INS Market Franchisereview fraud liars!

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INS Market Franchise Review

Buyer Beware please read this INS Market Review on the Scam and you will make no money or pennies!

This is a sad story of fake lies, promises and cheats. The main company acts like they are doing you a favor when they grant you're a franchise. But you have to understand you are doing them a big favor they are not picky. They are taking advantage of new immigrants, people who don't know well and I don't know how these people can live with them self-ruining so many lives. They get you into all these loan programs and so much debt and lie say you can walk away it is not true, the government will come after you and you can lose alot of your assets. Before INS conversion people use to make money now no one is making money since they taking all the profits out of you with these crazy added fees. This is a failing franchise worst than other one that known to make you no money. Example Second cup there is article of how owners are making cents per cup.

You will be working for less than min wage and you are doing them a big favor since they are making alot of money off you from all these crazy fees. Do not believe the fake numbers. Arslan or his sales team give you. They are all lies and a Scam. Most stores are in so much debt in loans and make no money. PLEASE call around ask several realtors not selling INS franchises. Do they sell they will all tell you to run, call previous INS owner almost all have sold at loses. Also why do the resale sell for much less or same price because they make no money.

With increase rent cost, labor cost of $15 plus tax comes to 18 (You can do cash but your accountant will not let you write the losses off), less people smoking, expensive product from INS, Constant expired product so not be foolish and buy this franchise. You will either lose your life savings or be in so much debt, also you cant walk away from the loan of $100, 000. The government has the right take away stuff ask the banker they can ruin your credit, you wont get a morgate, and credit card or anything.

They are taking advantage of people who dont know better. Example you pay $100k - 140k, they dont tell you the POS is $9000, plus month support fee for support of POS is $50 and they will increase it after 1 year to $100. The inventory fund they take $40k and spend only $20k at you and keep the rest for sending you "promotion product" of product no one wants and is about to expire and in big volume, like Monster Hydro that no one buys usually inventory has 30 days expiry and you cant refuse it since they using your money legally. Plus marketing and other junk and security deposit.

You are better off even doing Uber where you can make $2-4k and no investment the you will lose your marriage, health and headaches with the bank trying to get there money and head office treating you like a slave and doing whatever they want and always threatening they will steal your franchise.

----- Product
You will make very slim margin you have constant inventory expiring especially through INS usually about 25%. Some owners I spoke to that are stuck said as much as 30%!!! They only guarantee 30 day on product they send you, but if you go to walmart/costco/Suiperstore it is usually 1 year! Also when you own your own store NOT INS the reps of coke they take all the expired product back and other reps as well you dont have this here.
INS usually has 35-45% higher prices and they now automatically send supplies to your store and and charge your account over priced product. If you don't believe me ask the sales team for the price list, usually they say it is a secret which mean to run. If they show you they most likely will show you fake numbers as they are known to be liars and cheats, ask if they can email you those number and say if they can guarantee it all in contract. They might show you some product they might be on sale but you have to sell it at very cost and make no money. They lie and say it is only 2-3% high than grocery store lies!

Keep in mind INS might change these few product prices to make it appealing, since alot of people will be warned from this notice ask for complete list and if they dont run away, they know why they cant give you the full price.

Example INS sells you cola cans for 50-60 cents when you can buy them for 20-25 cents from whole sale!!
Excel gum INS price is $1.15 and can get it for 75 cents from wholesaler or costco!!
Most gums are 1.15 when wholesaler is only 75 cents
KitKat INS sells to you for $1.25! Costco/wholesaler price 80 Cents
Almost all popular chocolate are $1.25 when you can buy it for 75-80 cents.
Monster INS price $2.4-2.6 and Costco price $1.8
Lays chips INS price is $1.22 and you have to sell for $1.69?? How can you make money such crazy margin, other store not INS get it as low as 90 cents
Everything as you can see is 35-100% more expensive gum chocolates drinks... Also you have expiring products, also the store makes you keep product that that you know won't sell or you get fined or lose franchise.

Ins is marketing money off you on other ways even off debit card transaction they are much higher than if you neg directly, also have to use there company. There uniforms are overpriced everything is.

--- Lotto

They take 16-33%, they say only 1% out of 5.5% in alberta, 6% in Ontario. I figure most people are in Ontario. Pay out you only get 3% and they take 1% and Alberta pay out is only 1.5%!! As you can tell these people take all you lotto commission that you hope to make money from!! Ontop of that there is alway error on lotto, theft, missing scratch ticket since there are hundreds and you lose anything you have to pay it out of your pocket INS will not help you they will avoid you.


They send you posters constantly and charge you $150-200 a month. They also send you inventory of promo product where they get big kick backs since the supplier cant sell it. Example Monster hydro, when the company can't sell it and close to expiring they will make a deal with INS and sell it to them cheap. They will then make each store be forced to buy all this inventory and crazy prices and it will be close to expiry. Most of it will be waste and they made big profit since it is multiple stores.

