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Ivory Brite/ Teeth Whitening Kitunware of charges of 88.97

Hello, I read of a testimony online from a lady from Lancaster TX. This a town very close to me. She told how you get a free trial of these two products for teeth whitening. She was very happy with results.
So I sent for them. Nothing was said about a charge for $88.97. I'm very very upset I was charged this money on my credit card!!! Please refund this immediately I will reurn products.

Please respond asap!!!
Antwannette Hawkins


  • Cb
    Cbel Oct 01, 2009

    I have have an unauthorized charge of $88.97 for products I didn't even receive. When calling the number listed on my bill they tell me there is nothing they can do. Unbelievable!. I call my credit card company and they say I must straighten it up with Ivory Brite. I guess I can kiss my $88.97 goodbye!!!

    Pissed off in Winter Garden

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  • Dd
    ddannenberg Jul 09, 2009

    same here... tried to contact... no success... what a rip... is there no integrity in web business any more... i too shall contact every single outlet i can... this will not be tolerated.

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  • Ni
    Nina Jones Jul 09, 2009

    I, too, ordered the trial size based on the testimonies on the internet. I thought it sounded like a great deal for the minimal shipment.
    I should have known better. I received the first unsolicited shipment of the tooth whitening system and immediately read the cancellation policy and tried to access the website. That was a nightmare in terms of lodging the complaint and being assured that someone would address AND refund my $78.37. I did call and spoke with someone who said they would credit my account. It's 6 days later and I just received a 2nd unsolicited shipmet of Smile Brite (different system) and this paper indicated that $78.37 was again deducted from my account. I called t0 demand that this be cancelled and my account credited only to be told they could reduce the amont to $19.99. I refused and stated I wanted the complete amount of $156.64 credited with some statement verifying it. I was told I'd be sent an email indicating the mailing address so I could return everything. It's 30 minutes later, didn't receive the promised email and the office is closed!!! Rest assured my attorney, the Better Business Bureau and any and all appropriate state Attorney Generals will be contacted; probably has a long list of complaints. What a scam!!!

    I'm expecting some type of reply.
    [email protected]

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    people run that the wind they are crooks they will just let your money and lie to you

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    your company is a scam it should be close down, all you're out to do is make the all mighty dollar

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    i want my money back in my account that you took out i didn't give you the ok to take it so i want it back ASAP you stole my money and i'm very angry about it. i don't think you would like it very much if i where to take money from your acount would you so return mine. not only did you take it once to took it twice why?once was'nt enough. i'm mad as hell with your company.

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    i agree with the another letters that i have read and it is true you people do take money that is not due to you 88.97 might not be a lot of money to you but is to someone living on a fix income. you don't wait until the trial period is over before you start charging us .we have a right to be angry withyour company.

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    when a person says they want to at a trial order thats all they are asking for, if they want more they will let you know but you people don't give us a chance to speak for our self, you take it that we want your product and so you start billing us right away and thats not right . a lot of us live on a fix income as i do and can not afford the 88.97 a month payment, so stop and think whom your billing.

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  • Ja
    jacqueline hock Jul 08, 2009

    i also was charge 88.97 twice for the white brite and your company refuses to pay back my money all i wanted to do was give your product a try. i had no intentions of ordering any more, but your company keeps sending me products that i don't ask for. i am returning your products and calling your company and asking you to please leave me alone i don't want your are a very pushy company.

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  • Fr
    fresno, CA and upset Jul 08, 2009

    The number i called was [protected] for brite teeth pro and only took out the 2.49 for the free trail after reading this I called and canceled and spoke to Oliver and sated to him that I have not received the package and would like to cancel. Oliver cancelled my order and I dont care about the 2.49 cents as long as I dont get charged any additional after that since i didnt receive my package. I stated to him if that was correct and he said yes. I have my fingers crossed if not all hell is going to break loose.

