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I had booked the flat with Ittina Abha, but after reading the negative reviews I decided to take a step back, and cancelled my booking. During booking I paid 25,000, and was told it is 100% refundable. I had requested for cancellation on 18 Sep 2007, and till date I had not recieved any cheque or draft (10-Dec-2007). Ittina is really one of the worst group, please stay away from him. One of my friend got only 75% of the booking amount, I am not sure how much I will get. But I am planning to take a legal route if they don't give the 100% of my amoount.


  • Sr
    sreejikumar Dec 30, 2007


    My sister booked an apartment with ITTINA , named as ITTINA PADMA 2 in RAMAMURTHY NAGAR.
    Booking was made in 2005 APRIL , promised date of completion was May 2006

    While doing the booking she made a payment of 6 Lakhs, Part of the loan more than 11 Lakhs too paid to ITTINA in the year 2005

    Now the project stays on pillars without walls as on today

    we finally cancelled the booking

    Ittina is not paying the money back , they are promising to pay back every other day but in vein

    Even the EMI checks given by ITTINA for Rs 14000 has bounced multiple times

    Please stay away from ITTINA, please dont loose your hard earned money


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  • Hi
    Himanshu Sadana Jan 09, 2008


    I booked a flat in ittina mahaveer in March 2006 with expected date of possession in Sept 2006. Soon after that i realised that its not an approved property though Ittina had shown me some fake documents at the time of booking.

    In Sept 2008 i decided to cancel the booking and asked Ittina to pay my money back. they took close to 2 months to get back to me with cheques.

    To my shock, cheques bounced! After raising the issue with Mona Ittina, she requested to represent the cheques. However, cheques were again dishonoured.
    Ittina owners, lets unite and take them to the court.

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  • Mh
    m h khan Mar 11, 2008

    ITTINA NEELA Association is not able to provide suffucient water from last one months and maintanance manager attitude towords residentials is very very rude which will very worse for compnay repo in market...

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  • Ma
    mahabaleswarappa May 11, 2008

    Ittina has a 80% of their projects which are in trouble and there are numerous horror stories of the plight of the poor buyers. Projects like Ittina Mahavir, Ittina PadmaI, Ittina Padma II, Ittina Abha and Ittina Neela are all in trouble or have been abandoned. There are more than 500 courts cases by flat buyers on Ittina

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  • Jo
    Jobs Jun 09, 2008


    Fortunately I did'nt buy any flat from ittina, But I'm staying in Ittina Neela. I am getting bitter experience from the Service section. Mainly water supply and the GREAT PLUMBERS. To repair my toilet flush I called the plumber he came there with great difficulty. Then he asked 1500Rs. to repair it. I knew the amount was three times, but still I had no other option. He did something made it partially working. He promised me that he will complete the work by next day. He never turned up. After some days I caught other plumber he came and saw the things he told me that he dont have the tools so he will get it and come back. He never turned up. I caught the same person once again. It was around 5 evening. He told me that his working timing is over!!!. This is the story of GREAT ITTINA NEELA PLUMBERS.

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  • Ro
    Robin Jun 17, 2008

    I also booked a flat in padma 2 in sep'05 and was suppose to get it by june '06 but haven't got it yet- 2yrs delay already.

    I have taken them to the consumer court and have won the case in the district forum.

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  • It
    Ittina Mahavir customer Jul 14, 2008

    I have booked a 3BHK apartment at Ittina Mahavir, last year May 2007, I was told the project is 80% complete and possession is in November 2007. Construction is very slow, I have no clue when will I get the possession of my apartment.

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  • Xy
    XYZ Jul 15, 2008


    I am also the victim.
    Booked ittina Mahavir on May 2005. Till now no clue of possession. When i try to cancel, they told that 30% will be straight away deducted from the total amount i gave...Living in B'lore, paying the rent, then this EMI ...O God...the best part is Even banks are not cooperating in this matter. If they know that the approval is ittna's mistake, why pushing the customer for EMIs? Bank told that they dont care about ittina issue and they want money from the customer...

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  • Ed
    edisie Jul 15, 2008

    there are more than 500 cases pending against Ittina, they are black listed in bangalore

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  • Mj
    Mjs Jul 23, 2008

    Dear Ittina Padma 2 owners,

    We have won consumer case against Ittina for not refunding our money which we had invested in Ittina Padma - 11, Consumer court has also ordered them to pay us a compensation.

