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I bought a Full Lace Wig or Lace Front Wig from Invisiwig, New York, NY a month ago. 3 Days after I bought it, and had it applied, it completely fell apart. I paid $600 for it, and it last 3 days. I should have known better. The wigs all look fake in this big showroom they had, but I was with a friend of mine, and she said I should try one. It was a horrible experience. I explained, y experience to invisiwig, and they said it was not their fault. Nothing worse that a sister rippen off a sister!

I just wan't my fella sisters to know about da place, and not to was their benjamins at this place. The wigs fell cheap, and look cheap. I shoulda known better, but every sista makes a mistake now and then.

So be careful out their girzls! They are located in Manhattan, and the place is nothin to holla about. Dont believe their bull website. is a ripoff and girls if u had a similiar experience like me, spread the word hear, love to heara from u girls!


  • Pa
    Patricia Archibald-Kennedy Sep 29, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Boy, was I disappointed... bought my first lace front unit from these guys in 2017... went to the location in baldwin on sunrise highway. I was assisted by the asian woman that was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, she certainly knows how to talk you in if your in doubt. I finally settled on a brown lace front unit and the texture was close to an african american hair. to be honest I left the store happy and $698 broke than when I went in. the unit lasted for about 3 months... I could not believe such an expensive wig lasted for such a short time... I was pissed... it looked "ratty" like a cheap unit... the second wear the clip in the back broke n I had to pin it. the lace was also very 'hard"and left multiple marks on my hairline, it hurt so bad. I had to use ambi to get out the black marks.
    The worst part is the store closed, the attendant did mention that it would be because the lease got too expensive and they were not sure what they were going to do about a location. I went online and put my phone number in many times as thats what they requested us to do to maintain contact so customer could keep abreast of what their plans were. I got absolutely no response.
    People, stay away from invisiwig... talk about looking like a celebrity??? please, they should never use that line in their logo... bad, bad bad quality!!!
    This drove me to make my own units. I am now afraid of being disappointed agin. youtube taught me a lot about wig making... i'm on my seventh unit and people don't even know i'm wearing a wig unless I tell them... I purchase the frontal or closure and bundles from a good quality vendor and"wallah" beautiful wig. invisiwig you s* i'll never buy from you again even if my life depends on it..

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  • De
    Deniserc Feb 22, 2016

    Hi deniserc here again: I took my wig into the store in Baldwin to have it fix, I was told by the young lady not to worry we can fix it, so I left it. I called last Friday to find out if my wig was ready and was told that a message was left "no message received". I went into the store on Saturday Feb.20th for my wig and was given a wig at about 14 inches instead of the 18-20 inches long I bought about a month ago. I asked the young lady if they cut it, she said no we just curled it. I went home and brushed it out and it was right above my shoulders. I called back and left a message on one returned my call. I need my money back and will return this crap. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE, STAFF IS VERY FRIENDLY, BUT THEIR PRODUCTS ARE NO GOOD. THE HAIR TEXTURE IS WORST THAN THE beauty supply stores. I NEED MY MONEY BACK - DC

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  • De
    Deniserc Feb 22, 2016

    This is deniserc: again. I took the wig back to the store in baldwin. I was told okay just leave it we will fix it for you, so I left it. one week after I called the check the status and was told we left a message for you to come in (no message received) I went into the store in baldwin and to pickup my wig and was given a shoulder length wig instead of a 18" length that I paid for. I asked the young lady what happened did they cut it? she said no it looks short because it was curled. I got home and brushed it out, it fell to my right above my shoulders and down to my back. I called and left a message, no one returned my call. stay away from this place, friendly staff but products are no good. I need my money back for this crap.

