ITPA Rewards admin.(David Maloy)They will not pay us owed money

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We waited 3 years for our cash rewards( 5 grand )refund from real estate incentive from the realtor, of Keller Williams SanMarcos, California, mailed the exact detailed requested info. We sent it certified as specified, the envelope came back unpaid and return to sender. WE hired this realtor primarily because of the 5 k incentive and were assured 3 months ago it was indeed checked and in place to be paid. We want our 5 GRAND that is owed to us!!! Thankyou for your investigation, Raul Ramirez


  • Cash rewards.Inc from David Maloy C.E.O. filed for bankruptcy(June 10, 2009) so all realtors and customers holding the cash rewards certificates are out a lot of money.
    Everyone was under the impression these were insured and safe from Bankruptcy and to be held in an escrow acct. with citi bank for safe keeping while a portion of the money was invested in low risk stocks.All merchants have lost thousands of dollars and so have their unfortunate trusting clients.

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  • J
      Jan 06, 2010

    My husband & I bought a Four Winns Boat from Cope & McPhetries in Rocklin, CA...they were offering a $5, 000 cash reward which I sent in May of 2009. Sent all the information & certificate requested to get our $5, 000 back. Haven't heard a thing from the company. I sent it certified & they received it on May 29th, 2009. It was a stamped signature by a Nancy E. Roper??? I still have the certified card that they did receive it. Where is our $$$$$$$...been almost a year...what are the chances of us getting that $5, 000?...NIL?? What a freakin' rip off...You spend $46K on a boat and then they rip you off. Oh & to top it off...the boat dealership in Rocklin went out of business. What luck for us, huh?

    Karen Brown
    Loomis, CA.

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