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I would like to let anyone know that the previous complaint posted by Z Media is posted by my ex boyfriend and is not legitimate. I have never heard of nor done business with Z Media, this was just a malicious attempt to hurt my reputation.

I have a list of references a mile long and would be happy to provide this to anyone wishing to verify my work ethic.
Shayna McCullough


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      Sep 03, 2009

    It seems that this Z Media person did an effective "defamation" campaign after all. The original complaint, plus the one posted on [redacted] are near the top "Shayna McCullough" search results in Google. A search for "" places this Complaints Board post at the top-5 as well.

    Is Z Media a real company? I found a "" that says they're from California. There's also a Z Media in Germany, "". Both sites do seem to need a competent web and graphic artist, indeed. Is either of these the ex-boyfriend? If so, then there must be some truth in his complaint. (jk)

    It's really a wonder what you find in search engines and what stories you can create from the results. Whether or not Z Media's complaint is true, you shouldn't have posted your name and your site's URL because their multiple appearances here in Complaints Board only messed up you up more in terms of search results (and a little web-credibility).

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      Dec 12, 2009

    FYI - Other complaints about Shayna McCullough:

    Sounds like this chick is a typical home-grown web designer, whenever a client falls through she just changes her business name and website.

    She's really pissed someone off... that's for sure. I'd be surprised if law enforcement wasn't looking for her.

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