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  • De
    Deniserc Feb 10, 2016

    I bought a full lace front wig from invisiwig about two months ago, I was better off with the beauty supply store wigs. I paid almost $900.00 which includes the styling and the application. I went back to the store the following the week complaining of the amount of hair falling off every time you brushed it, I was then asked to add hair to it. she then soled me a pack of hair with made it looked even worst. (tangled more than a cheap wig) I wore my wig to the bahamas after having it applied to my head. I was told I can swim with it on, I came out of the pool and the entire wig looks like a mop everything just tangled into a ball, I tried my best to brush it out. I was told to use garnier shampoo and conditioner. I went out in the bahamas looking that shampoo, found it and nothing happened. I am filing a complaint with my amex card for a full refund. I called invisiwig so many times, left messages and no one returned my call. I bought it from the store on sunrise highway. I came back and ordered three bundle from kendrasboutique hair and had my hairdresser made me a wig that looks much better than the one I paid $750.00 for. stay away from this place. the staff is very nice but the product is no good. the hiar tangles and comes out in piles. stay away. dc

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  • So
    sophiefrance Apr 06, 2014

    Hi ladies. I just moved to NYC from France. I have alopecia and I have been wearing full lace wigs for years now. I have no idea of where to find them here in NYC. Is there any specific neighbourhood where I could find a few resellers? I read all your comments about Invisiwg, and I'm not sure if it's the best place to go to. In France, you can buy and get your lace fitted and styled for 400€ total, which seems way more affordable than here, the weird thing is that every full lace you find in France comes for the States!
    Would you mind helping me by giving me some advices on which neighbourhood would be most likely to have mire choice on reseller? And where can I get my full lace wig apllicated and styled? Thanks a lot for your help! x Sophie.

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  • Ki
    Kinder88 Apr 20, 2011

    The absolute worst customer service ever!!! I was put on hold for ten minutes, then when the girl came back she was extremely unhelpful in answering my questions. a lot of the information on the website is misleading and they are unwilling to directly answer any of your questions. the call ended with me being hung up on. I promise if you call them, it will enlighten you on the scam that is this website.

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  • Le
    legalgirl May 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After months of doing my research, I settled on Invisiwig. The website encourages you to call with any questions, however, when I called to inquire about their wigs, not only did I feel like I was being rushed off of the phone, I was put on hold several times. I was told that they were very busy that day. (This should have been my 1st clue)

    Nevertheless, with much angst, I purchased the Jerry Curl style wig over the internet for over $600. I got a phone call from an Invisiwig representative telling me that the lace color that I ordered was not in stock, therfore, my order would take longer because they would dye the lace for me and that it would be ready the next day. After waiting for 3 days with no word from IW, I finally called, and to my horror, they had no record of my order! I was told... some sort of computer mishap. (2nd Clue)

    The order calamity was eventually ironed out and I got the wig the next day. When I opened the package, it looked nothing like the picture, the hair was very course, untamed, few actual 'curls', just wild and fuzzy, like after you wash your hair and blow dry it without smoothing or combing it. Additionally, it had a hole in the lace, at the top of the wig and the lace was never dyed! (3rd Clue)

    After going back and forth, they finally agreed to exchanging the wig...ok, lets go back...the wig had a hole in the front portion of the wig wheret you would cut off, in addition to the hole at the top. I clearly explained this to them over the phone and I also enclosed a note with the wig...ok, after IW received the wig, I got a call saying that the wig was just fine and that the hole would not make a difference because I would be cutting that part of the lace off anyway and that they were sending it back to me...What?!...(4th Clue) They totally ignored my complaint, fortunately I caught them before it was mailed. After taking them step by step over the phone as to where the actual hole was located, I was finally going to get my new, beautiful, flawless, I thought.

    When I received this thing in the mail, it was worse than the first one! It looked and felt like a rat's nest. (5th Clue) I made yet another call to inquire about the condition of the hair and I was told that, ' it was the fault of the packaging'...huh?... (6th Clue)...'I should just shake it out and spray a little detangler on it'. It looked like they took the the hair that they swept up from cutting someone's hair and made my wig with it. It was hard, course, dry, fuzzy and frizzy. The more detangler and moisturizer that I used, the worse it looked. It looked a little bit better when it was wet, but once it dried, was like a gigantic cotton ball. The first time I wore it, I was out of town on a business trip and I was so embarassed. I found a beauty supply store in the phone book and spent an additional $100 on a straightening comb, flat iron, gels, lotions, potions, etc ., to no avail.

