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This company is doing mass hirings under the guise of customer service representative. There is no mention of sales in the interviews or until you have been in training for four weeks. By the time they put you out on the phones you have little to no experience in sales. They then start pressuring you to sell sell sell or lose your job. They keep raising the numbers of sales per day by the week. They fire those who are not able to make the quota or who just hired into do customer service. I feel like I was hired under false pretenses and it's a waste of my time and their time and not to mention the money being wasted too. They have fired over half the people who hired in when I did and went through all the training. Michael Wilburn could save himself some money if they hired a person for the correct positions and quit wasting it picking and choosing from different classes from training.

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    Insight Bad Company Dec 05, 2011

    I am an Administrator of senior citizen facilities for low income housing within the Louisville Kentucky area. We had recently installed a security camera system and added the video to the cable infrastructure. Shortly afterwards we received a letter indicating Insight would be converting to a straight digital signal at a certain target date. Our equipment for the security camera was dedicated to only analog. Because analog takes up to around 8 channels of band to 1 of digital our security system was bleeding over several other digital channels. An Insight rep dropped by my office and give one of my managers a document indicating that every fifteen years they needed to get re-signed an easement agreement. Being a real estate broker I routinely sign these documents no big deal. However attached to the document was an exclusive agreement. These documents were so different I knew it was going to take some time to read them and with my busy schedule it was going to take a couple of weeks before I could get to it. Insight started pressuring my managers to get me to sign these documents. In fact they were telling many of my residents that they would not have any service after the target date if I didn't signed these documents. I got to thinking what on earth is so important that I sign these documents. Well it was all in the details within the exclusive agreement. If I would have signed this document I would have had to include insight within my news letters every month, furnish them an area to meet with the residents, allow them to place advertisements in our common ares of the buildings, and disallow any telephone or cable services in the building other than insight. They even had the nerve to put language in the document stating they would require access to the facility during normal working hours 24 hours a day seven day a week (Go Figure), Now I have found out other facilities in my area that did not read the document, their residents are being charged $10.00 a month to view their own security cameras. I purchased new equipment to support insight's digital protocol at a cost of around $3500. Everything has been working fine for the last few months. Now I have been notified that our cable bill servicing the common ares of the building will increase 39% because they say their programing cost is going up. I think this is no more than an excuse to get more fees for us allowing the residents to view our security cameras which cost Insight nothing. These people are snakes in suits. I have read that my mayor is going to pull their franchise. (I Hope) Stay tuned these people will get whats coming to them.

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  • Hn
    hnstguy Aug 05, 2011

    Insight uses scams to get into your home to pressure you for sales. They will call you and tell you they need to "check your signal" but after a few minutes inside they start pressuring you for money. The first time this happened to me I told the guy I was laid off couldn't afford to spend more and he replied: "We have studies that show people that are laid off or on disability can afford to spend $50 or more each month!

    They just called again and said they need to come in because others in the area have complained they are getting too many channels and they have to make sure I'm not. I understood again it was a scam to get in and I told him I wasn't home, he then proceeded to try to sell me more channels on the phone. INSIGHT SUCKS

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  • Hi
    Hitman Jan 28, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My taxes was loaded on there prepaid card in the amount of $5540.00 and they took it upon themselves to debit my card $625.95 and now each time I call the [protected] it now busy. What do I do? Please email me at [email protected] and help me get my money back.

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    Insightformer Sep 02, 2010

    This company is a Joke! I worked as a DSR for them for about 8 months and it was a complete waste of my time. As far as the gas and cell phone allowance, I will have to say that they did pay that. Also, just to let you know, I had also installed cable a few years prior, so I knew what I was doing.
    Until you start making their inflated quotas, which change on a daily basis, you will need to attend an 11am meetings to reherse their canned sales pitches which do not work and are not effective. From there, you will go to the field and work your "turf" until about 9pm at night (this is Monday-Fiday), and then report back to the office after that. Trust me, you will not get home before 10:30 at night. Then on Saturday, you will have to be at the office at 8:30am to pick up your donut and sign in, and you are expected to work until 4pm, while all the time your supervisor hounding you about sales. WHAT A LIFE!!!
    You would also have to attend the mandatory meeting with Jeff Gatta (in Louisville) where he repeats everything that was said from the week before. - You might as well put up a cardboard cutout of him up there with a tape recorder!
    When you are finally luck enough to secure a better position with another company, you can expect your supervisor, yes, the one that constantly hounded you, to call you to see if your new company was hiring and how they could apply. HMMMM, does that tell anyone something.
    So what is the good and the bad?
    Good: It is a JOB, nothing more, nothing less
    Bad: it wastes your time in looking for a viable job!

