way to counter act this problem I found out was to call the bank you are with and contact the fraud department to let them know that this is a fraudulent charge. The will refund the 78.41 that was charged to you, cancel the card from them charging future charges (if that hasn't happened to you it will), and will set up a new account. It might be pain in the butt to do but since we got stuck with the bill, but it is well worth changing the account so we don't get duped again. That’s the price we pay for all of the scammers out there. I agree that this is a ridiculous thing to do I just hope everybody deals with it as soon as they possible can. I hope this information helps people, and I hope that we all learned our lesson and don't let something like this happen to us in the future! Good luck to everybody!!!

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  • Ad
    Adlam Aug 31, 2009

    The link that I used said 15 day trial.I read the terms and conditions several times to be sure.Then after 6 days I canceled the account.The next day there was a charge of $78.41 on my online account statement.I called the company.They refused to budge until mentioned the words "fraud" and "attorney general".They refunded $45, although I'm still pissed I guess its better than nothing.Never again.

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  • Jp
    Jpmehlhaff Sep 22, 2009

    Wow... you guys got off with just 80.00? Apparently this company realized people were catching on and upped their anty! I too ordered a free trial of Ivory White and today my card was charged $190.00. I called up telling them that I hadn't even received a free trial and they said "Sorry, it's a valid charge". I said that I didn't want their product and they told me that they do not accept returns and that they'd make sure to cancel my account so that my card isn't charged $190.00 ever again. Whoopdeefreakin do! Someone needs to put these scam artists out of business!

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  • Tw
    twill811 Sep 22, 2009

    I applied for the ivory white tooth product for the initial payment of 1.95 billed to my card. The next day i called and canceled the plan. Now a month later I find a 190.18 cent non-refundable charge to my card. They say i never canceled my plan and they went ahead and canceled it for me then. You can send any subsequent unopened shipments back to them after calling to get a return label. The catch is the initial shipment is non-returnable. Now why would they allow you to return the second unopened pack but not the first one. The trial period pack sucked and didnt whiten my teeth. So I want to send the second package they sent me back. Second being "subsequent" but they say the first package was the trial package and the second "subsequent" package was the initial package. Id like to consider myself an educated person as I have been taught to count to 2. I was scammed and I have a fraud agency and my bank working together at the moment to remedy this problem. I did however make Lindsay id no. 226 really pissed when I kept reading the terms and agreements to her and making her repeat herself. I hope her day sucks as much as they made mine suck.

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  • Me
    Meridithellen Oct 01, 2009

    I to am fighting this company as authorized them to charge my card for the shipping fee for the trial offer and was sent the followup kit as well, and returned it as I was told to do. I sent it out via mail only to get it back with my postage on it, and had to resend it. I was told that if it was received late that I would be getting my "purchase" back or a refund. Today I still don't have either and am out the $78.14 . My bank is still trying to fight this.

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  • Le
    Lee Battle Oct 10, 2009

    On line site only stated that ivory white was a free trial offer, just pay shipping and handling which only was a dollar. Company took four dollars and some change, then company went into my account and debited over seventy dollars out of my bank account without my permission, also my bank allowed this trans action. The product was only a couple of plastic mouth guards and a couple of syringes with i don't know what was in it. Now they are asking that i send back unused product since i canceled my account and also pay all shipping and handling myself. I an asking for a refund back and all cost as soon as possible, this is my medicine money that this company took illegally.

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  • Le
    Lee Battle Oct 10, 2009

    Government should pay attention to company's who use the internet to take people money and banks who allow this practice, there is no way that i can get away with scamming consumers and not go to prison for this action.

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  • Wa
    WalkRite2 Oct 26, 2009

    I have a similar story to those above. I originally ordered a sample with a $1 shipping fee. I got my credit card statement with the first $78.41 on the same day I received the second box for another $84.36. I called the company today on 10/26/09, who said they would allow me to return the second box for a refund less shipping and gave me and RMA number. They said the first box (which I had never gotten around to using) could not be returned even though it contained a full program in addition to the "Free" sample that I ordered. And, they said that since I was out of the trial period it could not be returned. Further, they said that they are a paperless company and they sent me an email with the terms and conditions. And, they had the audacity to say that if I didn't get that email it was my problem. ---- Thank God for Chase Mastercard which is the credit card I used. They told me to return all of the product and get a shipping confirmation receipt. Once I have that receipt, they will credit all of the funds charged. The only thing I will be out is my shipping the product back and the shipping receipt. So, I guess I'll be out about $5-6 instead of the $162.77.

