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Internet Website CreationJames Mariany

On 8/1/07 I submitted a request on Craigslist in the 'Computer Gigs' section regarding the need to have someone put together a computer program/Intranet for my new Real Estate Internet Marketing Business. With in a few minutes I received a response from James Mariany. Mr. Mariany and I communicated via email for the next couple of hours regarding my needs and pricing. At which time a time-line for the project was laid out in outline form and a price of $2600 was agreed upon for his services. Mr. Mariany requested 50% of the money to start the project the remaining $1300 to be paid at completion and satisfaction of the program/intranet which he had stated would be in approx. 16 days. Payment was made by Paypal 8/1/07, $1300 to Mr. Mariany. I provided all the details of what I needed in the program and he was to begin the project immediately. There was a bit of emailing back and forth for the next day or so.

On the 8/16/07 I received an email from Mr. Mariany that he was working on getting the site up for me to have my first viewing but it would be at least Friday the 23rd before he thought he could make that happen. The first of many, many excuses and delays...the site was not up on the 23rd. A new timetable was then made. More emails from me asking about the site followed by more excuses from Mr. Mariany why the site was not visible. This continued on until 10/30/07 at which time I made a formal request via Paypal for $1300 to Mr. Mariany to refund me for services not received. Still no payment was sent even though via email Mr. Mariany had agreed to refund the money.

I contacted Mr. Mariany again several times via email to offer partial payment plans of which he agreed he could do. Still no payments. The last communication I had with Mr. Mariany was on 10/09/08 at which time Mr. Mariany claimed he still intended on paying me. I only communicated to Mr. Mariany via email and have kept ALL 180 emails as well as a record of all Paypal request for a refund of my money.

This is the same report I sent the the BBB, my case has now been closed with them due to lack of response by the company. I have also reported Mr. Mariany to the New Hamshire Attorney General.


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    Brett Apr 15, 2009

    Seems like the same thing is happening to me as we speak. I am giving him this morning to refund my payment but if not I will elaborate further on this

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