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3:09 am
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International Resort Exchange - fraud, scam, and forging documents

All of the above companies are ran by the crooked jariv family so lets start off with the bio diesel which they ship the bio diesel illegal across country because its cheaper. It is shipped by airplane and james jariv's wife by the name of juwann jariv is the person who's transporting it across country. Alot of things are done crooked there but james jariv's ex-wife varda jariv who is really not the mother of the son alexander jariv don't know exactly how illegal this company is so I would make it my business to let her know what's really going on. The jariv family has forgued people's names on documents and the also have accounts opened up in 2 peoples names but they don't even no it and I have proof so if vincent liberty or moshe moses read this then please try to contact me and get this resolved and also I have information on the jariv family withdrawing this poor old mans account for over $50, 000 and his name is ralph gardner and I also would like to speak with you also. Contact me @ and we could go in on a joint lawsuit against the jariv family. The second company which american way funding is alsp a scam and what they do is scam business owners out of there bank account because they supposed to be giving them a grant which is not what there intentions are. They only would charge there checking account and then put them on hold long enough were the business owner could not get a refund so they lose there money and i'm talking around $3, 000 or more. The last 3 names of the business which are all timeshare resale companies and they are still owned by the crooked jariv family and they are international resort exchange now and they were vacation resorts usa for about 5 months early this year and they first started off as global equity usa located next door to where they are now and that address is 1771 e. Flamingo rd. The address for the owner which is james jariv is 1820 vegas valley drive located with the cross streets of vegas valley drive and maryland parkway in las vegas nevada. These 3 timeshare companies are scams and they ask you to put money upfront to pay for attorney fees or a deposit which neither of these exist. They again only would hold your money long enough so that the client could not ask for a refund and then the money is there's. All of these companies that are ran by the crooked jariv family are a scam and if anyone out there have dealt with any of these companies then please contact me also. I would put a stop to alexander jariv aka troy which is the name he uses to open up new merchant accounts if it's the last thing I do. They have been staeling peoples money for years so join me in a lawsuit to get back your money. Everyone at this office uses fake and alias names and majority of them have left another scam timeshare resale company by the name of showcase resorts and now they are with the crooked jariv family so that's why they use alias names and they don't want to be held liable when everything hits the fans. Please do not deal with anyone of these companies but if you have then contact me so I could help you get your money back and also i'm working as we speak on all of there merchant accounts so they can't open up anymore so they could steal people hard earned money.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


Recieved call from jon stevens around the middle of august looking for people interested in selling their time shaes in st. thomas. he needed to find 120 units didn't matter where they were located. they had a client (corporation) received a deal with the govt. for $1 million to purchase these units while the corporation receives a huge tax break. stupid me, I bought into this by sending them $2000. I was recorded by april mendoza (for my protection)? the whole transaction would take 45 to 60 days. about a month later I was told they ran into a snag considering this was a new venture for them. they then required another $2995 to help pay for the closing costs. this is when dan monaco came on the phone and told me about his background and he can be trusted and not to listen to all of the people out there yelling scam and beware. the deal should be closed by beginning of nov. and they will fly us to las vegas to sign the paperwork. I was told to contact anthony moore if I had any questions. well for the past 2 weeks I haven't been able to reach anyone but harvey brooks who was the director and not for nothing a very arrogant piece of crap. last week after I asked him where he was located he told me the discussion we had was over, not to call back and to wait for the money in the mail. I have been calling for the past 2 days leaving messages with the answering service. noone has ben calling me back! this is the gods honest truth! if you happen to speak to any one of the people mentioned don't believe them and hang up so you don't do the same stupid thing I did.
The $2995 I gave them was money left for my wife when her father passed away a few years ago.
If anyone has dealt with dan monaco, harvey brooks, april mendoza, anthony moore, and jon stevens or anyone from corporate resorts or any of the mentioned timeshare bs companies you should lodge a complaint with the las vegas attorney general office [protected]. they will pick our complaint if enough people contact them in regards to the same timeshare scam we've all been humiliated with. I have also contacted the better business bureau and contacted my local u. s. postal service for mail fraud if you received your contract info from them in the mail. this was as per the las vegas police dept. the attorney general wants an explanation w/documentation sent to them :office of attorney general bureau of consumer protection 555 e. washington ave. las vegas nevada 81019 I have also contacted the federal trade commission and filed a reports well!

Jul 30, 2009 2:29 am

They are running a "debt settlement" scam now, called global financial group. basically what they do is tell people that they will settle their debts for half of what they owe and start an "escrow acct."
To start the escrow acct you have to pay their fees. then give them a monthly installment, and sign over power of attorney to them regarding all of your debts. then what they will do is send over cease and desist papers to all of your creditors so you cant find out that they aren't doing anything with your money except for stealing it. they all go by alias'. michael, joshua, george and nancy. but all have thick accents. tell me, why would someone that is "helping" be afraid to give out their real name. so remember the name global financial group and dont ever give them a penny of your hard earned money.

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