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Well, glad to know I am not the only sucker. I have recieved three bottles. They keep charging me 89.31 b
ut they also charge 2.67 for frgnfee??????? They put this on a seperate line so the amounts from charge card statement to statement look different. I have called and cancelled twice. I returned and called requesting why my card was charged again and where is my credit. OH, now they don't take returns so where are the pills??????My credit????????
ALSO, watchout because they have several names and phone numbers.
I have charges from IP-GREATONLINEDIET out of KN (whats this) [protected]
IP-ONLINE Health out of KN [protected]
Celeberty fit online out of UT [protected]
When I call some of the numbers they say the office is closed please call between 8-6, guess what, it is 1:00.
Please advise. [protected]@comcast.net


  • Su
    susan wagner Oct 28, 2008

    I too was billed the same number. I finally got through to them after being put on hold for 15 minutes. I spoke with "john" who gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I had to call them 3 times though. Hopefully, this will be the end of it.

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  • Ch
    Christina Nov 03, 2008

    I'm having the same thing happen to me... this is so messed up. I am having to change my credit card number to make the charges stop.

    Best of luck to anyone who got caught up in this.

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  • Li
    Lisa Nov 15, 2008

    I just discovered the same charge on my credit card! Apparently, in the fine print on the agreement, when you sign up to get the "free" sample, you are also legally bound to receive their product EVERY month a the cost of $89.31, until such time as you contact them to cancel the contract.

    Here is what I was advised by my credit card company (VISA) to do:

    1. Attempt to contact IP-GREATONLINEDIET (877-361-8616) to cancel the agreement. Then, if they have sent you anything, you will most likely need to ask for a Return Number from the Returns Dept. in order to ship the item back to them, and get your money reimbursed on your credit card.

    2. If you cannot get through to them (I couldn't even when I called during normal business hours) let your credit card company know you tried to cancel, and they can put a freeze on any further charges on your card by this company.

    3. Keep trying until you get through to the company, and go through the hassle of returning the bottle and getting your money back for the ones they have already charged for.

    4. DON'T just put Return to Sender - they will most likely not accept it this way (without an authorized Return number) and will not refund your money.

    5. From now on... READ THE FINE PRINT!!! I know I will!

    Hope this helps.

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