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Islanders Dive Center - took my inhertiance

I have done everything to get attention from someone at this crooked bank. Pam Thurmond and Mandy Powers are the two crooks. Pam Thurmond was in with my son and took my inhertiance. He put my mothers money in CD's with his name on them as ATF. My attorney didn't even know what it meant. My mother told Pam to take my sons name off all her assets everything, and she pretented to do so even giving my mother a list of her money from cds to checking. She didn't do it. My mother passed away and they froze her account at her death but, Pam transferred a cd belonging to my mother to my son in Kansas on a frozen account. She also put on the bank computer not anyone enter this account without contacting Pam Thurmond. That is against the law. I was at another bank when this came up after my mothers account was open. Mandy Powers laughed at me inside the bank in front of people because I had to go and get the interest from my mothers accounts that was not sent to me. I wrote a certified letter to the so called ceo Kelly King and some jo blow signed for it and I never heard nothing. I have wrote complaints after complaints. I want Pam Thurmond fired and Mandy Powers for all the pain and suffering I have been threw. My mother had in her will her assets be divided 3 ways and my son got most all of it with the help of Pam Thurmond. My mothers eyes were bad because of her health and she trusted her grandson and signed the papers. He stoled her money and my inhertiance. My mother had over half million dollars in that bank and I want that for all the suffering Ive been threw. I see the doctor once a month because of all this. My mothers will is still not closed because of this crooked bank and Pam Thurmond. My mother passed away Dec.31st 2009 and I'm still dealing with all this because of how my mother was done and how my son done her along with Pam Thurmond help. She's rude hateful and not to be trusted. She's nothing but a crook. If it's the last thing I do I will see something is done to her. I have contacted Penny Hall. My attorney has talk with her and she know all about this. Penny wrote Mandy up for laughing at me in the bank. People that work at the back say they are crooked. I'm not asking for millions I want a half million what my mother had at one time in that crooked bank. I have someone that I'm calling to tell and I hope and pray that they will listen and do a total investigation on this bank. They will steal you blind. Pam also opened up account with my brothers name with my mothers money threw my crooked son. My son has always been a crook. If the bank will not agree on settlement then make Pam pay me. Let her see how it feels to be robbed of what belongs to you. I pray she gets what is coming to her. I'm all for these people that want to get together for a law suit. Lets do it. I would love to see them closed down. I will get the right person to listen to my story and do something if it's the last thing I do.
Margie King

BBand T set up my credit card processing, verbally I was told it was a one year deal because I had to pay for the machine myself. I have had four different companies in here analyzing different monthly statements and was told by all 4 I was being ripped off. i wondered why my fee was so high every month. I have overpaid $30.00 to $60.00 every single month I have been with BBanT. The always put the cards in the higher brackets, they charge a compliance fee every month the funny thing is no one else does so why? If your looking for card processing stay away from these guys unless you like throwing money away. I called and tried to get it lowered and asked why I was on a three year plan it was my understanding it was one year. They said well you should have read it closer and we will continue to take the money out of your bank account for three years even is I sign up with someone else. RIP OFF!

Same 2 ******* that I have been dealing with. THEY TOOK $6000 FROM ME AND HELD IT 2 DAYS AFTER I DEPOSITED IT (TOOK IT BACK OUT OF MY ACCT), untill I could notify the other person on the check and have them verify their idenity. They said that they should have told me when I deposited the check but their tellers are not up on all of the rules (Not my problem). So now I can't even get the check back. Then after 3 days on the phone with them and being lied to (Said they think Wachovia was the one that had the hold). This was not the case and they knew all along. Avoid this bank at all cost. If you are looking for the Best Bank In Town, I can tell you to take your business elsewhere, because this one is far from the best. Finally got my money after the other party on the check willingly faxed her info to confirm. I'm glad she took the time to do that for me, or these A** Holes would still be holding my money. Every dime of my money is going to be taken out in CASH, obvioulsy checks are no good to them...

I was with my mother when she told her to change everything out of my sons name and she pretended she did and even wrote down on paper what my mother had in the bank and cds. Pam transferred over 100 thousand dollars in a cd to my sons account and my mothers account was frozen. Her will was not even read but 2 weeks when this happen. My mother passed away Dec 2009 and her will and her estate is not closed because I have been fighting with my son over this. He won because his hame was first on the cd which he tricked my mother. She trusted him and signed it. I want Pam Thurmond fired and pay me my inhertiance she stole with my son. I want 500 thousand what my mother had in that crooked bank at one time. Pam took advantage of my sick mother with my son.