    Needless to say, I am 40ish and this was by far my worse hair experience. I do take responsibility for not homing in on the clues, however, I always thought that you get what you pay for. This was more like a $6 purchase rather than a $600 purchase... Live and Learn

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  • An
    Anaise Jan 21, 2018

    @legalgirl I had a very bad experience as well. I went to the store in manhattan and purchased a full lace wig for $600 but since that was my first time bying a wig I didnt want to mess up so I had to have them do it for me so altogether it cost me round $900. the girl was very nice so I gave her a big tip. after a few days I tried to remove the wig myself and my hair started falling of f (mind you they made me buy all of their product on how to remove it without damaging your hairline) so I got scared and went to the store and they removed it for me but I had to pay (my hairline was still damaged) and I said it was okay with me as long as it's removed. the lady told me the wig needs to be washed and wanted to do it for me but said that I have to pay $80 for that (again, since I ahd no idea how to take care/wash wigs properly I agreed and she told me t would take a few days but I told I her I just lost my hair so I have no choice bu to wait for the hair at the store. she forced me into byung another wig while waiting for the original one and went home. few days later I called them to find out if my wig was ready (mind you they didn't even bother calling me) they said to pick it up. surprise surprise it's not the same hair!!! the hair was half the lengh it was before (I bought 20 inches and the wig they showed me was shorter than 12 inches). I asked the girl if I really looked stupid and told her that I was offended and she insisted that was the same wig I had purchase before and on top of that I had to pay to for them to put /style for me. I ended up with two $600 wigs (total of $1700 for wigs, wahsing, tips and products). the wigs looked so ugly I had to go to a hairdresser to get a weaving with a bang to cover my bald stop. this place should have been closed a long time ago and owners be thrown in jail for robbery.

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  • Cs
    CSRR Apr 14, 2010

    I've worn Invisiwig for over 2 years, and eventually lost all my hair at my hairline because of the glue & tape process. I was warned that would happen, however the inch wide black demarcation across my forehead caused from the glue and tape was distressing. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars to get the skin at my hairline back to its natural color, and my hair is just starting to grow back at the hairline. If you like Invisiwig, then you will love Joseph Paris. A customized unit can run you about $3, 500+ but ladies (and gentlemen) you get what you pay for!

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  • Ba
    babydoll1979 Mar 26, 2010

    I had mixed feelings about this store. It was hit or miss with them I brought lots of units and they did not last very long. I enjoyed the splurge of the lacefront trend but I am no Bey once or MJB so I afford the custom ordered joints. Unless you have lots of money to burn or luck out and get a good find then skip and stick to the good old beauty supply store.


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  • Lu
    luvpink Feb 19, 2010

    A few weeks ago my mother and I went to invisiwig and had a bad experince not only did the wigs look cheap but the customer service was bad. I have no problem with spending money on hair but I want great customer service as well as top qulity! they did not have a lot of wigs in stock and what little they had was a joke ! a big waste of time they could never get my money

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  • Ba
    babya11606 Feb 10, 2010

    girl u ain't never lie i went to that place in ny they had a bunch of overpriced wigs and they only give you a four wig mininum to try on. So i decided on a straight 14 inch wig i had them cut the lace and i bought the glue the whole bit, ran up a total of about 700bucks( of my hard earned income tax cash). Anyhow got the wig home and the thing literally lasted me like four days, it was tangled couldnt style it, it was soley mad for a sloppy pony tail purpose. I began to use it for when i went to the gym because i didnt want to complety waste my money. Needless to say I did my research after that and now i go to my local beauty supply and buy a wig for 179.oo and will never use "inviswig" again.. They are high way robbery promising results that you will not get.!! Girlz dont do it just go to your local beauty supply and work it out!!!

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  • Sl
    slim76 Feb 09, 2010

    I must disagree with all the negative viewers. I must say I was impressed. To me the staff was very friendly and knowlegable although I think for the price your paying they can at least offer you some coffee or tea but with the promotion I cought (free wig application) I couldnt beat that. I think the girl who is the spokesperson from the Invisiwig website I believe she was the one who initally assisted me. She asked me all types of questions like what texture hair I wanted or if I wanted it straight or curly. She let me try on all the wigs I picked until I found the one that suited me. She told me that another lady would be in to style my hair. The stylist Paulina came in and she did a wonderful job.