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  • Ed
    EDWINA NUNEZ Jun 30, 2009





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  • Te
    TEX Jun 19, 2009

    I too was charged $99.00 for a teeth whitening scam that included a $9.99 charge for the Axiswellness portal. They ship a Free Trial and then they bill you before you can try it. First cancel you credit or debit card. On my third call to the customer service number I asked to speak with a supervisor immediately and demanded a refund immediately. I told them I had cancelled my credit cards and they would not be getting another penny from me. The CSR came back with two transaction numbers for the charge reversals. I received my refund in 3 days. My bank credited my account from the cancelled debit card. Don't get off the line until they give you the codes. Tell them your card is cancelled. You are not sending anything back and you want your money back immediately.

    PS- I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Be active and spread the word. Be demanding. Bring this company down.

    Good luck and best regards,


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  • Li
    LINDA BUTLER Jun 16, 2009

    I did send it back 2ms ago . where is my money.

    3827 NE. 13TH AVE
    PORTLAND, OR 97212

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  • Br
    brybry15 Jun 16, 2009

    wait hold on. i canceled my account and have yet to receive the 88.97$ charge but i did get the 9.99$ charge a month later. what does that mean? am i to expect the rest soon? i went to and looked up my account and it says that mine doesnt exist so if that is true i shouldnt be getting charges right?

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  • Rc
    RCC Jun 09, 2009

    Just canceled my CC # that is being used by these jokers...if you get to the fraud dept/security dept for your CC, let them hear all about it they will help you and don't stand for, well you signed up for a "free trial" and need to be aware...I have the "free sample" my wife ordered, and nothing else to show for the $200 sucked out of my account. That is fraud if I ever heard of it...
    There are # for the 2 companies working this little magic money trick.
    MAX WHITE TEETH [protected]
    along with AxisWellnessPortal [protected] CA
    Good luck with the folks in India trying to keep you on the phone and keep your account open.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Mathews Jun 08, 2009


    Customer service,

    I called your company right away when my credit card company called me stating your company had charged 88.97 to my credit card. They wanted to know if I was aware of the charge. I was not aware of the charge and do not want any products. I was automatically sent more Ivory Brites with a light. I did not open it and would like to know where to return the products. Please remove the 88.97 on my credit card right away! I have contacted my credit card and they are aware of the situation. Contact me as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Trish Mathews

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  • Ma
    Marie Jun 08, 2009

    I am disputing any charges to my account and please CLOSE my account.

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  • Ma
    Marie Jun 08, 2009

    I am having the same problem. I returned the sample and cancel my account but I find I am still being charged every month. I call the bank to dispute the charges and closed my card. Closing your card is the only way I know that they can't charge my card again.

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  • Jo
    Joanne Colombo Jun 04, 2009

    I'm in agreement with the consumer comments listed above. The VISA fraud dept. tried to contact me last Saturday to notify me of the scam but I was not at home. They then put a block on my credit card so I would contact them. They informed me of the unauthorized charges from both Ivory Brites for $88.97 and Max White for $78.93. I didn't even have a chance to open the packages which just arrived at the end of last week. I've returned both packages and expect both charges to be credited to my account. I've also reported the fraudulent charges to my bank.

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  • Ro
    Roberta Perell Jun 03, 2009

    Please Take the charge off my Credit card . I just wanted to try your product. I did not want you to keep sending it . will return it. The charge was $ 88.97 Thank you, Roberta Perell

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  • Da
    Dave Jun 01, 2009

    Has anyone had any success trying to get a refund?

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  • Tw
    twistedsparkles May 31, 2009

    this is a total scam i thought if I liked it after 15 every month they would charge 9.99 got charged 88.00 and never even received the trial thing then they charged me 9.99 before i even get the trial to see if i even like it who can pay 88.00 a month for their teeth this is wrong i am filing a dispute when i call them it is music and they don't answer the phone

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  • X1
    X10 May 28, 2009

    I knew it! It is a complete scam. They called me just few hours ago. And told me they will gonna send me a free trial kit and that i just have to pay $1.99 for S&H. Told them to call me again be cause i have not decided yet whether to accept the free trial or not. Now i know what to tell them when they will call me back.Thanks alot guys for the info.:)


