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I have tried this system in two states and have seen the same results in both. I feel that they put you out on dates just to get you out there, it's a numbers game. Going in, I thought that the interview process was going to be extensive, this is not the case. It's not like I am the only one saying these things, nearly all of my dates have expressed their disappointment with Just Lunch. They consistently set me up with people that I am not remotely attracted to. It's not fair to me and definitely not fair to the women I've been set up with. I am not a big fan of but at least there you get an idea of who you are looking at. Most people in the US need to have some sort of attraction to someone, especially if they are a stranger. Until they offer some sort of face book they will continue to have the same poor and inflated results. It's not just the attraction aspect, there were numerous dates where we had opposite interests. It's a shame the way this business is run. Their idea of listening to complaints is just pushing them further down the list.

Most of their clients are too quiet to speak up and write reviews like this one or on Yelp. I'm not the only one that also feels that someone is writing bogus positive reviews? I'm not saying all the reviews are bogus but I am saying it is strange how they come in bunches after a negative review has been posted. More importantly, go to Google and type in "It's Just Lunch Complaints". Look at all the issues and lawsuits that pop up. There are over 250, 000 entries???? That should raise some red flags, shouldn't it?

Dating is difficult no matter what you do or don't do. Can you find that special someone through Just Lunch? Yes, anything is possible. My advice is to NOT get your hopes up and make sure you hold them accountable to the age and geographic areas you specify. Also, bring in pics of the opposite sex that you are attracted to because their current system does not even account for that. I was a customer for well over a year and a half and I only went out with one girl more than once. She turned out to not believe in organized religion and that was an immediate deal breaker. I respect her beliefs and would never speak ill of them. She was a great person but obviously not a good fit for someone who does believe in organized religion. You would think that would be a pretty big factor when setting people up on dates.

Hopefully this review will help future and current Just Lunch members. I also hope that Just Lunch will take this into consideration and use the feedback to fix their current product. This conceptually is a great ideal but lacks the execution to give the desired results. Plus, don't be surprised if there are a few more (4 & 5 Star) reviews to bury my honest and accurate assessments of Just Lunch on Yelp.

I was right, all the negative reviews on Yelp mysteriously get pushed down to the bottom:)


  • Li
    Lisa Harris Nov 30, 2008
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    I have gotten nowhere with this company, here in Tucson, as well. They need to legally be put out of buisness. They are a HUGE scam.

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  • Le
    lesley Dec 18, 2008

    I think dating is an art. Maybe the real issue is not the service but something within. Maybe the exspectations you have are to unrealistic. Maybe your bitter. A negative attitiude only spauns a negative lifestyle. Why spend your time complaining about the bad experiences do something about it like go out and spend your time loking for the one you will love.

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  • Le
    lesley Dec 18, 2008

    sorry about the typos

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  • Lc
    lclasfca Mar 26, 2009
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    I stepped up and wrote a review on Yelp. And yes, my review was negative and yes, my review spawned two positive reviews. No surprise.

    My bad experience had nothing to do with "being bitter" or having a "negative attitude." Quite the contrary. It had everything to do with IJL's big sell of "attention to detail to their client's needs" and the reality that they were only concerned with taking my money, then getting me to my date quota as fast as possible without any concern for my post-date feedback.

    It's Just Lunch is a scam.

    What follows is my Yelp review:

    It's Just Smoke & Mirrors. I hate to say it but I was yet another person sucked into this service. It was a terrible experience, very much inline with all the other negative reviews by fellow Yelpers. They set me up with people that were completely opposite of what we discussed in the interviews and when I called to give my feedback, it was like talking to a wall...and a very dim-witted wall at that! I was sent on exactly 6 dates in 6 months--which were all bad, if not inappropriate. After my service ended, an IJL rep called to ask me if I'd like to rejoin for another round. Ha! I spent about 15 minutes venting on their expensive yet useless service. After my rant, the rep told me she was a director, apologized for the bad experience and told me she would personally set me up with someone who just joined the service who she felt would be a good fit. She told me she'd arrange it and get back to me later...she never called back. I rarely write reviews and tend to shy away from voicing negativity but in this case I feel I owe it to the community...especially when the positive reviews seem entirely manufactured! Save your money and keep your distance from IJL!