    I've slept on it for 3 nights and the quality of the hair is great!!! I've told everyone about Invisiwig and I would recommend anyone to use them. Yeah it is a little pricy but the results are so worth it!!!

    The only flaw to me is that my head itches its hard to hit it on the spot. Its not like wearing a weave, where you can just scratch in between the bread, but you kind of get use to it though.

    As far as taking off the unit the Asian girl behind the counter gave me all the info on how to take it off what solutions to buy if you wanted to do it your self. I personally dont time for all of that so I will more than likely bring my wig back to them for cleaning and to reapply the wig.

    ...but for all you ladies who are skepitcal of going to Invisiwig YOU CANT ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU HERE. Try it for yourself...I'm telling you it will be the best investment you ever made :)

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  • Le
    legygirl Feb 08, 2010

    Well personally i believe the full lace and half lace wigs from invisiwig are the best so far...the hair quality is superb, i deff can not complain, am from U.K and travelled all the way to manhattan and my unit is absolutely worth the $1000 i paid. thumbs up from my side.

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  • Le
    leba Jan 12, 2010

    I love my wigs and a wig is a wig. They might be up there in price but it's worth it. I wear mine everyday you have to get the right type of texture. Try the kinky yaky and it looks amazing we need to promote our sisters and stop hating.

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  • Kd
    Kdc73 Nov 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Ladies. While I am not here to give props to invisiwig I will say that the wigs are not bad. I had one and it lasted over 9 months and I retired that wig only because I wore it nine months straight.

    Here is the deal I am NYS Licensed Cosmetologist and I specialized in hair replacement and all extensions. These units are extremely delicate and they require the attention of a professional. Now the invisiwigs are overpriced, but I must agree with a previous poster that the wigs will all come un-styled and in order for them to look natural you need a professional application. The technicians that install the wigs are not professional and licensed. Now the next issue is that if you want a truly spectacular unit you need to have a consultation and you need to choose the proper density, lace type and color. When you purchase stock wigs without being an experienced wig wear you risk having a wig that does not fit properly and it look like a WIG.

    Getting a wig is a process and any real stylist true to their craft would not recommend buys a stock unit unless you meet all of the stock criteria. Let's face it ladies...these big stores are simply resellers and the way to make their money is to sucker you into a deal. They say you can swim, perm and color your unit..BS, unless you want your unit to be in bad shape. Your best bet is to have a specialist in extensions and a licensed professional that is knowledgeable about wigs walk you through the process. I have had countless ladies who had applications from invisiwig that lasted about 3 days because the unit was not properly and their hair was not properly prepped. Their hair looked a mess because of the density and the technicians did not style their hair.

    As a general rule of thumb anything that you are going to purchase of these natures, you should do your due dilligence and do thorough research and if the reseller is not taking the time to fully explain the situation/s to you, RUN! A consultation is definitely necessary but most women are impulsive and they want to short cut and not pay for a consultation.

    Finally, the care of your unit can sometimes be very tricky. Washing should be done with care and the proper shampoos and conditioners.

    The bottom line is research is key and sometimes moving fast is not the best option. Always seek out advice from a professional.

    For more information visit or call [protected]


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  • De
    Debbiewig Oct 29, 2009

    I Agree - inviswig has poor quality wigs. The wigs that the Asian women let me try on and feel that was on the floor show case was not the same one I purchased. I think they did a bate and switch on me! After the first washing the wigs feels and looks like crap! Here's my experience:

    The girl with the accent who put on my lace wig... I don't think she knows what she's doing. She promised me the lace wirg would be easy to take off myself. She sold me everything under the sun to take it off. I just took it off and found she put the glue not only on the tape that was around my head but also on my hair. I have a very dark black circle around my head from the glue and tape she used to apply the full lace wig. I also have bumps on the back of neck wear she applied tape and glue. My skin looks burnt probably from the glue. This was the worse experience of my life! Now what am I to do? The front of my hair has falling out. I have a high forehead because most of the front sides and back of my hair has falling out. I'm conditioning my hair now and every time I message my scalp and my hair I get a hand full of hair! I'm so mad.. The thing is.. I researched youtube about lace wigs. I watched the girls in the video put the lace wigs on and take them off themselves with no problems. None had their hair fall out or bruised skin from the tape and glue.. Someone needs to close down inviswigs!

