Installer Of PLDT Imusunethical behavior


11 oct 2017
b2 l3 westville ph3a ligas iii bacoor cavite

The 3 men (installer) came they ask is this the house of Mr. XXXX and said the box was full because we just install 1 before you and they apply ahead of you. They ask who offers dsl unlimited and we told that its the PLDT IMUS and they said that if we know the person who offers it and we said that no. the 3 men said we are the one knows better than them and they didnt know what they are talking about. they said that you cannot consume more why DSl unlimited apply ultera instead. they ask how many times you apply we said just once and they said apply more.

For this incident i think they are a little bet arrogant and you know to go to your office to apply again and again is waste of our resources. and a bad image for your office because they are not coordinated with your field officers. hopefully you could act on this ASAP.

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