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  • Ni
    NiW Apr 02, 2009

    Scam, Scam, Scam!

    1. Interviewed me in California and moved the operation to Florida! Called me every few months with some random resume from an old interview. No one gave personal introductions. Totally random people.
    2. Two of the guys were complete wackos!
    3. Way overpriced ($1200) and they didn't give me the agreed upon number of dates for the year.
    4. Save your money and go online. You can weed out yourself and you have a bigger choice.

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  • Au
    aussie1 Aug 11, 2009

    I loved this service, and I was fortunate enough to find my husband there. We have been married for 2 years and we have a beautiful 1 year old baby. I've recommended this service to several friends, who are currently dating through them and having a great time. One friend told me that she's gone out with a couple of people who didn't like the service. She said they were very negative and probably had unrealistic expectations of who they should be dating anyway.

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  • Ij
    ijltoldmehewasdivorced Aug 21, 2009

    It's Just Lunch (IJL) in Atlanta presented a match to me in June 2008. They told me he was divorced and described him. Our first date was June 27, 2008. Long story short, I just obtained a copy of his divorce decree from Cobb County, GA Superior Court (issued last week, by the way!) . It shows that he was NOT divorced at all the entire time we dated. He was separated on or about January 22, 2008. His first date with me -- at which he and IJL represented him to me as a divorced man -- again, was June 27, 2008. The divorce decree shows that he filed for divorce July 21, 2008, and that his divorce was final ABOUT A WEEK AGO: August 14, 2009. He told me that he had dated other women IJL set him up with before he met me, too. For more details visit . The good news is that I learned it is relatively easy and inexpensive to check court files and backgrounds on people you date. So why sign up with IJL?

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  • Ho
    Holly1980 Mar 21, 2010

    I have been super happy with this service. I've been a member for about 6 months and have gone out on 9 dates. 7 out of the 9 were really good. I've gone out on 2 or more dates with 5 of them. 2 were duds, but I wasn't upset. This is a more effective way for me to meet people, then doing online dating. Now, that's scary.

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  • Ca
    cablecargirl Feb 22, 2011

    I have been very happy with this service. I understand that some of their members are going to be frustrated if they don't meet the "one"; but there is no way they are a scam. They return all of my calls promptly, listen attentively to my feedback and offer great dating tips. I haven't liked all of my matches, but I can see why they were made for me. I'm a small business owner too, so it really upsets me when I read outrageous, false accusations. I would give them a 4 out of 5 star rating. By the way, I'm a member of the San Francisco office.

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  • We
    Wendy Newman Nov 18, 2011

    Slowly I slide my finger atop a tall stack of crisp, new one-dollar bills. I draw the first one into my palm and crush it into a small wad, as if it were a soiled Kleenex. I toss the crumpled greenback into an eagerly waiting toilet bowl. Flush. I crouch and watch with great enthusiasm as the whirlpool swirls and sucks it down. I grip the next one, crumple, crush and repeat the process again, and again, and again… two --- thousand --- six --- hundred --- times.

    This fantasy is vivid in my mind. Living out this daydream would have given me more joy and satisfaction than the six-month contractual agreement I just completed with It’s Just Lunch (IJL).

    I signed up for IJL upon the urging of my good friend in Seattle, who has membership there. In Seattle, IJL customers average one date a week and sometimes more. I thought this was what I was buying.

    I gave them a month to get under way before letting them know I wasn’t getting my weekly date. My matchmaker did all she could not to laugh – at which point I revealed my expectations that the two IJL offices act similarly. To this day, no one at the San Francisco IJL office will admit customers have an expectation that chains or franchises operate in a similar fashion – you know, like a Big Mac in Seattle is the same as a Big Mac in San Francisco? When I tried to make this point to the General Manager, she treated me like I was a crazy person for having that point of view, and thought my expectation of chains being similar was outrageous. Huh!

    People of the Bay Area, if you think the online dating sites are a waste of your time, and you’re considering It’s Just Lunch, consider this:

    With IJL, a six-month membership is $2, 600 and you go on five dates. That’s $520 a date.

