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  • Se
    Selena May 21, 2009

    Hi! The same thing happened to me. Before accepting the charges I asked if the rates were like a normal collect call, they said yes. I talked for around 5 minutes and 57$ were charged to my credit card. I would like to reach the company...

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  • Me
    melissa May 23, 2009

    $31.51 USD for less than a 3min International call is Absurd, and frankly very sneaky. Do not use Verizon payphones!!
    A good warning should be given... I can see I am not the only one.

    But is this charge normal?


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  • Ad
    Adriana May 26, 2009

    I´ve just received my credit card bill and paniced. I did an international callect call while in the US using my Credit Card at a Verizon Public Phone, because it was impossible to place a reverse charge call (only machines talk to us or if a person answers she says that it can not be completed and not a single written information of instructions to place a called call reversed charge) and it costs me US$160, 51!!! Not even in a third world country, as we are called down the Ecuador line, a telephone company charges that huge amount for a phonecall. It´s outrageous.

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  • Du
    dutcher May 28, 2009

    I called my husband from a pay phone and I got charged 23.01 and he didn't even answer Im beyond Pissed and need to get a hold of some one who might know the a contact number for this rip-off company!!! I think they should atleast give you the option of continuing the call once the amount per min is told to us. please email me if you can help [protected] thanx

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  • Sh
    Shannon May 29, 2009

    I was in Arkansas and used an Alltel payphone to call my mother in Texas. I left her a two maybe three minute voice mail that showed up on my card for $35.36. This is ridiculous... we got scammed.

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  • An
    andrea Jun 01, 2009

    $47.14 for under two minutes from italy to the us using ios telecom.
    I really want to do something to contest this charge.
    any idea on how to approach this?
    please feel free to email me at [protected]

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  • Ak
    aka Jun 12, 2009

    the number is [protected]. I was billed $50 and $40 respectively for two short credit card calls within the US.

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  • Wi
    Wilson Jun 13, 2009

    Different person, same story. High cost for short collect call from family member at Atlanta airport.

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  • Kh
    khocke Jul 07, 2009

    $42 charge from these ba$tard$ when my mom phoned my cellphone collect. Not even a 90 second call, from N Carolina to N Jersey. Arrgh, and no recourse.

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  • Pv
    pvillebrown Jul 29, 2009

    $27.08 posted to my credit card invoice for a collect call from Atlanta Airport on 7-24-09. Outrageous!!! No way to contact ISO TEL. I have filed complaint with my Credit Card Company and will try (?? may be easier tocontact ISO TEL than ATL Management) to contact Atlanta Airport to protest the charges and the fact there is no minimum/estimated cost posted for using the service. Be interesting to know how much the airport gets from ISO TEL!!!

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  • Jv
    jvk Aug 03, 2009

    Same problem less than two minute call between Washington DC and Baltimore cost me $28. Verizon payphone I tried to dial direct and use pocket change to no avail. What a ripoff this company is.

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  • Gi
    Gisely Aug 03, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I called Brazil from the US, my call wasn't even answered (I didn't wait for the answering machine!) still they charged me U$43!! Is there anything we can do to have our money back? (Gisely, Brazil)

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  • Gd
    G Duval Sep 21, 2009

    Run into same problem in july-august 2009 in New Hamphsire.

    Called the [protected] number and got a total refound for all the calls for which no one answered. (9 calls at 20$ each).

    Thanks to customer service :Pat.

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  • Ja
    janh Oct 02, 2009

    Got my credit card bill and had a charge or $42.58 for a 4 minute call from a pay phone in northern WI. I was unable to use my calling card from the pay phone, it would only accept my credit card. Never again will I make a call from any pay phone that won't accept my 800# phone card...even then I will be very hesitant to use any pay phone!!! No recourse... No refund...Nothing but a bit hit by an unethical scammer.

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  • Mo
    Montreal 1000 Oct 03, 2009

    We have been charged $54.14 for less than 10 min internet use in a computer in a food restaurant in LA.

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  • Th
    thollo Nov 01, 2009

    I got ripped off by this company to, but I don't understand why do people allow ther pay phones in there business and the customers can't get in touch with the company? They charged me 34 dollars for about 4 to 5 minutes!

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  • Pa
    PaddyWacked Nov 04, 2009

    I was just charged $400 for an international call to Ireland. I dialed a prefix(1010834) that usually charges a .50 connection fee & 5 cents a minute but I've since learned they are out of business. Verizon charged me $3.80 a minute for the call. I am willing to pay a resonable charge(say the rate I would have been under with their international calling plan) but this is just way too much. It was interesting how many different levels of messages I had to manuver through to speak to a live person yet not one message came on to inform me how much I was being gouged during that call!

