a cd with grants was propose in the net stating if i pay shtpping its free so i did but instead it lead me to a site that i can explore instead of a cd, so they keep cd money for shipping (06/25/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 06/23 INSIDER GRANT KIT [protected] $1.95) Thats all i wanted was the cd!!! $1.95 shipping is all i could afford fpr the shipping of the cd------ now LOOK----- (07/02/2009 CKCD AUTH 07/02 INSIDER GRANT $24.61 ) this is pending and i call them up and they give me your site for refunds... my understanding shipping was only $1.95. I am a man paralyze with a monthly income from the gov 700.00. I need my refund soon as possible. I have medical supplies i pay for cash etc. I appreciated if this be resolve as soon as possible!
Thank you,
Samuel Gonzalez [protected]

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