    A six-month membership is $119.94. If you’re like me and average five or six dates a month, it’s roughly $3.63 per date.

    But we all know the price isn’t the problem. When spending our hard-earned money, we consider the value of the product or service, the patient and responsive customer care, and the skills and expertise of the professionals servicing us. In a matchmaking service, we hope for one that deeply understands our needs and works with us in partnership to help us find a desirable and compatible match. IJL failed miserably in all categories.

    I’m not a high-maintenance woman. I originally had three requirements:
    1) His age range be between 2-11 years older than me
    2) His location be within 30 minutes from my house
    3) His height be at least 6’ (since I’m tall and I like wearing heels)

    Week 1: Nothing – crickets.

    Week 2: They call with my first “match.” He’s 13 years my senior, lives 120 minutes from my house, he’s 6’ tall – um, no. I pass.

    Week 3: Next Match – 6 years younger than me, lives 90 minutes from my house, and he’s 5’10”. Nope.

    Week 4: Next match – same age as me, lives 115 minutes from my house, and he’s 5’10”.

    I reiterate my three needs at this time, at which point I’m told that even though I stated my preferences up front, they don’t match by height. Great.

    A few days later, I get another call. My next match is 14 years my senior, and lives 60 minutes away. I cave – I give up – I have them set up the date. He was the worst match ever.

    After this failed date, a month after I joined, I knew I was had. I wanted to be released from the contract so I made the General Manager of IJL a very generous proposal. I offered the company $600 as compensation for the first date if they would let me go. Of course they declined. No refunds. No guarantees. No satisfaction.

    IJL touts that they have professional matchmakers looking out for you. Don’t believe it! My matchmaker, while a nice person, was absent, and certainly not matching to my personality, preferences or needs. The coordinators that “take care” of clients were usually unavailable and often remiss in returning calls.

    Women of the Bay Area, don’t do it – don’t be suckered in. If you’re unconvinced, and you crave more details, you can read the blow-by-blow of every date, along with a detailed scenario of dealing with this company firsthand, on my dating blog,

    For a demonstration of their less than stellar customer service, be sure to read the post “It’s just a drag” (April 17, 2011).

    The five IJL dates, for quick reference, are:

    Date #89 - April 17, 2011
    Date #90 - April 27, 2011
    Date #95 - June 2, 2011
    Date #99 – August 2, 2011
    Date #100 – October 20, 2011

    Over the past few years, I have been on exactly 100 first dates. Three out of five of my IJL dates were literally, and without exaggeration, the worst three dates of my life.

    The IJL dates couldn’t have been more of a mismatch if a troop of blind, half-crazed monkeys went out into the streets to find my man. While on an IJL date, I often wondered if I was secretly appearing on an MTV dating reality show.

    So, my readers, if you’re single and looking for your mate, good luck out there. I don’t know what the answer is; I’m still gathering data, but I can certainly testify that it’s not It’s Just Lunch!

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  • Be
    beachmountain Mar 06, 2012

    I find it very interesting that most of the comments about It's Just Lunch have disappeared. They were all negative reviews on this company, one of which was mine. I complained to the BBB and they did nothing. I complained to the city of San Francisco and they just recently got back to me. I sent my complaint two years ago. So now I am rehashing and regathering all of my documents proving that this company is operating illegal business practices and basically stole money from me.

    The only way that I can see that someone would have any luck or good results with this company would be a big stroke of luck or if you are just the type of person that is very simple and would be happy with just whom ever. In that case why spend this kind of money? This company dose not do background checks on anyone and they do not show you any photos. This company preys on desperate people.