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  • Ke
    kentuckian Jul 30, 2010

    They are a sneaky company. after threatening to cancel service a year ago, I did get a $10/month reduction in my bill, but now its back up. a sales rep.came to our house this past week and talked to my wife stated we would start losing channels if we didn't rent a box for another $15/month. (we have analog tv) I called the rep and he sort of back off as I told him we weren't paying another nickel as satelite tv was an option. I think i would flip hamburgers before working for them in "customer service".

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  • Di
    Dizzy Dean Dec 09, 2009

    Is this information from real, honest, hard-working people?

    I realize that people can be angry when they are not able to do a job.

    I also realize that some employers are not always honest about their employment practices.

    I too have an interview scheduled with Jimmy Shaw.

    Any relevant information would be helpful and truly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Mr
    Mr64 Dec 07, 2009

    Are the things in this thread real? Because I have an interview weds of this week?

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  • Ds
    DSRjroberts Aug 09, 2009

    Insight Communications direct sales rep positions are a joke. They hire 20 people with the idea that "you can make 50k a year" and hope to get one maybe two good ones out of it. If you are OK with lying to your community, friends and neighbors and can sleep with a target on your back...this is the right job for you. The 4 weeks of training is a joke compared to what you will actually see in the field. You will have to sell 8 contracts the first week then 12-15 the second week to keep your job. They will let you know this only after the second week of training. Forget the car and cell allowance it won’t happen even if you make it. There should be a law against the way they hire’s a Telcom company they have been doing this for years.

    (My personal experience with them)

    After my third week I resigned for the direct sales rep position. Several customers threaten me that last week while on the job and I had enough of being a “Human Meat Shield” for Insight Communications. I even had a customer came out of his house with a base ball bat because some sub-contractor turned his cable off the day before by mistake to do a half assed install to a house 5 doors down. I was informed the Friday before they let us go out on our own that the next week I/We all had to sell 7 contracts, not a big deal right? Wrong. You have to show up at 12pm and hang out for an hour at least to get your daily dose of Vitamin G as they called it, Glen is the current Sales Manager, and be given a ton of sales steroids. Now from 12pm or lets say 1pm on you need to be out in the field knocking on doors. Yes in the middle of the day when everyone is at work. You need to mark all doors with your PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER and not leave the customer any information as to why you were there; it’s the standard smoke and mirrors tactic. Now after you spend several hours at this it is suggested that around the hours of 3-4 you need to take you lunch. From the hours of 5-9 you need to be out knocking on doors and re working the “turf” that you worked earlier, spending approximately 8 hours in some one else’s neighborhood. I don’t care what anyone else thinks but I don’t want some sales guy prowling around my neighborhood all day when 90% of the people are at work. Now when your are done, and please note that if you did sell something it will more than likely take around an hour per sale to a really good job, you need to travel from your “turf” all the way back to HQ for a daily sales meeting with your team. That could be a 5 minute drive or it could be a 20-30 minute drive to spend no more than 10-15 minutes in a sales meeting that you will be having again 16 hours later. Now don’t get me wrong here I am not complaining about the work, I am just stating that myself and other I have shared this experience with have agreed that it is just nuts to waist this much time running in circles. Insight DSR department is only concerned with one thing, NUMBERS! And as it should be that way in any business but not at the expense of the employees. I received a phone call about two week later from some un named person in HR and they wanted to talk to me about my experience and what I felt could have been done better, the whole time this individual was leading the questions. I knew what they wanted and that they felt their program was failing, called some of my friends that I had made through the past few weeks that had quit as well and asked them if they too had been given a call and they all responded no they had not. I have no idea why they called me.

    So to sum all this up I can simply state without anger or bad intentions that they do not tell interested job hunters the full story before they hire them. So I leave anyone who is looking to work for them this message:


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  • Zi
    zippythepinhed May 26, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Totally agree!

    We had them install service and prepaid $203.57 ( they guy even said the install fee would be 1/2 price and that the service would be $135.00) We just got our second bill and it's $200.85!!! That's over $400 for 2 months!

    Went over there and they "found" a $40 mistake but it still is not the $135/mo they promised.

    I contacted the BBB and am in the process of waiting for a reply, but I think I'm going with WOW again. Their internet isn't as reliable, but at least they are better than Insight in customer relations or in not ripping people off (as far as I know).