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  • An
    annej Nov 06, 2009

    I was emailed that I had won a $1000 gift card to Wal Mart. Now, I know what you re thinking, that should have been a red light, but it was a Wal Mart page, complete with customer service numbers, and links to the store departments, all I had to do was sign up for a trial period of Ivory White for a $1.oo s&h fee. As soon as I submitted my information a box popped up telling me that $80 would be charged after I received my trial. I found this site and I immediately called and tried to have it reversed. (Less than 5 minutes after I gave them my card information) The girl told me it would take 8 hrs for the $1.00 charge to appear on her side so she couldn't do anything about it until then. I have since contacted my bank, and let them know about an unauthorized future charge of $78.41, I have contacted my family attorney, who just so happened to be my uncle, who specializes in class action law suits here in Baton Rouge. If we don't actually sue the pants off these people, I intend to scare the hell out of them at the very least.

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  • Sn
    sna73 Nov 17, 2009

    I cancelled my trial within the time limit, but didn't get a confirmation email or anything, so they charged me the full $78.41 the next day on my card. I actually though I had more time because the email they sent out was dated 11/11/09, but I was rudely told that my order date was actually 11/9/09. When I pointed out that I did what I was supposed to do within the time alloted (even though I thought I was early), she got very beligerant and flat refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I pointed out that I should at least get it for the $20 they offer on the phone, but she was so hateful, I just decided to cut my losses and get out. I have a confirmation email that it's cancelled, so hopefully, I won't be charged again, but this is absolutely a scam. They get you w/the fine print, then mislead you about the cut off date.

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  • Jo
    John Copley Nov 24, 2009

    I did an online survey. Ivory Teeth whiting offered a free sample on 10/03/2009. I received the sample, which did not work.
    I found out later this was supposed to be a 15-day free trial.
    On 11/23/2009 there was a $78.00 deduction from my debit card. I called Ivory White to have them stop this unauthorized transaction. I was told they could not refund my money. They stated that it was in the terms and condition. I informed them what they really meant was it was hidden the terms and condition.
    I never received any product other than the free sample. The 15 day free trial would have ended 10/18/2009. They stole my money over a month after the free trial would have supposable ended.
    I am unemployed collecting unemployment insurance and would certainly not have joined any teeth-whiting program. This week I get to be hungry so that some scammers can get rich off people like myself.

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  • Ss
    Ssheri Nov 27, 2009

    IvoryWhite is a scam for sure. I filed the charge to my banks fraud department and it seems like it has been almost a year now and they are still investigating. I could still be debited the charge back to my account. Hopefully the bank can recover the money and resolve this fraudelant charge! This is just a disgrace!

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  • Pa
    parinda Dec 02, 2009

    It's scam...they said you have 14 days for trials after that they will charge you if you want to keep it...
    BUT they will send you on the last day before deadline to cancel...you do not have enough time to try it...

    I called IVORYWHITE but they said "R you sure that you call the right website, 'Cos I do not have your account and we did not charge you."

    OMG...who sent me the starter kits? If you not!!! "cos you are the only one that I sign in...
    That's fine ...I called my credit card to reject all transaction from someone I never know...

    This is their Trick, you can not cancel their charge because they do not have you in their system.
    And after you pass the deadline due..they're right to charge you.
    Call your bank and report they are SCAM and steal you identity thief ...

    Do not let them do DIRTY BUSINESS !!!

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  • Je
    Jennifer23 Dec 05, 2009


    My story is the same as most of the people who have complained about
    the awful fraud practices of Ivory White.
    I went thru alot of trouble to find a way to complain about them to someone
    who will actually possibly do something about it, and I suggest that
    anyone who really is pissed off about this do the same. The more people
    who file complaints, the more likely they'll be some action taken.

    Here is the site:


    And here is the Ivory white Company address I tracked down, so people can
    include that in the complaint.

    6205 Lookout Road Unit D
    Boulder, CO 80301

    Lets get some justice!


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  • Al
    Allen R Glassford Dec 13, 2009

    This all happened to me also, but I just got off their Website a few minutes ago, with no avail of course I'm going straight to my bank Monday morning to cancel my credit card
    and be done with it. I'll close my account if I have to. I'm on disability income and don't need or can't afford this kind of BS, besides my teeth are fine, how stupid can I be? The
    good thing is, if that's possible, all this happened just today, about an hour ago. So to the bank first and I may be be lucky. You really have to be very careful, when online!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Dec 13, 2009

    Where to file complaints:

    FTC: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/


    Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!

    And end to this scam and refunds of stolen money is our number one concern,


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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Dec 13, 2009

    Company promoting Ivory White Scam:

    Suite 201 - 1221 Broad Street
    Victoria, B.C. V8W 2A4

    Phone: +1 (250) 386-5323
    Fax: +1 (604) 677-5441

    Toll-Free (US & Canada):
    1-877-LEAD-GEN (532-3436)
    General Inquiries
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    CEO: Hakan Lindskog

    Proof: http://www.findaffiliateoffers.com/index.php?function=search&search=ivory&=#

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