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  • Sr
    srinivas99 Jul 23, 2008

    Ittina has cheated many customers, for more information please go to their previous completed projects which are still incomplete

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  • Ja
    jai Jul 27, 2008

    Thanks SK for all the information and details, we have also filed a case against them now

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  • Ed
    edisie Aug 21, 2008

    Dont buy ittina eutopia homes, the project is under litigation and alot of violations done by Ittina, they will say there is no problem with these home, but it is true, dont buy these homes, i have taken my advance back after i got to know the issues with this property

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  • Ar
    Arghya Aug 30, 2008

    Hi guys,
    same problem at here. I purchased a flat at Ittina Mahavira. Cancel that flat at April 2008 but still not refund money.
    One suggestion from my side. We can from a associations at jointly fight with that for it.
    Please sent your repsonse asap.

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  • Su
    Sumit Sep 08, 2008

    Please visit the yahoo group below to know the recent activities. The URL is:



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  • Ra
    Raj Sep 18, 2008

    I fully Agree every bodys comments. Every word is right and true. I am also one of the victim for your kind information. Don't layback saying that God will teach them a lesson. God will difinitely teach them a good lesson, but as we being the educated people, we must send them a message by taking all the appropriate steps to bring him to the Justice so that they must realiase that Life stands on good work, trust and gratitute and the person who cheats will have to face the music from the God and he has to face in this life span not in the next life span.

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  • Ed
    edisie Oct 07, 2008

    Hello everybody, i have same concern, i had one friend who approached consumer court and won within days against Ittina with got good compensation also, he told me that eveybody from their building have filed consumer cases and more than 50% have won and got good compensation also, let us also do the same

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  • Sk
    S KANNAN Oct 23, 2008

    I am also one of the vicitim as i have availed loan and paying pre-EMI of Rs.15K every month but no clue on completion of this project. Instead of that they are tarchering for the balance money to be released. I willing to join with all the vicitim for fighting this Ittina Mahavir management. They put lots of pressure to get the property registered and release of payment. Please share with my email id all good and bad experiences from ittina.

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  • Ra
    raju Dec 17, 2008

    I have been very badly cheated by ITTINA GROUPS few days ago i had purchased an apartment in ittina mahavir by paying 5 lak as booking amount . and i cancelled later on and they dint pay my amount back till date... any body please help me to get my hard earned money back... will pay u 10%.

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  • Ho
    home2jobs Jan 09, 2009


    we are from the team of, soon going to be launched property website.

    We have got Ittina's projects to advertise on our website.
    Reading your comments, we have decided not to advertise their projects .

    Thank you
    Regards Team

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  • Su
    Surajit Chakraborty Feb 27, 2009

    We are from Ittina's ARNI project, another fraud one. We are running criminal case against them in court for cheque bounce. Some are also in consumer forum.

    I might think of running parallel cases in consumer forum but have not seen a single person who has got the money back. I know most people have won but what about forcing them to pay money????

    Today or after 10 yrs, will wait as long as reqd, till they pay full with interest.


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  • Jo
    john Jun 07, 2009

    I heard they hav also got an animation studio, named ittina animation studio.

    nd they dint pay the employees for last 7 months.its same ..everything relatd to them.

    So stay away..they r dangerous ...

    Manjunath M.A

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  • Vt
    V.T.Venkataram Jun 16, 2009

    My dear friends,
    Why people are shying away fro filing casesd in consumer courts ?.
    Please contact chennai consumer @ 09841465791 .for advose
    Thanks & Regards,

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  • Sa
    satheeshbatthula Jun 20, 2009

    I have paid 2.5 lakhs as advance for arni 3. Since it was never completed we have asked for refund. Obviously we did not get anything back until now. Can somebody please provide their experience who went through consumer court? This will greatly help me in pursuing this option.

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  • Su
    Susain12! Jul 05, 2009


    I have recently visited Ittina Anai in Kempapura. 3 BHK Duplex flats are really luring. According to the developer, the construction was stopped for last two month due to lack of fund. They promised to hand over the flats by October 09. Flats are almost ready, only doors, lifts and sanitary works are pending.
    Can you help with any information about their legality? Is it safe to go with this project?

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  • Ho
    Homeserviceguy Jul 07, 2009

    Next time purchase property in Los Angeles.
    Next time call someone more reliable and more reasonable.
    Try Jelectrico construction services at 818 201-5952
    they will take care of your construction needs
    They will also search and locate on your behalf a lot to build on.