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  • Do
    Donna May 26, 2009

    COMPLETE SCAM!!! I wish I had known about all these complaints before I sent for this so-called "free trial"!!! I got a package in the mail, for which I was charged $4.99+tax - Naturally I assumed this was the trial. I called to cancel before the 2 week trial period was over, but found out a little while later that I had been charged $88.97, and they are trying to tell me this was for my first shipment!!! I never received any shipment except for the trial shipment. Customer support phone line is a laugh! They can't give any kind of customer service whatsoever!! I have sent several e-mails, with no reply to my request to refund this money. Today, when I sent another request for a refund, my e-mail was "rejected", I guess meaning they won't accept anymore of my complaints or requests for refund! My husband is unemployed, we are living on my small salary and his unemployment check. Isn't there anything we can do to get them to listen to us? Perhaps all of us with this complaint should contact the Better Business Bureau to complain - maybe that would get their attention!!

    Donna in Medina, OH [email protected]

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  • Lu
    Lupe Rodela May 26, 2009

    I agree with the above complaint. These 2 companies both state you have 10 n 15 days of Free Trial days to try out their product. However, this is not the case, they begin counting on the day you place the order. I did not receive my kits for 7 days after ordering the kits, which cut into my trial dates. I began counting my free trial dates on the day I received the product, which was wrong on my part and when I tried to call to cancel the membership I had already been charged for the trial kits. Yes the kits are not Free, you are charged for the 30 day supply of product you allegedly receive. In total I paid $150 for product that maybe lasted 3 days.

    Beware, it's a SCAM all the way around.

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  • Am
    Amber May 26, 2009

    This is crazy they are also charging 9.99 for some website you agree to subscribe to. I can not belive this what can we do? I am so upset.

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  • B0
    b0wiie May 22, 2009

    Same here i paid for the shipping of a free trial for Ivory Brite, i didn't receive any sample and they charged me $88.97!!!

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  • Su
    summer May 21, 2009

    Does anyone even know how to cancel this?

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  • Sh
    Shellymccoy May 21, 2009

    I was charged 88.97 also. I agreed to try the free sample and i only had to pay the shipping and handling charge for that. Now i am being charged 88.97 for what. I want it put back in my checking account I have to eat. I will send the product back when it comes in the mail. Now it says on there web site you have to send them a written complaint and use a postage stamp on top of every thing else. This needs to be looked into they are steeling from people.Thanks and God Bless

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  • Dz
    dzidzi May 20, 2009

    I am extremely irate at Ivory Brite for taking complete advantage of customers!! I NEVER wanted their product on a monthly basis; in fact, they never sent me the sample, but they did charge me the $4.99 + $1.00. Next, I know they charge me $89. I called and asked for my money back, which they gave me. Also, I requested NOT to receive their product and to cancel me IMMEDIATELY. The Ivory Brite customer service rep said that everything was all taken care.

    HOWEVER, exactly one month later, I was charged another $89. I called their customer service [protected]) and the woman who answered said that I had to email their billing department. She could not give me a contact name or be of any further help. I told her that it's ### that Ivory Brite is scamming their customers.

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  • Ma
    Marilia Araujo May 19, 2009

    Hi I got the free trial too and I'm not satisfied with the product and you are charging me 89, 97 per month!!! I'm a student and I dont have this money!! I want a refund now..please answer as soon as possible!!

    [email protected]


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  • Rg
    rgm May 14, 2009

    WARNING!!! DANGER!!! This is a scam!! They will charge you $90 per month after the free trial starts. It says it is a 'Risk free trial' but if you read the very fine print. It says you are signing up for a $89 per month charge...BEWARE!!!

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Becky McKaig Apr 24, 2009

    I ordered the trial size of Ivory Whites and had no idea that I would be charged $88.97 on my credit card for an automatic reshipment.

    Please cancel any further shipments of Ivory Whites and remove the $88.97 from my credit card.

    I wish the return the shipment that was received yesterday.

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