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  • Ne
    newyork2boston Oct 27, 2009

    I have been wearing weaves for years and have been buying custom made hair for the last decade. I recently began wearing lace front and full lace wigs and soon discovered Invisi-wig. Having had years of experience with buying hair, my personal opinion is that their product is one of the better products out there. The hair is of good grade and quality.

    Addressing some of the other complaints: I wouldn't ever think about getting an Invisi-wig applied there, but I certainly would recommend buying their product. Just because a place offers the service where you brought a product doesn't mean that each will be of the same quality. You wouldn't get a quality pedicure if offered at high priced shoe store, though it makes sense in theory. The reality is that though you've brought a $600 wig, its just that; a wig. Treat it as such. An application is not going to last more than 2 weeks (full lace) per application; you have to take care of your wig or it will fall apart. (Though I think it lasting 3 days is horrendous...)

    Just realize that when you buy an Invisi-wig, it is usually un-styled. With the wig being un-styled they will not look as "natural" you assume. The look is not going to be of a Tyra Banks or Beyonce. You should be prepared to pay your stylist to apply and style your Invisi-wig. I asked a lot of questions and the sales persons were knowledgeable and friendly. I also had the opportunity to touch, try on and examine any product that I was interested in.

    Just like when you buy hair extensions, your stylist still has to apply, blend and personalize the hair to your specifications and tastes. Also, being someone that has brought HIGH quality hair that (the cost; a lot more than the Invisi-wig )has been in places far shabbier and in much more questionable neighborhoods then 36th Street in Manhattan!

    I am throughly happy with my multiple units that I have purchased from them. My only complaint is that I have come when they have been scheduled to open and the owner was late and the store didn't open at the scheduled time. Call first!!

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  • Ma
    MarianH Sep 01, 2009

    Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the people writing these complaints sell lace wigs. Invisiwig is probably one of the bigger lace wig companies (who can afford big rent) and there are always haters out there.

    I've been wearing lace wigs for years and found Invisiwig about 2 years ago. I've never had a bad experience with them. Their staff is always great and they usually have hundreds of wigs in stock. If they were so bad, they wouldn't be able to afford to have so much in inventory :-P . My only complaint is that they usually don't have too many light haired units in inventory so call them if you're making a trip over there if you are interested in the lighter colors.

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  • Ty
    Tyra111 Jul 26, 2009

    I agree with the negative reviews. I bought their lace front wig and I had it applied their a few months ago. When I removed my lace wig, I had tons of my own hair that was stuck to the lace front wig. Invisiwig had caused me 3 bold spots on my head. I lost my hair! I cried for days.

    This palce is a scam. The wigs look fake, they dont last, and if you get it applied their, you risk losing your hair. What a mess. I would never walk anywhere near that place ever again.

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  • Pa
    Pam Jun 13, 2009

    I disagree. I went to a couple of wig stores in manhattan including Helena's and I think out of all of them Invisiwig has the largest selection of wigs and the friendliest staff. I have been going to them for the past year for all of my application and I have never been disappointed.

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  • Ka
    karen May 26, 2009

    I agree with the sistas. I went to Invisiwig,, in Manhattan, NY. This place has some fake looking wigs. I went into the store last week, and I couldn't find nothing. Everything looked so fake. I am surprised there aren't more negative reviews on this place. Probably people don't know where to write a review about them. This place has the worst lace wigs I ever saw. Thank god I didn't buy one.

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  • Ha
    HawaiiSun34 May 22, 2009

    I was visiting on vacation last month to Manhattan, NY and went into Invisiwig's store at 255 W 36th St, New York, NY. Invisiwig is located on a dumpy block, with lots of bad stores. I found the place, and went in. The store looks OK, has nice big Chandeliers, and rows upon rows of lace. Problem is the laces all look fake, they all look like wigs. I touched them, and got reprimanded for doing so, but not before I got to examine the Full Lace Front wigs a bit. Oh boy, did they look fake. I didn't like a single one in the whole store.

    What a wast of a trip form my Upper East Side hotel. I don't know why anyone would buy a Full Lace wig from these guys. The quality of lace wig was sure not impressive.

    Go somewhere else ladies.

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