    I know that I am a complex person and very attractive on top of that. This dose make it harder for me to find someone. I am very open and used to date a lot. I just wasn't finding anyone that was a good fit for me. The men that I was finding online that would be a good fit for me did not even live in this country. So I searched out other options and ways to find Mr. Right. That is when I found this company. I thought I would give it a try. When I got to their office they seemed professional and nice. I did find it a little odd that they don't show you a picture of the person that they are going to set you up with before hand but then I thought, OK sometimes people don't look like their photo anyway. I made a very strong point to the woman that interviewed me exactly what I was looking for and what I didn't want. I even brought pictures of some past boyfriends and men that I am attracted to so she could have an idea of what my taste are. Right away she told me that they had several men that fit what I was looking for. I said "Really!? You have a lot of attractive men that are not conservative but also not way out there and men that are into the outdoors and the city life and that like a wide rage of music?" She said yes. So I thought great! I don't know how they have managed to find these men because I felt like I had been looking every where.
    I didn't feel comfortable giving them that kind of money all up front so we worked out a payment plan. I did not want to pay with a credit card or my bank card so I said I would feel more comfortable sending them a check. They pressured me to pay with my bank card for the first payment since I didn't have my checkbook with me. I said I could pay the first payment with that only if they would not keep that information and would not charge my card again. They assured me they would not keep the information and would only charge my card this one time.
    Within a few days they called and said they had a match for me. They described him and he just didn't sound like my type. I've been out with enough men that I can spot things right away if it will be a match or not. I reluctantly agreed to go out with this person. They set up the date on a Monday holiday. That weekend my plans with my friends changed and I would have to push the date back by an hour to make it. I called the office on Sunday and left them a message. I also tried to call the restaurant but they did not give me the phone number and when I called information they could not find the phone number either. So now I had no way to get ahold of this guy to let him know the only way I could make it is if we pushed it back an hour. I called it's just lunch again Monday morning and no one was there to call me back or to call the person I was suppose to meet because they were closed for the holiday. This stressed me out. I went to the restaurant anyway hoping by chance he might still be there. At fist the hostess didn't know what I was talking about but then another person that worked there came up and told me I just missed him. I called again on Tuesday and they tried to make me feel guilty that I missed the date. I said well you claimed before I signed on to this that if I was ever running late or needed to reschedule it would be easy to call the office and then you could call the date and let them know. I said maybe from now on only set up dates that are on days and times that your office is open. So they agreed. Then they tried to set me up with another man that by their description did not sound like a match for me. They claimed he was really cute and sweet. I should give him a chance. So I said ok. But then they wanted to set up our date on a Sunday. I said after the last experience I only want to go on dates that are times when our office is open. They told me, well this is the only time we could fit your schedules together and then they tried again to guilt trip me about the date I missed. So again I reluctantly agreed to meet this person. When I got to the restaurant there was almost no one there. There was a very conservative looking unattractive man at the bar. I thought this better not be who they are setting me up with. It was. I wanted to turn and run out of there. The bartender was more my type and I felt mortified that the wait staff knew that I was there threw this expensive company to meet this guy. I felt like all eyes were on me. I felt so embarrassed. I thought ok lets make the best of this. I asked this guy what he was looking for and the type of women they were setting him up with. I was shocked. They clearly were not setting him up with anyone that would even remotely be a match for him. He said he was just happy to be going on a date. I said yes but you are paying all this money they could at least set you up appropriately. This guy was really into skiing. I know several women that ski. Why would this service set this man up with anyone that dose not ski? After talking to this guy I got a very clear picture of how this company works. So I called the next day and said I need to cancel my membership. They did not call me back. I called several times and got the run around. Then I insisted on talking to the manager. She was incredibly rude and tried to use bulldozer tactics on me. I hate people like this! They are bullies. This company clearly dose not care about their customers. They only care about taking your money and reducing you to a pea. They prey on people with low self-esteem. Right away I sent them a letter stating that I wanted my membership canceled. They refused to cancel it. By law any and all contracts can be broken within 30 days. This had only been two weeks. I filed a complaint with BBB right away. And then It's Just Lunch charged my card another $255. I called my bank right away and said I did not authorize this. No where in my contract dose it say anything about them charging my card or me authorizing them to charge my card. It also dose not specify any where in the contract that I can not cancel my member ship at any time. It dose say that there will be a prorated rate. That's fine. Pro rate it for two weeks. My bank Wells Fargo allowed them to take my money. This is also illegal on the part on my bank. Needless to say I don't bank with Wells Fargo anymore. I found other banks that give you a better rate and do a better job at protecting your money.
    So what has transpired from all this? I payed over $500 for one horrible date, BBB did nothing, and two years later finally the city of San Francisco is addressing this. We'll see what happens. I had also tried out Great Expectations and even tho I ended up not using their service I liked that they did extensive background checks on their members and before you signup with them they do an hour interview and look threw their data base to see who if anyone they have to set you up with. They only had one person that came close but I was not attracted. I appreciated their honesty and care. Then I found Ok Cupid. It is free and I have had the most luck with that site.
    My advice: What ever you do, DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY on "It's Just Lunch" Or should I say "It's Just Your Pocketbook"

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  • Be
    beachmountain Mar 06, 2012

    What is this ' that I am seeing threw out my review?

