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I have encountered many problems that make internet publishing unworkable for my company, Yellow Dog Books LLC. The challenges of hacks, failed sites, and failed sales from my businesses over the internet have contributed to my business goals of being a book author unworkable for the time being. The internet has not been fully hack proof. Lack of business success seems to indicate something wrong with distribution of books for my company. Its hard to identify the problem for certain. My experience is an example of how the internet has had a negative impact on the publishing industry. Better distribution is currently being sought elsewhere. This failure of internet book distribution will work against my publishing of future books that would have benefited our nation. Failure here will reduce reader access to ideas on how to better organize industry, as well a better understanding of how engineering and media tricks work. This is just my experience, and could potentially be problems related to politically incorrect early publishing. This complaints marks a loss to publishing, engineering, and media due to failures from internet distribution.

Joe Wendland

Oct 05, 2019

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