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  • Gi
    Girish s Sep 20, 2009

    I am also one of the vicitim .i had purchased an Commercial shop in ittina neela by paying 50 thousand as booking amount in 2004.Later in 2006 I came to know that the property for commercial space is under litigations, ittina people said they would refund my money .on later stage I came to know that they constructed the commercial space Inside the ittine neela premises & sold on higher prices .so i did not quarell with them & left it as it is .now from 2006 to till date 20th Sep 2009, I have visited their office more than 20 times to get my refund of 50, 000/-, Every time I visit their office i see a new face in Refund & other departments.nobody works more than 2-3 months in this company .the person who can say 1000 lies in a day .only that can work there .I am waiting form 5 yrs to get my refund back .So I would suggest all people who are cheated by ittina to go directly to consumer court & get the refund through them .even I have decided to register a case agaist them now, If anybody know the group who is fighting with ittina group in consumer court please let me know post the comments here .they would not pay your money back unless & untill you file a case .I am wondering why govt is still allowing ittina group to do the business in market .they are regulerly cheating people from years & making easy money...

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  • Cl
    Client cheated by Ittina Dec 08, 2009

    Hello Guys.

    Ittina Mahavir and all other projects are started by Ittina just to make money by cheating people.
    If you can go for starvation in ITTINA office by inviting Press, Media and Police it will help.
    People went to Court, few won the case but cheques issues as a compensation are getting bounced back. Again you need to go for Cheque bounce case. Mona and Mahabaleshwarappa are cheats and do not have any moral values.They are not human beings.

    In group, go and sit for Morcha. Send a notice to Ittina Mgt and then send copies to Cheap Minister, Police Commissioner and other key folks.

    If you sit, then only it will work. I will join.


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  • Ve
    Venkataram V.T. Dec 08, 2009

    i would reiterate that affected persons should immediately file a case in consumer court and seek back the amount paid+interest and minimum compensation of Rs 10, 000/- for mental agony. I volunteer to draft the complaint. Please contact Chennai consumers @09841465791

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  • Sa
    SAISH Jan 19, 2010

    Ittina group should be renamed to Fraud Group. The whole organisation is build by a bunch of jokers and frauds. I ahve legal cae going on since 2 years and so far have recovered my initial downpayment, loan released fom the bank and I mad them pay the clousre charges as well. I'm yet to recover some more form the group. The customer service is pathetic once you book your flat and you at at thier mercy, I guess most organisatiosn are like that of late.

    PS: Do not do business with ITTINA GROUP be it of any kind


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  • Sh
    shambu May 24, 2011

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  • Gi
    Girish engineer Dec 10, 2011

    s i know

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  • Ra
    Raj232 Aug 18, 2013

    Totally rogue builder and false promises - Ittina Mahavir review (Ittina properties and Ittina Builders)

    The builder is still selling constructed houses for 2500 per sq ft. i.e. for 919 sq ft flat it is little less than 23 Lacs. However, those who already purchased flats before are trying to get out of the deal as there are problems in forming the co-operative society with each one trying to make money where ever they can.

    Some residents have got better rices an sold off already @ 2800 per sq ft. but since Jan 2013, real estate prices have started falling in Bangalore, although no broker will want to say that.

    Resaon being: IT industry has peaked off (infosys results are not very good, HP is not hiring for the last 2 years, etc etc)

    Coming to the point, Ittina construction is one of the worst quality. Leakages are abundant, painting is not good quality, dampness on walls causing health and breathing problems.

    Ittina cannot be compared to nearby Concorde Manhattans or GVK Ecosphere which have quality in them.

    Some residents still get eviction notices from PNB !!! .. and are forced to run and beg of the builder to square up the mortgage.

    The 5th (fifth) floor is illegally constructed .. or so I've heard. Therefor the fifth floor can be demolished any day as approval for ground + 4 floors only has been given.

    Now you can guess the value of Ittina Mahavir !!! .. I would say sell it at the current value to the 1st customer and reinvest elsewhere.

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  • Ra
    Raj232 May 03, 2014


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  • So
    Somadatta Apr 07, 2015

    Pathetic experience with Sangau. They r big cheaters, they lure to take a house on rent with sweet talks and at exit they cheat u big time. Also for landlords they r not able to find tenants for months. Beware of these rude uncivilized, unethical bunch of people working in Sangau.

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  • Kl
    Klubovakn Aug 22, 2016

    1. No Lift Provided By Builder and they are now trying to get Lift cost through there second organisation Gold Coin club which is doing maintenance.

    2. Leakage in walls.

    3. Poor quality of plasters.

    4. Cracks in wall.

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