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International Advanced Surgical Institute Nose injection

I hope you viewed my profile photo. Can I say any more? Terrible. It looks worse than it was when I first went in there. I went in four times within a four month period to try to have his injections corrected and each time he wanted money for touch ups and he never made it right in the first place. I am going to demand my money back but he seems to be the type of person that has no ethics and does not know what he is doing. I am writing this to warn anyone who is thinking of getting any work from him to think twice. Just look at my picture.

If you felt my nose was so deformed and not repairable why did you tell me you could fix my nose with injectables and take my $1300? You never told me that my nose was beyond repair, but after your injections, it probably is now.

As you can see from your so-called before photos vs. my after photos, my nose looked much better and I'm sure everyone reading this would agree.

It is not true that you offered me a one-time free injection after my initial injection. I have gone to you 4 times and you still could not get it right. Each time, you were charging $250 per touch-up. For what? You never got the first one right.

You threatened to call the police on me because I refused to give you any more money for the botched job. Then, you decided you aren't going to call the police because of the doctor-patient relationship? I don't know what doctor would threaten a patient like that.

My nose was not deformed before you started injecting me. There were imperfections but you are saying my whole nose is deformed and I should be upset with the surgeon who did my nose. You are the one who has deformed my nose. I would refer again to the before and after photos, and I'm sure the people reading this will agree, and the court will make the decision on this one.
So this morning I got a phone call from the Beverly Hills Police Dept. about the work done on my nose. I explained to Detective Berger that Dr. Simon got paid 1300.00 and I have been coming back to fix his wrong doing and he is accusing me of owing him money. Dr. Simon owes me my money back: 1300.00.

Dr. Simon, in your last email to me you said you were going to call the police and then you had a change of mind and said you would NOT call the police because of the doctor/client relationship. Then you went ahead and called the police on me. What ethical doctor does that?

I would like readers to refer to my pictures. Please go to the link in Dr. Simon's reply below and review my posted pictures of me then and the picture of me now posted, and you decide who is wrong. I'm so sure you will agree my nose is distorted. Through my experience, my expense and pain I'm writing this complaint in hopes that this article can help you not to make the same mistake I did. Beware.

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resolved it was my mistake. I was wrong about the comments. the swelling has resolved and everything looks great. i judged too fast.

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