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  • Rc
    RCOX Jan 20, 2009

    I agree with all that have been written. I believe INSIGHT to be one of the most dishonest and ruthless companies I have seen. I cannot believe the FCC lets them get by with all the things they do. Their CEO gets on the ad and beats the drum that he goes out personally to see if there are dissatisfied customers and to correct problems. I would like to see him at my door. They spend thousands of dollars sending out soliciations about their products. They try to get you to switch services or join touting only $25 dollars per month for internet service or $55 per month for both internet and phone service. That only comes with a 1-year guarantee. Ask the price after one year and you will be told they cannot give you that information. I currently have cable service only and each and every year in January they increase the price by 3-4 dollars. Recently I discovered they had taken off one of the channels that I normally watch. Said it had moved to a digital channel. When I called them I was told if I wanted that channel back on that TV I would have to rent/purchase additional hardware to make that possible. THIS COMPANY WILL EVENTUALLY GET WHAT IS DUE THEM! You cannot continue to abuse your customer base forever. I will only use this company until I find other carriers that do have a good reputation.

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  • Ca
    caliban08 Jan 09, 2009

    My husband got a job there for the "account executive" position.
    He knew it would be for sales and he liked it at first. They got free paid training to sell phone and internet. But then the changes started coming: they had to go door to door, they had to make 3 sales a day, they had to work 14 hours/5 days a week and then 11 hours on Saturday, only getting paid $1000 every two weeks, Insight always get out of giving the gas allowance they promised, the supervisors would tell the salesmen the customer could get certain things for FREE and then customers were calling and asking why they had to pay the fees, the salesmen were telling the customer what they were taught and then the supervisors would change it just to get sales...AND DO YOU KNOW WHY THEY WERE LYING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS?...BECAUSE THEY CAN! This company does not care about their customers or their employees and all they can answer is, "Well, you have to tell them that." or, "You have to work these hours or you will get fired." I STRONGLY ADVISE TO STEER CLEAR OF INSIGHT...they charge extra fees that they say they wont and then make up silly excuses for charging them and when you get tired of getting all these fees and you cancell they will be quick to send you bills with extra late fees, etc, etc...they are just as bad as credit card companies. Get Direct TV or something...Insight is dishonest and reckless and does not care for its customers or employees

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  • Bo
    Bob Jan 05, 2009

    I have just finished an odyssey where I spoke with no less than 6 operators over approximately 5 hours on two dates...You know I got a buddy who lives and dies by the phrase: Never Suspect A Conspiracy, When Incompetence Will Do.
    Never has the addage applied more than here. I got hit with so many charges that I didn't agree with I almost didn't know where to start.
    The one that I want to emphasize for people in Kentucky is:

    My bill listed a "STATE TAX" of 3.00 for High Speed Internet Services.

    There is no Kentucky state taxation of the Internet...Much less High Speed Internet. I asked no less than 5 people over a period of 1.5 hours yet nobody could explain why this was on my bill.

    Apparently Insight knows nothing about the Internet Tax Freedom Act which prohibits Federal, State or local taxation of Internet Access.

    I wonder how many people are currently being charged for this non existent tax?

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  • Pr
    Princess Jan 03, 2009

    I notice alot of the employees are incompetent, rude, and just plain ignorant. I have had to call serveral times about my internet service. When i first signed up it was fast. Then no more than three months later. I noticed the speed was decreasing alot. They never offered a credit, and some of the customer service people, did not know how to repair it. I spent two hours on the phone with one of their people. In February when i moved, from California i asked that all, ordering for movies thru, the remote be removed. The lady said she would. The way movies would have to be ordered is i had to call in. Well i found out today they removed that request. Now i have $200.00 of Adult movies i never authorized. You can clearly look at my record and see i never order movies. I have Netflix. One lady told me they have to come out and check my remote. The day of installation i was told i could not have a digital box. The sub-contractor told me "this is all you can get." There is alot and i mean alot of racism here. They feel African Americans donot have alot of money. If you are African American donot move here. I am leaving Kentucky this year. The customer service people are rude, ignorant, and donot have the capabilities to handle the job. It took three calls to get a credit. A third call to get the ordering remove. The first time in February, and then 11 months later. Donot sign up for services with this company. Check out your other options. I am going to pay what i owe them and move on. They only gave me a $100.00 credit.

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  • Di
    Dirk Hart Nov 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Insight communications will give your name to Evergreen Marketing who will then call you and call you and call you and hang up on you the moment you answer. If you ask that your name be removed, they will tell you that it takes 30 days. In the meantime, they will call you and call you and call you. The CEO of Insight Communications is apparently unaware of this because he keeps touting "customer service" in his ads. Customer harrassment would be a better term.

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