-- Tobacco
INS have margin added, you cant compete with competition that are independent since they have old contract of cheaper prices and you make very little on the price. So you don't get as many customer visiting you compared to other franchises.

-- Gift Card

You only get 2% commission and also keep in mind alot of the time this will be 5-10% of your sales. When INS says they you make 35-40% of your sales that is not true since you make 2% here Beware.

You cannot go through outside their suppliers, if you are caught they give you a $1000 fine taken from your banm account and they say next time you lose the franchise! They will i dont know how they sleep well when they have so many life ruined and you can lose all your life savings. They are very nice at first soon as you sign the contract they become stubborn, avoid your email. They blame you and say everyone is making money that is not true. Do not believe that many conveniences store even non franchise where they make more are closing it is a losing business, people are smoking less and can get uber to deliver these things and there are now express supermarkets.

Most stores do $60k and some do $80k do not believe them if they do 150k this is all lies from the sales team they fraudster trying to make commission. There is no store making $35-40, 000 a week complete lies. Even at 80k and you are open 7 days a week and weekend less hours average store is 7/8am to 9pm/11pm

You make: (Ask other agent not selling INS Ratio is usualy 65% Lotto, 15% Tobbaco, 15% retail and 5% gift card)

Lotto is 65% sales of 80, 000 at 5% commission you make $2600 and with errors, theft, staff stealing etc make $2500
Tobacco is 15% of sale of 80, 000 at 15% you are making close to $1500
Retail 15% of sales of 80, 000, at35% commission you are making $4200, but with forced product, expired product, theft, wastage, you are making $2500 if lucky you are making $3000
5% of 80k in sales is only $80 net with debit card or credit card fees it will be 0.

Your total is $7080 minus rent of $2500 - 5000. They charge royalty of 600, Pos support is $50 to 100, Marketing 150-200, Monthly Banking fees are $150 -200 because of so many deposits and transactions,
Debut card fees are average $500, utililites are average $400 - 500, theft 100 as high as 300 some months, mandatory insurance of $100 a month. + Others like parking, and other misc cost i didnt event add.

Profit is 2580 - 1080 bases on rent, this is based on 80, 000 sales which most store if lucky do $20, 000 a week. Now you have to pay wages since you are open for 12 hours and pay you bank loan back you will quickly see that you will make no money. Even working in factory you will make more money and no stress of working long hours for no money, customers yelling at you, head office scaring you and giving you stress. Many INS owners just walked away from the store and INS had to sue them to stay since no one wanted to buy them
This is a real sad story and will ruin your life as did it to mine and many other owners. Wages you are looking at $4500 - 5500 a month so you cant even do that you will work here and make no money.

Even at 100k you are making $3000 - 2000 profit and have to pay wages of $4500 -5500, You would have to be making $150, 000 a month in sales to break even with these crazy INS market model which no one is making money . Ask any realtor who sells other convenience stores like independent they will tell you run away from INS. Most owner take $50 -75, 000 losses and head office dont care. This is why so many are available for less then selling cost or available cheap please dont risk your health, life saving, marriage!


If you do not follow the INS planogram will you be fine $1000 or lose the franchise after 3 times it cleary says in the long contract. They say we will listen to you and change it it is not true they only add products they get kick backs on, also make you buy so much un wanted products. Example Nestle water bottle you can buy at costco/walmart for for 12 cents they wont authorize you to sell it nor will you ever get such a amazing price.

ASK Ins for the complete price not sample and ask if they will honor this price they of course will not show any thing you MUST run! Do believe there lies of it is confidential, because they know that when you see complete prices you will run away. Ask for everything to be emailed to you for evidence they will never do any of this.

Also these liar and cheats might show a monster the special price that they are giving for $2.1 but you have to sell it for 2 for $5. Even Then where is the 35% margin!!! Plus expires product. This is not the regular price of $2.5

You are better of getting a independent store or a store that allows you to order your own inventory since you will make make 30-35% more money since make full 6% commission, more commission on tobacco, way more on retail less expired, wastage product and product that they force you to have, much cheaper prices. Instead of 7000$ on 80, 000 you will make 10-11000 if you go independent.

Ask people not related to INS is this a good franchise and is there good resale value. Do they sell for profit almost all the time they never do.


  • Le
    Legal aid ongario Apr 17, 2021
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact the legal aid it is free advice how to get the deposits back. This is paid for by the govement.

    legalaid.on .ca

    Call us at [protected] Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    I feel bad for all the franchise owners of Ins.

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  • Bl
    Bluewillow Variety Mar 18, 2021
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fully agree. do not ever buy this company franchisee..
    They are fraud.. to get back my deposit, i have given several follow up and still waiting for his...

    They are not responding anything when they need to give money.

    Do not make financial suicide by joining this company.

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  • Dj
    Djai Patil Apr 16, 2021

    @Bluewillow Variety Can you please connect my contact is +[protected] I am from Canada. I am in situation please connect

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