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  • Sh
    Shane Keller Jul 09, 2012

    Long story below on It's Just Lunch lawsuit and their dishonest sales tactics and business practices. Short story: If you mention the IJL Yelp reviews, Sarah (spelling may be “Sara”) and Kelly may try to distort the reviews and blame them on unhappy people. I fell for this trick. Don't believe them! Based on my experience, all of these reviews are probably true! And their other big sales tactic is mentioning how many years they've been in business and how much experience they have. Don't fall for this! They have been sued multiple times and are now being sued again. They prey on people's hopes, don't provide the matches you ask for, and have no remorse about it that I can see. Who knows, maybe their worldviews are so warped that they ignore the fact that many of their customers are unsatisfied.

    I've never written a scathing review of anything, and I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and not sweat the small stuff in life. So the reason I'm writing this review is because this is a BIG deal to me. This company is misrepresenting its services, taking advantage of people, and has NO intention of changing its business practices. A class action lawsuit is currently in progress against them. Please message me for information on how to join if you have paid for this service and are in a similar situation. You can join the lawsuit FOR FREE.

    DISHONEST SALES TACTICS. I signed up for more information on the It's Just Lunch website and the next day I got a call from Kelly. We ended up setting a time to meet in person on 3/23/12. I went into her office and went through the IJL interview. She asked me about myself and what I was looking for in a match. I told her I wanted a girl who was (in order of priority):
    1) Within ~3 years of my age
    2) Fit, athletic, and thin
    3) Positive and optimistic
    4) Intelligent
    5) Adventurous
    6) A good lifestyle fit: lived on the peninsula, college educated, etc.

    Then Kelly said something that later on proved to be ironic. She asked me if that was all I wanted, as if she wanted me to be more stringent in my criteria! I told her we could start off with this criteria and get more stringent if necessary. Kelly told me she had about 300 girls who met that criteria. That's right. 3-0-0. I had read the Yelp reviews so I flat out told her that I was skeptical of the service because the reviews were so bad. She said that all of the people who wrote these reviews were unhappy people who either gave up on the service or basically were rejected by other IJL people on their dates. She said this is common in the matchmaking industry, and showed me other reviews of Table for Six and Events and Adventures. She added that all of the people who had success were too busy falling in love and being happy to write reviews. I asked if I could talk to one of these happy customers. She said no because it would violate their privacy, which I understood. She showed me a stack of at least 10 handwritten testimonials and some wedding photos I think, which looked legitimate. I figured hey, I could see how someone could get upset if they don't find their soulmate/whatever. There is a human element involved, so maybe all the Yelp reviews are just bitter people. Oh there's a bad human element involved all right. Here's a's not the fault of the people paying for IJL. So, not knowing what I was getting into, I signed up. I didn't take the time to do more research because honestly, the main reason I signed up was because I want to use my time most efficiently and a matchmaking service seemed much more efficient and cost effective than cruising the bars. I was excited though. Kelly said I should expect 2-3 dates per month. And I had about 300 girls in my dating pool, so how could I possibly not find some great matches?

    First date was on 4/13/12. Marissa, the coordinator, forgot to make our reservation at the bar. Luckily I got there early and got us a seat. My match fit most of my criteria...except #2 and #3. Which are for sure deal breakers. I couldn't believe it! Especially because #2 is a reasonably objective criteria. If you go to a doctor, they can determine if you are underweight, overweight, or fit. I called Kelly the next day as she had told me to, and said that I was upset with my match and wanted to cancel my service. She said that finding the right match was a process, and that she thought my match was fit. She mentioned that perhaps my match had gained weight since her initial interview. I was shocked, but Kelly seemed to feel so strongly that the girl was fit. It's true that there are some gray areas between overweight and fit. I've been athletic and fit my whole life and I'm attracted to girls like me, but maybe Kelly wasn't aware how strict my standards were. So I decided to give it another shot, but made it very clear to Kelly that I was very unsatisfied with my match because I did not consider her fit. And that if this next match didn't meet this most basic criteria, I was leaving.