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  • Il
    ileanardz Nov 04, 2009

    Same thing happened to me in te Dallas airport, there are no coin telephones, so you HAVE to use your credit card, i just called like 10 min and i was charge for more then 75 USD!

    this sucks!

    what can i do?
    can i complain?

    please tell me with who...


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  • Si
    Simone T Nov 10, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I was in Hollywood Studios (FL), called Brazil for less than 10 minutes and they charged me 103 USD!!!

    Need help...

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  • Nu
    Nuuuts Nov 24, 2009

    Same thing here! The difference that I didn't even talk as the phone was only ringing!!! They chatged my Credit card $62.64 !!! Rip Off Batards!!! I didn't talk at alllll! That's outrageous..>!

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  • Na
    Nancyfancy Nov 27, 2009

    I made a collect call from Kentucky Hospital to Tennessee from pay phone
    the duration was like abt 3 mins & i have been charged $29.13 this is arip off ..
    Is there any way we cant can get back our money ... I hate this kind of services ..

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  • We
    Wendy45102 Dec 03, 2009

    i made a 2-minute phone call at the san diego convention center with my credit card last month, i just saw the statement and the damage was 39.97!!!

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  • Bg
    BGG091 Dec 04, 2009

    we need to get the word out BUT BIG...IOS sucks...I used a pay phone in an Atlanta airport, talked for 4 min and was charged $38.95...BBB will now about this...I am putting it everywhere not to use your card on these phones!

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  • Tr
    truth5 Jan 14, 2010

    File a complaint here

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  • Uy
    uyuyuy Jan 24, 2010

    never use this phone company(IOS TEL) because it said that it was 4 quarters per minute for international calls, since it was an emergency I used my credit card and when I saw the bill it was $66.72

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  • Gr
    GR79 Feb 14, 2010

    How do I reach this people? They advised me that the call I was going to receive was $15 and now I seen my statement, and they charged me $20.10. I need to reach their customer service support. This is not right

    IOS sucks...


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  • Mi
    michele10 Feb 17, 2010

    i placed 2 calls with no answer. i was charged $28 plus for each call. and 2 other calls which i spoke less than 3 minutes

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  • Mi
    michele10 Feb 17, 2010

    i placed 2 calls with no answer. i was charged $28 plus for each call. and 2 other calls which i spoke less than 3 minutes. GOOD NEWS, I CALLED THE COMPANY AND GOT A REFUNSD ON THE CHARGES

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  • Ru
    Rubens Sayegh Feb 23, 2010

    The same thing happened to me... I made four calls from Orlando-FL-USA to Sao Paulo-SP-Brasil. All call lasted less than 4 minutes each, and I was charged US$ 43 for the first three and US$ 51 for the fourth call. This is outrageous and we mortals are in a situation that the company just don´t give you an explanation and nobody else cares. Just pay for it and remember NEVER to use these services again, as well as contacting as many people you can and inform them of this company.

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  • Al
    a little help from friends Apr 27, 2010

    ILD Telecommunications, Inc can be a hard business to track down. It seems to have multiple addresses, such as 3230 W. Commercial BL VD, Suite 360, Oakland Park, FL 33309. My experience comes from ILD CORP 5000 Sawgrass Villiage Circle suite 30 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 (or 32083?) (both area codes were found with it). IOS TEL is another name listed, such as what might appear on your credit card statement.

    When reading more reviews, google this company using ILD and IOS TEL (depending if its pay phone/home phone) and from both you will learn the extreme costs this company provides to both your home and pay phone bills. I experienced this pay phone symptom as I did not even know the name of this company when they showed up on my credit card statement.

    My experience includes accepting a 3 minute phone call which was called collect to me and accepted by me with my credit card. I recall no easy way to listen to costs associated with this call, though the company claims it is possible. The caller also will be equally in the dark. For the 3 minutes I was charged roughly 26 dollars. From goggle I learned that 6-10 dollar per minute charges (for the bundle of hidden fees you will pay, read on to see what they are) are normal for this company.

    According to the company when asked:

    Rates cannot be posted on the phone because there are so many factors involved in determining rates, i.e. called number, auto operator or live operator, billing method, was destination number sent by the phone or did we have to ask for it, station to station or person to person and the list goes on. This is why payphone operators are not required by the FCC or the state's regulatory agencies to post operator assisted rates.

    The reason that these types of calls cost more than it does when you use coins is due to the high cost to us to be able to complete this type of call. The charge covers the cost of validating your credit card, the security of your credit card, network costs with the local carrier in the area, payphone equipment, automated operator equipment, etc. Because more and more people are using cell phones these days there is much less demand for operator assisted calls (automated and live operator). With less volume the cost to provide the service increases. It costs us, on average $10.00, for each completed call. This does not take into account network costs that apply to each minute of the call.

    THE LIST OF COSTS you may be paying, PER CALL, without realizing it:
    Operator fee - 10. 98 (live or automated)
    Nonsubscriber fee/Pay phone fee - 3. 50
    For use of service fee - 3.00
    Billing/protection of credit fee - 2.00
    Per minutes used fee - 1. 15 (my total in minutes fee used she said was 3.45)
    And something else to add another 2.00 or so

    Through the BBB and emails with the company, my 26 dollar fee became 10. But this will take much persistence, as it was my forth complaint contact counting the BBB letter to come to that rate.

    The company can be contacted by phone at [protected]

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  • Ta
    Tanvir Siddi Apr 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is unbelievable. I we are reading complain about ISO tel for more than one year but nobody is taking any action. Is our country not protecting our rights!!

    I was traveling from middle east in Qatar Airways for a long 14hr journey. There were telephone with all the seats of the plane and anyone can call internationally by swiping credit card with $5/min. I thought it is too expensive so when I landed in Washington Dulles airport I made a call to home for 30 sec using the public phone in the airport.

    Amazingly I got a bill of $10.54 for that 30 sec inland call. It was indeed far beyond my imagination that any LAND Phone company can change bills twice than that of a 5-star airline's in-seal calling system.

    We need our Telecom Authority to take action against IOS Tel it and we all want at least 80% money back of our bills with IOS Tel..

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  • Ra
    RandyLMcFall Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A Holes just charged me $22.57 for a less than one minute LOCAL call & and it made my account overdrawn and then was charged $30.00 for that! $52.57 to tell some one I was ready at Walmart in Beatrice Nebraska. This economy is bad and these things are going to get worse so watch your step out there people!

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  • Sk
    skyrocket Sep 15, 2010

    I almost jump to the roof I saw a my bill regarding my trip last month.I made an International call the first one was short was dint even picked up and I was charged $53.63 the second was charged $87.70 for at least 10 mins.a call.I ridiculous and absurd.I want my money back for this monkey business.Atlanta Airport should take ripped all these phone booths..I am reading all these complaints and none of them got solved too bad and too bad for me too especially that my husband was laid off..

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  • Ka
    Kappy Oct 31, 2010

    Used a pay phone at DISNEY, seems to be a recurring theme here, and was charged 17.00 to leave a message on my fiance's phone! Wonder if it's a Disney Company!

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  • Jo
    Jordan Shenefield Nov 13, 2010

    Made a pay phone call and hung up BEFORE the call was answered at the other end...and was still charged for the call. The next morning, made a call and talked for 6 minutes. Cost - $42.74. That's over $7 per minute. Rip off.

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  • An
    AnishGG Dec 01, 2010

    I used the pay phone to make two unanswered local calls and two answered local for duration of a minute. I was charged $93.83 for 4 calls. There were no call rate chart and was assuming that if you pay by credit card they would charge a service fee of $5 or so but $22 + service charge is day light robery. I was billed by IOS TEL on my credit card. Need Help...

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  • Al
    Albro Feb 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same complaint. I used my credit card in a pay phone in PBI airport to make a 20 second call to a Florida cell phone and the charge was over $16

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  • Fl
    flam Mar 14, 2011

    Made a collect call from Seekonk, MA to Bristol, RI lasting one minute. They charged me $17.58 for that one minute. How are they allowed to get away with that? I will be filing a complaint with the FCC about them.

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  • An
    andre freed Mar 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my husband called me from a pay phone in the hospital the initial charge on my statement was$5.00 2-3 days later i was being charged ne where from $9.17 the cheapest to 18.77 the most exspensive and still have two to post to my account. Like all the others there was no posted fees and did not say ne thing about fees when call was placed. this phone would not accedpt quarters to make the call which would have been alot cheaper to feed per minute. i am writing the bbb and the company charging me right after this post

    drema and andre from staunton va

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  • Te
    Terry Shirey May 24, 2011

    2 calls (May 2, 2011):
    1st: wrong number (less than 20 seconds)
    2nd: about 2 minute call to alert pickup that I was at the Delta baggage claim
    Each call billed on my credit card at $36.87 for a total of $73.74.
    I am furious at this flagrant theft at a major public airport.

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