    After weeks with no dates and finally calling Kelly when I flat out didn't hear from her for a week (I won't go into details here because that would be another page) I was set up with my second date on 5/31/12. My second match met criteria #2 even less than my first. NOTICEABLY less. So I called Kelly to cancel and cut my losses. She then told me that she thought that my second match had been fit. It seemed at this point that either 1) Kelly had a warped view of what “fit” meant that she was not willing to change to make a client happy, or 2) IJL had no matches that met my criteria and were not telling the truth to me. Kelly suggested that I email her pictures of girls I had dated, so that we could finally get on the same page.

    I couldn't believe how off the matches had been. But even more, I was puzzled by how unapologetic Kelly was. It was like being in a Twilight Zone episode. Because she was so unapologetic, it really seemed like her perspective was truly different from mine. Why would she lie? I have to give Kelly credit; she is very persuasive. So I agreed initially to sending the pictures on 6/4/12. Then I thought about the situation a little more. Neither scenario 1 nor 2 was a promising one. I needed a show of good faith on their part before I wasted my time on another date because they could not meet this most basic criterion. So I asked to see a picture of my next match to make sure that we were finally on the right track. Kelly said that was not possible, and that it was a $10, 000 level membership. So I told her it definitely wasn't going to work out.

    Then Sarah, the Bay Area director, called me. I told her my concerns that either scenario 1 or 2 was happening, and asked for a one-time view of my next match's picture, or a refund. She first tried to argue that my second match was what I had asked for. I FINALLY GOT HER TO ADMIT THAT MY SECOND MATCH WAS OVERWEIGHT. But not obese, she countered. Hilariously, she hypothesized that this girl had also changed in appearance since her initial IJL interview. So Sarah refused both of my options, and tried to get me to resume my membership. I expressed my disappointment at being told that I would have 2-3 dates per month who were great matches, and instead going on 2 dates over 2 months with girls who were not good matches. Then she accused me of not trying hard enough. Which she will probably reiterate if she writes a response to this review. I told her to call me if she changed her mind about the refund or the pre-date picture. She said she would put my membership on hold. Ha!

    To wrap things up, I am trying to figure out how this company has been in business for so long, and what we can do to stop them. This experience wasted time and money, and that sucks. What sucks more is that this company is still in business. And still taking advantage of people. Both girls I went on dates with mentioned that they were unhappy with their membership as well, but were resigned to finishing it out. And judging by the reviews I've found on the internet, most people feel the same. Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and class action lawsuits may help, but may not be enough. This company should be put out of business.

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  • Fu
    Fundability May 03, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with It's Just Lunch is a huge disappointment and I discovered I paid more than most people, over $5, 000. In 4 months I have been on 4 dates.
    Their responses to email and phone calls is they are in a meeting or they use a script from the company as to what to say.
    I joined It's Just Lunch because I have a busy career and don't have time to filter through on line dating portfolios.. The reality is I have spent a lot of time monitoring and reminding It's Just Lunch San Francisco staff what my "must haves" are. Their response is that they don't go by that because when they introduce us to a match, we are willing to accept dates outside of our requirements. My dates have been "geographically undesirable, " or " unable to do physical activities due to illness and obesity.". They also say they are getting to know me and will make a note of my requirements. I, of course, informed them of these "must haves" from the beginning.
    Nothing is done by database. They cannot do a search for any specific geographic area, age group, etc. They tell me they take notes and have meetings and do the matches. I have asked for a refund several times and was told no.

    My friend googled complaints against It's Just Lunch. A bunch of information came up.. A class action suit was successfully won in New York. I would like to gather a group of San Francisco It's Just Lunch members to do the same.

    I don't mind paying for good service, but object to paying for "no service."
    If you are interested in pursuing a class action suit, please call [protected] and ask for Suzanne.


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